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  1. gridlock1981

    Short term business visa and 457 query

    They suggest the visitor visa (subclass 600) would allow me to renter and work for them whilst the 457 is being processed? Would that not work?
  2. gridlock1981

    Short term business visa and 457 query

    I'm after some advice. I am in Australia, currently on a bridging visa whilst a 457 is being applied for. The submission was made a couple of weeks ago... (I was previously on a 457 but it expired after four years and I lost my job... ). Now, the complication is that I've been offered another job and the company wants me to start as soon as possible. My preference is to accept this other job offer (I only accepted the other one out of desperation to stay in the country). The company offering me a job has advised that I would need to exit the country, go to New Zealand, withdraw my existing 457 application and then apply for a short term business visa (understand this can be done online and the decision is more or less instant)... Fly back to Australia, start working for them then they would put in a new application for a 457. According to them, 457 are currently taking around two months to process so getting the short term business visa gets around this delay. Does this sound like a viable game plan? Does anyone know what the business visa is called, and whether I could legally work whilst awaiting the 457 application? If if I pursue this, it's going to upset the other firm that's paid for the current 457 but I think I must put my needs first. thanks in advance for your help!
  3. gridlock1981

    Returning in an ETA..

    Currently on a bridging visa that's soon to expire. Seems the best bet is to leave the country and apply for an ETA. Just wondered how long it takes to get an ETA and once back in Australia, whilst I cannot work am I able to apply for a new job and seek a 457 sponsor? Can a 457 be granted to someone on an ETA? I have previously held a 457 so I don't foresee an issue with getting a new one, just want to make sure it's possible with an ETA. Thanks
  4. gridlock1981

    457 Expired, 28 days before deportation! I want to stay..

    My previous employer says they are not responsible for paying my return flight because I am on a bridging visa. Do you know if this is accurate? Still frantically job job searching right now. Giving myself the week to find something then looking seriously at a de facto lodgement.
  5. gridlock1981

    457 Expired, 28 days before deportation! I want to stay..

    Out of interest, if we were married then how straight forward is the process of staying in the country and does it cost a similar amount as a de facto visa? Thanks for all the advice so far.
  6. gridlock1981

    457 Expired, 28 days before deportation! I want to stay..

    Thanks for the swift responses. It definitely is 28 days as my previous 457 visa had expired. We live in NSW and it looks like registering our relationship is the way to go. I did ask immigration about this and was warned that I couldn't legally work whilst waiting in the de facto visa to be approved and this usually takes 12 to 15 months! Can they not grant an exemption? Interestingky they hey said it's cheaper to apply for a de facto when you're outside the country. Doesn't seem very reasonable!
  7. Hi there, hoping for some help. I have been on a 457 visa for four years, it expired in November and my employer applied for a new one. During this process I was left on a bridging visa. Fast forward to January and my employment has been terminated and the application withdrawn. I have been told I have 28 days to find a new sponsor. Now with the Christmas break and a tough job market out there, it's going to be very tricky getting this sorted out in time. Is there any way I can be granted an extension to my bridging visa? Or can I apply for another visa? I had considered the de facto route, my Australian girlfriend and I have been together for about 15 months but only living together for three. I've heard that unless you've been living together for 12 months it's very unlikely this visa will be granted. So if anyone has any words of advice they would be greatly appreciated. I haven't found the Department of Immigration hotline all that helpful. Thanks in advance..
  8. gridlock1981

    Any meet ups in Sydney?

    Sounds like a good plan, I'm definitely up for that. Sorry for the late reply to my thread - been throwing myself into work and exploring the CBD! Cheers
  9. Hi there, moved to Sydney around two weeks ago, currently living down by Circular Quay. Male, aged 29, keen to make new friends out here - getting sick of working then coming back to my apartment and not doing a great deal in the evenings - anyone fancy a meet up?
  10. gridlock1981

    Getting my girlfriend over to Sydney

    I am starting a new job on a sponsored 457 Visa in Sydney in the new year. Since launching my application I have started a new relationship with a girl over here in the UK. She also wants to come to Sydney but is only qualified to GCSE level. Just wondering what the best route would be? She currently works as a beauty therapist, is aged 24 and healthy! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks