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    laboring jobs

    The West Australian newspaper is the best place to look on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you will need your ABN number to start, not sure if you can get that while your still in UK. Depends on your trade, but mining is very difficult to get into despite what you probably hear.
  2. Well we'll be there end of May/beginning of June so meeting for a glass of wine sounds good!
  3. I met my fiancee travelling in Oz in 2009/2010 as well!! always wanted to go back and now we are with a fmaily haha yes I'm on facebook, Its good to know there are people in similar situations :-)
  4. Hi Im a 25 yr old mom to 9 month old lily, moving to perth end of may, excited but getting nervous now about leaving everyone especially my mom :-( did everyone else feel this guilty about taking their children away from grandparents etc?. By OH is a bricklayer but is also hoping to work in the mines, so I too could be in the situation where I'm on my own while he's away. Is it easy to join baby groups etc, what kind of things are available, just to put my mind at rest :-) Kirsty
  5. BricklayerBirmingham

    Bricklaying Jobs in Rockingham?

    Can anyone let me know the work situation for Bricklayers in Rockingham, if there is much work about and what I can expect as a day rate? Just deciding on areas so need to be where the work is Thanks
  6. BricklayerBirmingham

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Hi We got an email within two days from WA saying they had confirmed our state sponsorship with DIAC.
  7. BricklayerBirmingham

    176 app on hold til baby is born.. How long after?

    Thanks for the info everyone. Can you tell me how much medicals cost via E-Health I can't seem to find this info! Thanks
  8. BricklayerBirmingham

    176 app on hold til baby is born.. How long after?

    Thanks Natalie so you had to have the baby's passport as well before you could go ahead with your medicals?
  9. BricklayerBirmingham

    176 app on hold til baby is born.. How long after?

    Hi We are in exactly the same position we have lodged our visa and awaiting a CO but our baby is due 3 July. At what point did you mention the baby, when you got a CO? How long did it take for you to get a CO after lodging? Thanks
  10. BricklayerBirmingham

    Applying For 176 Visa when pregnant

    Thanks Scarlett, hopefully the baby comes before we get a CO and have to do medicals then :biggrin:
  11. BricklayerBirmingham

    Applying For 176 Visa when pregnant

    Thanks for replying, hopefully should be fine then!
  12. BricklayerBirmingham

    Applying For 176 Visa when pregnant

    Just seeing if anyone else has been in the same situation.. we are applying for a 176 sponsored visa and obviously want to get our application in before 1 July, however my baby is due 3 July and not sure how this will affect us, as we don't want to have to pay all over again for another visa for the baby. My partner is the main applicant. Thanks
  13. BricklayerBirmingham

    WA SS Applied for

    Hi As a starting point you first need to get your partner's skills assessed, which I think is Vetassess for a plasterer. For this you will need to show evidence of his skills i.e qualifications, work experience, references. for the first stage which is a paper assessment, if you pass that stage you will then be asked to attend a practical assessment, and if you pass that wou will have an australian qualification in plastering which you will need to apply for state sponsorship. I really don't think you need to spend money on an agent, we did it ourselves, it may mean a little more research yourself but it's worth it to save a few grand and there isn't many questions you can't find answers to on places like here! Best of luck
  14. BricklayerBirmingham

    Bricklaying Vetassess Practical 2011

    left the reply a bit late,just got my results and passed.glad its out the way now i was quite nervous on the day but once u get in to it its not to bad.how did you get on?
  15. BricklayerBirmingham

    Awaiting for Practical Vetassess Results From Feb 2011

    Cheers mate, congrats to you too did you just get yours online or through the post? Whats your next step?