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  1. Hi all, We submitted our application on Monday, we still had police checks from last time (for UK & Oz) and so these were submitted. I was granted PR in April this year, but we were 2 months short on cohabitation evidence and my partner was removed from the initial application, hence now having to apply for her Partner visa. 05/11/2012: Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visa application posted to the London High Commission (in a very large sized box!) 08/11/2012 - Visa fee taken from credit card 09/11/2012 - E-mail received from case officer (SV) advising that character & health checks should not be completed until after 08/02/13 & that therefore the existing UK & OZ police checks (which expire in January 2013) are going to be invalid. 13/11/2012 - Documents (original documents, invitations & greeting cards) returned. 09/02/2013 - Visa medical undertaken 13/02/2013 - Police checks (UK & OZ) applied for 21/02/2013 - UK Police check received 13/03/2013 - Still no OZ Police check received, contacted AFP who allegedly hadn't received e-mail, e-mail resent. 14/03/2013 - OZ Police check fee taken from card 12/04/2013 - Still awaiting Oz police check from AFP... 19/04/2013 - AFP Police check received, sent straight to case officer 25/04/2013 - Case officer responded to advise that 'all required documents have been received and assessed and, therefore, your visa will be granted in 8 to 9 months after lodgement date. This time frame is based the number of applications currently awaiting processing and planning levels available under the family stream of the Australian migration program.' 27/05/2013 - VISA GRANTED! Now to find some flights, pack up our lives and get out there!
  2. Thanks Bma, I actually contacted the Australian High Commision in London about it and they said the usually resident part is used fairly loosely and so long as you can demonstrate your intent to move and live in Oz permanently (and obviously relationship stuff is all OK ec), we won't have any problems. In case this helps others in future, they sent me the following in relation to this constraint; A sponsor who is an Australian permanent resident is defined in Australian Migration regulations as a non citizen who, being ‘usually resident’ in Australia is the holder of a permanent visa. 'Usually resident' is not defined in migration legislation, although the policy intent was for it to provide a test of the sponsors commitment to Australia and capacity to support yourself and any eligible dependent family members. As a matter of policy, generous interpretation is usually supported, particularly given the increasing impact globalisation has on where people choose temporarily to live and work. Therefore in the absence of periods of long term residence in Australia, weight may be accorded to your sponsor’s 'firm intention to reside' in Australia.
  3. Hello all! Does anyone know if there is any limitations on partner sponsorship eligibility? Basically, I'm an Australian PR, but since being granted PR, have only lived there for 1 month (came back with partner after her WHV expired in April 2012). We're now wanting to apply for the Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visas and everything looks fine, apart from a line on P16 of the 'Partner Migration booklet'; "If you are an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, you are required to be usually resident in Australia." ...nothing of this kind appears to be mentioned anywhere else and as it stands, I am NOT usually resident in Australia. We undoubtedly satisfy all other requirements - Does anyone know if this will be an obstacle in terms of our chances of being granted these visas? Thanks in advance fellow Poms in Oz Ged (A Pom not yet in Oz!)
  4. Hello all, I know this is a bit of an essay, but hoping someone can perhaps help! :biggrin: Thought I had everything planned out but have just read a doc on the immi.gov.au website that's made us a bit worried :unsure: The scenario is this; * I have been with my girlfriend (in a genuine, continuing relationship) since February 2010 * We left for Australia on a 1 year working holiday visa in April 2011 * In May 2011 (having received a positive skills assessment), I applied for PR (my partner was included) * In December 2011 (after all medicals etc had been completed), the DIAC advised that we had not satisfied the relationship requirement (as we'd only actually lived together for 10 months at the time of application), therefore my partner provided written withdrawal). * My residency was granted in March 2012 (following a trip to New Zealand, returning to Australia as a resident a few days later). * In April 2012 we both came back to UK (as my girlfriend's WHV was up and we didn't want to be apart) * The plan was then to live together here in the UK to get the extra evidence we need (which we've got now having been living together in Oz/UK for a further 14 months on top of the existing 10). My partner is English, has a degree, no kids, no criminal record and is 25 so I don't think there's any issues on that side, the question surrounds my eligibility as a sponsor... After the permanent residency visa was granted, I stayed in Australia for about 4 weeks before departing back to UK (due to partner's WHV being about to expire). We're now wanting to apply for the Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visas and everything looks fine, apart from a line on P16 of the 'Partner Migration booklet'; "If you are an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, you are required to be usually resident in Australia." ...nothing of this kind appears to be mentioned anywhere else. As it stands though, I am NOT usually resident in Australia (as I don't want to be without my partner!). Will I need to go to Australia alone and live there for awhile before I can sponsor her? Is there a set amount of time you have to be a resident for before you are allowed to sponsor? If anyone has any experience/advice of a similar scenario I'd be very much appreciative if you could share! Thanks in advance fellow Poms in Oz Ged (A Pom not yet in Oz!)
  5. Rapged

    ICT Business Analyst Category?

    Ah right, I see, thanks for the info mate. Is it an educated guess that Business Analyst will be Cat 3 then, or is that a definite? I know that every case is different, but is there any indication at all as to how long it may take before being accepted/denied? I see that you're in the same job as me and have also recently submitted your application, did you also submit a 175 or a different type?
  6. Rapged

    ICT Business Analyst Category?

    Hi all, I recently submitted my 175 visa application, after having obtained a positive skills assessment as an ICT Business Analyst. After reading other posts on this forum I hear a lot of mention of 'Categories', how can I find out what category Business Analyst is? I've been trawling the immi.gov.au site but can't find anything referring to a Category. :confused: Please help!
  7. Hello all, I have a few questions that I'd like to share with you all regarding my online visa application (Skilled Independent, 175) & am hoping someone may be able to help! Any advice, no matter how minor it may seem is appreciated... The Situation My girlfriend & I are currently in Australia on a 1 year working holiday visa, I obtained a positive skills assessment at the start of May & am therefore now ready to apply for the Visa itself, with a points score of 125. The Questions (Help please! :biggrin:) Is it possible to apply for a Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) whilst in Australia? If so, which postal address should we use? My partner & I lived together in a rented property back in the UK, so we can't put that address, so all we can really now use are either the addresses of our parents, or our address whilst we're here in Australia. I'm concerned that if we put different addresses down (i.e. our parents' addresses), it will go against us in terms of relationship proof. On the 175 checklist (for paper applications) it states "A separate checklist is available when you commence the online application", yet I've been to the end of the online application (to the screen that you enter payment details) and there isn't another checklist anywhere? Many thanks in advance, Ged
  8. Hi, I'm starting to apply for the 175 Visa at the moment (using an agent) and am only at the skills assessment stage at the moment, so obviously a long, long way to go! My girlfriend & I are planning on going to Oz on our one year Working Holiday visas in April/May next year and by that time it's unknown how far along the application process may be. What I'm wondering is if I'll be able to efficiently continue with the application from Australia, (i.e. Police check certificates and medicals etc), or will I literally need to be in England for certain things? The agent I'm with said that it needn't be a problem, but just wondering if anyone else is or has been in a similar situation? Cheers, Rapged
  9. Rapged

    Migration Agents

    Hmmm, well I've always used XE - Universal Currency Converter to convert currency and on there $4000 = £2500, so perhaps it's just because the exchange rate is currently not in our favour? True Blue sent me an e-mail advising that the ACT had released their skills lists and upon checking I saw similar occupations to mine, which is why I got in touch with them. I'm currently working as an IT Service Desk Manager and have been advised that I stand a good chance of obtaining a 176 visa in the ACT with my skills, qualifications & experience. How about yourself? ,000.00 AUD=2,516.17 GBP
  10. Rapged

    Migration Agents

    Thanks The Diggler, Some people on here seem to have been questioning the No Visa, No Fee policy, but having thoroughly read their terms and conditions it does seem genuine. Yeh, tell me about it! I wish it was a bit cheaper too! It's just the exchange rate that makes it that bit more expensive at the moment too, as $4000 is roughly £2500 - and that's just their fee for managing, as the government fees quoted are madatory like you say.
  11. Rapged

    Migration Agents

    Hi, I've been in talks with True Blue Migration agents recently and they've advised that they're confident of getting me into the ACT on a 176 skilled visa. The costs quoted are AUD $2000 initially, followed by another $2000 3-4 months later (after a positive skills assessment). This excludes the government fees etc, etc which come to around $3500. At the current exchange rate, this equates to around £4700. For people who have been there and done this already, do you think that's a reasonable price to pay or does that seem a bit steep? I've signed all forms and scanned to e-mail and was about to click send until a friend recommended Go Matilda (who are UK & OZ based, as opposed to True Blue who are solely OZ based I believe). I'm going to see what they say, but either way I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible! All feedback appreciated, cheers, Rapged