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    Sunshine coast or Hervey bay?

    I have heard of people commuting from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane CBD and really its a stupid thing to do if you can avoid it. Lets say you car to Caboolture train station (32 mins), park and catch a train to the CBD (+64 mins). Basically you are at over 1.5 hours in both directions. 5 days x 3hrs commute a day = 15 hours a week JUST commuting, that sounds like living the dream! ALTERNATIVELY live somewhere like lets say Strathpine North Brisbane, spend 6.6 hours commuting a week AND then on weekends visit the Sunshine Coast 1hr in each direction. If employment is your goal the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay are weak choices with higher unemployment, but this is of course situational.
  2. Battleneter

    Gas BOOM ahead

    That article feels like its paid for by the mining industry, "While iron ore, coal and gold have traditionally been the nation's big earners".......... actually traditionally its agriculture, unless Australia's history only goes back 10-15 years A lot of the land they plan to do this Gas coal seem fracking on is some of Australia's most valuable farm land and the state governments are only looking at short term $$ solutions. Don't count on this "Boom" being as big as the mining industry is claiming. you can only push farmers so far and I see a large war on the not so distant horizon. If it boils down to food security vs short term gain $$ I know what side I will be on. Anyone that is interested... http://quitcoal.org.au/fracking-in-victoria/ http://actiononcoalandgas.org/?p=407
  3. Battleneter

    Kiwis hoping for a fairer go in Aus

    Yes and no.......... but you need the back story to make a informed judgement. Australia and NZ negotiated a free labour market bilateral agreement decades ago that basically allow Citizens from each nation to live in either country( Aus has the Special Category Visa). After 2 years of permanently living in the other country applying for citizenship was pretty much a formality in either country. In the 90's early 2000's a number of sensational Aus news reports ran on a few hundred Kiwi kids living it up on the dole on the Gold Coast (bottom dwellers). Even though overall Kiwis had a higher "employment" rate than Aussies in Aus there was a knee jerk reaction and the Aus government made some very short sighted changes that didn't seems a big deal at the time including making Kiwis apply for standard PR. NZ did not retaliate and the 68,000 Aussies in NZ still have full original rights as per the agreement, remember NZ is 5X smaller so that many Aussies is "basically equivalent" to 340,000 Kiwis in Aus (5x68,000) of "potential" support on the NZ government which of course is a stupid and negative bordering on racist way to think. So whats the problem?........ There is around 500,000 NZ born permanent residents living in Aus, maybe 250,000 (pure guess) would not qualify for PR, as in don't work in high demand jobs, maybe bakers or business Admin etc. This means even after 40 years living in Aus paying full taxes they still can't vote, get government assistance, will pay the NDIS tax levy but not be eligible to receive it (that's a new bombshell), no sickness or unemployment etc. The Special Category Visa in its current form has created a subclass of Australian permanent residence accidentally (one would hope accidentally), when I say permanent residents that's a accurate description not a legal definition. Solutions imo 1. End the SCV and Bilateral agreement completely, but the subclass problem for residents already living here still needs to be resolved. 2. Fix the SCV (maybe no government support for 5 years and can apply direct for SCV). So there we have it for anyone that was interested enough to read It annoys Kiwis NZ being used as a back door into Aus, and its not in the spirit of the bilateral agreement. I can think of a number of more intelligent ways that could have been stopped.
  4. New Private Hospital is being built as we speak in Springfield. It seems Greater Springfield has hit a Critical mass with public transport about to arrive, the "preplanned/allocated" business district is getting interest from some heavy hitters which means working more local is a real possibility for many people, also retail in the central area is accelerating. http://www.qt.com.au/news/springfield-hospital-unveiled-hospital-to-service-/1881991/ http://www.qt.com.au/news/theyanks-arecoming-ges-springfield-site-will-be-ma/1992123/ http://www.qt.com.au/news/the-lions-are-coming/1985921/ Public Transport is interesting, I am not sure I will use the New Springfield station. At the moment I am car 11 minutes to Gailes Station and using the "express" train 27 min to the CBD, which would work out identical to a stop all stations out of Richland's that Forest Lakers use. Distance should be ignored with commuting, its all about "time" well at least for me. I can get to the CBD faster than some suburbs 10K closer! I like Forest Lakes too and we considered it carefully, I even use the Mens Barbour in the mall down there as its not far away. For us Greater Springfield has the edge and the original Springfield is mega quiet which is what we wanted, each to there own however. /end advert
  5. Battleneter

    Will I be earning enough to live in Brisbane?

    Reading the other replies, I would have to weigh in heavily with $54K will be a HUGE struggle if you are having to pay full rent out of that. You can do it but you will have to be incredibly frugal watching every dollar, and hearing those words and living them are two different things. If you arrive with a spare AU$30K "after" purchasing what you need here, then that may be ok as you have some emergency fall back money, but if you have no reserve I could see 5+ years of real hardship. Unless you have a real chance to get a 20K pay rise in the first few years, I will say don't do it!
  6. Battleneter

    Is $50k a livable salary in Melbourne

    Half of your salary would be about $630 a week on rent, big contributor to your struggle and if its crap I am "guessing" you are renting in a old inner suburb, My advice, find a "quality" place to rent in a outer new estate suburb for around $350-400, yes you may have another 20 minute commute and maybe $30 more in commute costs if using public transport, but run the numbers you will be far ahead and just view the extra commute time as a few hours a week as overtime.
  7. Battleneter

    South - South-west Brisbane suburbs

    Ahhh South West Brisbane is not North Lakes, strongly advise against renting in the North of the City if you have to commute to the south (maybe a mistake your post, you meant south east QLD?) +1 but id say Anywhere in the "Greater Springfield Development", Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Augustine Heights, Brookwater, a few minor differences but not much in it. http://www.greaterspringfield.com.au/index.php I also quite like Forest Lakes as another option for South West.
  8. Battleneter

    Which suburb of Brisbane??

    Fair enough, probably age comes into it a bit as well, Inner city is great if you are in say your 20's and renting a apartment simply more closer to do, but a 20 year old is likely to die of boredom in some of the housing estates.
  9. Battleneter

    Which suburb of Brisbane??

    Yea see personally I hate older QLD housing in which make up most of the areas you listed (I call them substandard overpriced shacks on stilts) with the exception of the rare TRUE Queenslander not those wooden boxes pretending to be Queenslanders. Also hate those chain link fences you see everywhere in the inner suburbs, some people love the inner suburbs but I am not one of them, which is kinda my point about what each individual wants. I would be more like North Lakes (North) Mango Hill (North) Forest lakes (South) Springfield/Springfield lakes (new private Hospital being built now). (South) Middle Park (South) Augustine heights Plenty of others with modern housing but a few to steer clear of imo like Redbank planes.
  10. Battleneter

    IT jobs in Brisbane

    Generally speaking most employment agencies don't like to deal with people not already in he country as overseas enquirers often fall flat so I have been told.. Its not impossible just a lot harder. My advice is go on Seek.com.au and change to the city you are after, pretend you are looking for a job right now!, see what is available, do it for a few weeks every day. If there is 5 maybe 10 jobs a week that seem like roughly you then you are golden, if not then you may have to ponder your options.
  11. Battleneter

    Which suburb of Brisbane??

    Largely if you work near the CBD, north or south doesn't really matter, however you want avoid commuting across the CBD to get to the other side is generally a nightmare (done it). As for best suburbs, depends what you want, apartments or don't mind old housing then inner city suburbs, if you prefer new larger modern houses then go to the housing estate suburbs. Being further out doesn't necessary always mean a longer commute, can be situational. Really you need to detail what you are after so people can recommend based on your criteria, most people will recommend the suburb they live in, they like it that's why they live there (presumably).
  12. Battleneter

    IT jobs in Brisbane

    I work for a ASX200 listed company in Brissy with a sizeable IT department and I am not seeing good experienced staff finding it hard to change roles or companies at all. I know my company hasn't exactly had a huge selection to choose from when filling positions. I am with you "I have a mate that works in IT that and is finding it hard" means nothing, is he a 18 years old Service Desk guy with 4 moths of experience, or a 40 year old DBA with 15 years+ of experience. Brisbane is a very clear #3 for IT and "per population" I would estimate 20-30% weaker than Melbourne which isn't bad.
  13. Battleneter

    IT jobs in Brisbane

    Well if you want to do corporate IT think Brisbane CBD (or fringe CBD). There are a number of small company's out in industrial estate areas like Wacol for example with maybe a few dozen to few hundred users but large IT is unfortunately centered around the CBD like most cities probably 90%. Best advise is don't try and live on the Sunshine coast or Gold coast and then spend 1-1.5+ hours a day each direction in a hellish commute, live in a area with a good rail link and VISIT those nice spots on the weekend. Plenty of nice housing estates you can buy or rent with a pool, personally I live 1hr from the GC guess around 1.40 from the GC. I feel your pain but IT is all about major centers, I chose Brisbane to keep the size and speed of the city down over Melbourne or Sydney if you get what I mean.
  14. Battleneter

    IT jobs in Brisbane

    I am a IT L3 Infrastructure engineer here in Brisbane, took 9 days from sending out my CV (email), 4 job interviews, to having two job offers on the table at the same time. I am a Kiwi not from the UK, however should make no difference. Looking at Seek today there is 3 or 4 jobs that are exactly me I could apply for, and probably a dozen more I could settle for (total of 88 in my field advertised). I feel like I could change jobs any time if I desired. Brisbane is not as strong for IT as Melbourne or Sydney but its still very good for a number of fields. Saying your are in IT is kinda meaningless as its so vast, you really need to be specific with your experience qualification and field.
  15. Battleneter

    Going back to the real world warts and all

    I would strongly advise loosing those CD's and buying a MP3 player, its like 2013 forged sakes BTW whats a book?