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  1. LouiseS

    Partner Visa (Subclass 820/801) confusion

    Ah thank you so much for that as for the medical..... well i guess i shall just to bite the bullet and have that done again lol
  2. Just preparing my partner visa, ready for submission after my wedding in 2 n a bit weeks time .... now it says i have to provide a police check from the UK (the one i had for the prospective marriage visa has expired) ..... query i have is can i apply for a new one now or should i wait until we are married as i shall be taking my partner's last name. If i apply now, will they accept my police check in my maiden name? As my current subclass 300 visa expires in February, I am wanting to front load everything as I am limited on time so need to apply for this asap Another quick q is the medical, my UK one is still current until January so will i need another one done in Australia or will this one be accepted?
  3. LouiseS

    Visa update

    Hi Gill I have been through the same thing as you, met my fiance online 4 years ago and finally decided last december to apply for a PMV. Took 5 months to get my decision and I am now happily living in Brisbane whilst awaiting my wedding date to come around ........ all i can advise is be patient, your CO will only contact you if they need more info but as long as you submitted everything, then unless you NEED to contact them (ie change in circumstances or uni exams and the like), you won't hear from them ..... as frustrating as that is lol It shreds the nerves with the lack of control over the situ which doesn't make it any easier but as long as you have met all criteria, you shouldn't have a problem :biggrin:
  4. LouiseS

    Visa update

    I applied for the same in December 2011. Was given CO in January and got my decision on the 31st may .. 1 month later here i am in rainy Brisbane my CO told me it's about a 5 month wait for decisions on this visa so good luck with your app and here's hoping you get a fast decision
  5. LouiseS

    Visa granted today thread!

    one way for me too have to apply for PR once i am married
  6. LouiseS

    Singapore Airlines

    that's the flight i have with them but to brissy
  7. LouiseS

    Singapore Airlines

    well flight is now booked :jiggy:so no going back .. singapore airlines it is and i'm sure i can find something to do within the 17 hrs lol
  8. LouiseS

    Best way to send Visa application

    like the others have suggested, i would definately use a courier as for my subclass 300 app, i had an important item go missing somewhere between Aus and the UK (UK application) so learnt my lesson and paid the extra money to ensure it arrived .... well worth it imo
  9. LouiseS

    Visa granted today thread!

    Applied for Prospective Marriage Visa on the 15th December 2011, granted 31st May CO's have been saying it is an average 5 month wait for this visa, not sure about the rest x
  10. LouiseS

    Singapore Airlines

    Hi all just wondering about people's experiences of flying with SA as last time i went to Aus i flew with Emirates. Never flown with these before and as I have a horrific stopover time (17 hrs) in changi airport, i'm just wanting some ideas of what i can do bar book a transit hotel room to pass the time. As well as what the flight/food etc is like and if you are able to use your mobiles whilst at altitude? All info is much appreciated
  11. LouiseS

    London 309 Spouse Visas submitted in March 2012

    if it's a PMV then you sit tight and wait. My CO only contacted me for additional information about my fiance (photographic ID), fiance's Birth Cert (Aus post or royal mail lost the first one lol) and for my medical. other than that I heard nothing until I had to contact her about processing time because I have uni exams this month. If you have followed the check list you will be fine if s/he needs anything else they will contact you x
  12. LouiseS

    Visa update

    Thank You i applied for a Subclass 300 (prospective marriage visa). Took just under 5 months
  13. LouiseS

    Visa update

    WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO Visa granted today at 4pm ....so excited!!!!!
  14. Currently live in: Lancaster Moving to: Brisbane Visa type: 300 PMV then 820/801 Family: none ~ just me on my lonesome (Fiance is an aussie and out there so joining him) Age bracket: 30 When hoping to move: land in brisbane 22nd June Visa status: GRANTED!!! :jiggy: Been to Oz before? yes for 1 month in feb 11 and loved every minute out there
  15. i'm also from the uk and mine has been submitted now for 4 n a half months, decision due in 2 weeks :swoon:and as of yet, I have not been asked in for interview .... i think they are just to answer any concerns that may have come up from your application and that they may need to question you on whatever it is that may have caused confusion or concern ..... i could be wrong but mine has been pretty much plain sailing. Just follow the check list, front load police check and wait for request for meds and you should be all good . Some one with more experience in this may be able to offer more information though