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  1. Hi everyone, I have a quick questions...... probrobly a common one too.... I am looking into the possibility of shipping around a third of a 20ft container over to Perth from Glasgow in the coming weeks and have been given a quote from a couple of companies. However, I have been quoted over 2000 pounds plus a 3% insurance charge and 245 aquis charge when the container arrives in Perth..... I thought this was quite expensive as I only live in a small 2 Bed house here in the UK. Is this expensive or are my heads in the clouds??? Also if anyone could recommend some Relocating Compaines this would be very helpful??? Any other comments are welcome!! Thanks
  2. RPJG

    457 Process????

    Thanks for the quick response on the issue jmahood ..... I will get scanning this weekend! I was on HBA website and the fact you've recommended them will make my decision! Thanks again for the help Any other assistance is welcome!
  3. Hi everyone, This may sound like a daft thread but I am a bit lost! I am currently living in the UK and I have just been offered a position with a company in Australia. The Visa that we will be applying for is the 457 Temporary Visa. Could someone please tell me the first step I must take to get the ball rolling?? Do I firstly obtain my Police Clearance? Medicals? or Heath Insurance for over there? I don't know where to start!? Thanks PS If poss please leave me links
  4. RPJG

    Police Clearance question????

    Thanks for the response Ken....... very greatful Any other responses are welcome!
  5. Hi Everyone, My senario is this.... I have an employer in Perth looking into the possibility of sponsoring me on a 457 Visa. I am aware I must recieve a Police Clearance during the process of this Visa. However, I was unfortunate enough to recieve a fine from the WA Police in Feb 09 for failure to produce my licence after a routine stop whilst on a Working Holiday Visa. At the time I didn't pay the fine due to the fact I moved over to the East coast. I have been in contact with the Fines Enforcement Registry and managed to find out my fine was still overdue and my licence suspended in Mar 10. Since then I have paid the overdue fine. My question is this.... Will I still be able to obtain a Police Clearance to continue my plans to move or will I be refused a Police Clearance because I took so long to pay the fine???? Also will my Suspension be lifted as I have payed my fine??? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to PIO and just looking for some guidance. I am a 22 year old Hairdresser (qualified for 3 years) and I am looking into the pospect of living and working in OZ. I have no family over in OZ and I have already been over on a working holiday visa. I have been informed that the only other way is either State Sponsorship or Independent Skilled Application...... is this correct? If so... could someone tell me what state would be willing to sponsor Hairdressers? if any. I have been told I would be unable to obtain a positive skills assessment aswell due to the fact I have been an Maternity leave over the past 7 months after having a baby (I have been informed I must be in full time employment over the last 12 months).... is this correct!? Any help would be greatly appreciated Jenna Graham
  7. RPJG

    IELTS for 457 visa????

    I was under the same impression, just hope someone might be able to confirm this :confused: Thanks for the response
  8. RPJG

    IELTS for 457 visa????

    Hi everyone, I'm all new to PIO so please bear with. I just have a simple question to put out if anyone my be able to help...... Do I need to complete an IELTS test for a 457 Visa? I have had a look on immi.com.au and I was under the impression I don't due to my circumstances. I am a UK citizen with the potential to be sponsored by an empolyer as a CCTV and Security Technician, My application would include my partner and young child too. Thanks