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  1. Pallen

    Mortgage advice needed

    Hi Harrygoyal Mortgages here have tightened considerably in the last few weeks If you are borrowing any money at all you have to be in a position to service the debt. I.e the bank will want to see some way that you are going to reasonably repay the debt over a period of time, this will have to be over some income stream that you currently have. Various banks will have different lending criteria and some will lend to those that have just started work whilst others will need you in your job for a period of time and out of probation. As in the UK, there is the added cost of LMI (Loan mortgage Insurance) if you are borrowing generally more than 80%. Again, this doesnt insure you and is a premium you just have to pay. Im not in Perth and there are different rules down here in Melbourne, Victoria, but, I would be able to give you some contacts up there if required? (I am a mortgage broker in Melbourne)
  2. Pallen

    Short term rental in Melbourne...

    Hi Bridgie You have a few options to look at prices and availability really. You could look at the main sites and just select the rental option for domain.com.au or realestate.com.au It is possible that you could fin some short term rentals. Failing that I would also look at gumtree.com.au whereby you will find a lot more owner owned properties that are probably on for less time.. the problem with the latter option is that they will not appear until closer the time and you might want to have been sorted out by then. Look now to see what availability is like for where you want Hope this helps
  3. This is a question off the wall as I notice that you have mentioned rental rates. Are you considering buying at all as that would in some cases make more economic sense given the low interest rates available? It would also allow you to build capital growth in your asset which you could release in later years given the current state of growth in Melbourne and its suburbs
  4. Pallen

    Melbourne Suburbs

    Hi Mark I think first of all it is all relative; where you come from will sort of highlight the differences living here in Australia to that; you mention crime, but, to be honest in comparison to the UK... its like chalk and cheese. I have only been here 3 years this month and originally hail from Burnley in the north and this is like paradise in some comparisons; generally you look at the standard of living out here and think its a lot easier, but, you will pay for it dependent upon your circumstances. I see that you are talking about a family so the big costs that I see, alcohol wont bother you too much possibly although housing is quite expensive. When you look at areas.. yes I agree that Bayside has benefits, especially if you have a family.. Parkdale is on the direct Frankston line to the CBD and will take about 45 mins although the frequency is good... normally around every 10 mins; that's where I currently reside although I have experienced Melton, Fitzroy, Carlton and Ashwood too.Y You could also look at the other side of the city; at Williamstown and Point Cook but the infrastructure over there is less developed; there are a hell of a lot of opportunities... may I ask what you do? I notice that you are planning to rent when you come over, I think that is a good idea as then you will at least be able to sample some areas that you consider buying in before you actually do. Interest rates here for mortgages are substantially higher than the UK presently, but, are falling; one of the best I have able to source recently is 3.99% fixed for 3 years I hope this is of some use, but , should I be able to assist more then please do not hesitate to contact me on here or directly Best regards Antony
  5. Pallen

    Football in Melbourne

    Hi Ben How are you? There are definitely football teams playing down here as I knew a couple of lads playing 11 a side 2 years ago.... I could ask around if you wanted me to or shoot me a message on 0468 42 1972. (Im living in Parkdale at the moment) Regards Antony
  6. Pallen

    Which mortgage lenders loan the most?

    Hi Did you manage to resolve your issues? Someone has suggested NAB but the big banks aren't always the best options when there is not a great fit with criteria, they also don't offer the best rates generally because they secure more business with their foothold in the market. there were several great options out there including Heritage and Choice lend (the latter Im pretty sure you would have to go through a broker.. you could be looking at less that 4.5%, but, without knowing your circumstance I couldn't give you any definite details.. I also remember that ING had something at 4.19% recently, but, again without knowing your circumstances I couldn't provide definite information Regards
  7. Pallen

    XBOX 360 with kinect

    Yes thanks for that.. shame I just missed out on the store closing down too.. they have sold out or it might have been cheaper ... I might have togo and have a look at GPS'.. they are 30% off right now
  8. Pallen

    XBOX 360 with kinect

    Thanks guys for all your help. Just actually noticed the one at $374.. thats quite a saving if you can get the Kinect with it as well Thanks again Antony
  9. Pallen

    XBOX 360 with kinect

    Hi Everyone I have been in Australia 3 weeks and staying with my cousin. I want to buy her, and her family, a present as they have been amazing.. where is the cheapest place I can buy a brand new XBOX 360 with Kinect Please advise Thank you Antony
  10. Hi Everyone I want to buy a new mattress in Melbourne. I would like a good quality and will spend the money but I want to buy it direct rather than from a showroom and cut out the middle man About 18 months back someone suggested a place in Thomastown that was good but I have lost contact with that individual and am struggling to find out which one it was... it could be Permarest. Has anybody any advice where I can buy a firm/med to firm.. pocket sprung, with latex topper or gel mattress of good quality.. I dont want it to be cheap.. just a lot cheaper than the shops In addition to this I want a wooden bed frame too.. is there a wholesaler around that also sells to the public? Thank you in advance for your help Antony
  11. 1st move have quoted me substantially lower than that or is that an all in price... 1177GBP plus collection if I didnt get it down to them. Thats to Melbourne though
  12. Are u speaking from experience!? Or just from heresay?
  13. Hi Thanks for the comment old married, do you have any reason to say that!? Please can u provide reasons and maybe your experience too? Many thanks ps just got a quote from Karman Shipping in a 20ft container and thats only 1685GBP but with containers I believe port costs are more expensive in Melbourne
  14. Pallen

    Moving to Melbourne 18th April 2012

    I can only tell u my experiences of the areas I am talkin about.. I stayed at the Nunnery in 2007 in that area (google the nunnery melbourne) and i loved that area... really chilled. How old are you and what is ur current postion, sex, age, marital status etc!? .... I have been down to the St Kilda area and liked it but havent spent much time down there Im not too bothered about beaches really.. but maybe that would change when I actually live there!?
  15. Yes, good point.. i will enquire about that as it is my pride and joy haha