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  1. Update just in case anyone else is in the same situation as us - all they asked for at the Medicare office was her passport and her birth certificate. So getting her added to our card was no problem.
  2. Thanks lebourvellec, that's worth knowing.
  3. Yes, having a medicare card satisfies the 8501 condition, but to get a medicare card you need proof of your visa. Hence the catch-22 in my thread title. I'm going to try going into the Medicare office tomorrow and see if they will do it without proof of the visa. It seems easier than trying to go to DIAC and get the visa granted automatically. Someone on another forum said DIAC won't talk to you directly if you've appointed a migration agent anyway (which pisses me off more than a little). I guess if we can't do it that way we might have to get insurance and then cancel it. That also pisses me off because the insurance they offer to 457 visa holders only covers the same things that we get from the reciprocal agreement anyway.
  4. Moving to Melbourne - we are already in Australia! Yes I've heard that she automatically gets the same visa as us too. In fact I found the relevant section of the immigration law. Here it is: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ma1958118/s78.html So I suppose the visa should come first - but do I just walk into a DIAC office and ask them to do it, or will I have to fill in loads of forms like the guy is asking us to do?
  5. We are all on 457s and I have a new baby born here. We have her British passport already. We are trying to get her 457 visa sorted out so she doesn't get refused entry to Australia when we come back from our holiday in the UK. The immigration agent is asking for proof that she is on our private health insurance. We don't have private health insurance, we just use our Medicare cards. But I haven't sorted out her Medicare cover yet - and I notice that to do that we have to have proof of her visa! Someone else must have been in this situation before!! How can I sort out one without the other? Or do I just have to buy her (expensive, pointless) private healthcare insurance in order to get the visa?
  6. scimum

    Private Health Insurance Rebate on 457 visa

    Hi there I looked into this last year. We are on 457 visas. My husband earns enough to have to pay the medicare levy surcharge. BUT when I tried to get family health insurance, all insurers said I couldn't get it because we were on 457s and only had the yellow (reciprocal) medicare card. The only insurance I could find was one that covered the same things as the reciprocal agreement, and would cost us about $5k pa. My husband doesn't earn enough to make this worthwhile getting just to avoid the surcharge! We do have extras cover with HIF. They didn't seem to have any problem with us having a 457 visa.
  7. scimum

    Avoiding the medicare levy surcharge

    oh I've just seen from the IMAN site that "purchasing Overseas Visitors Health Insurance... does not exempt you from paying the MLS" http://www.austhealth.com/ausHealthSystemRecovering.php Great - so what are we supposed to do?
  8. scimum

    Avoiding the medicare levy surcharge

    I'm bumping this thread because we're in almost exactly the same situation as the original poster. I spent ages looking into hospital cover to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge (because dp earns more than the family/couples limit), only to find when I wanted to buy any of them that you needed to have a blue or green Medicare card to apply. I'm sure I found something somewhere that said, legally, insurers are required to offer hospital insurance to temporary visa holders as well as those with permanent residency, but I'm not sure if by offering the 'overseas visitor health cover' they are covering this legal requirement. Certainly the overseas health cover was much more expensive than the other hospital covers I looked at and didn't seem to offer any real benefits over our reciprocal Medicare agreement. So should we take out the more expensive 'overseas visitor' cover just to avoid the MLS or should we just pay the MLS and get a tax adviser to tell us how to claim it back??
  9. Hi there I've seen from searching the forum that a few PiO members have kids with epilepsy. I wondered if you could help me out with developing an emergency response plan for my son at school? We moved over in January this year. We are on 457 visas tied to my husband's (permanent) job. We had no problems whatsoever getting a visa for my son. He hasn't had a seizure since March 2008 and he has been off drugs since September 2010. I have a letter from his neurologist in the UK with a complete history, saying she feels he has (had?) a benign childhood form of epilepsy and is unlikely to require a neurologist in Australia. In fact I have only once taken him to a GP and it was a drop-in clinic because he had a viral infection and his temperature wasn't coming down (no seizures though). I felt it worth flagging up the epilepsy with his school just in case he has a seizure, and understandably they want to develop an emergency response plan for that eventuality. I feel perfectly able to write this myself (based on the information we used to give to all his carers and his previous schools in England) but I wonder if it is worth taking him to our 'regular' GP just to let them know, and make sure they have an input into the plan? Anyway if anyone wants to share their experience with me I would be very grateful. Thanks so much Scimum
  10. scimum

    Families in Manly?

    Thank you both. We have put in an offer on an apartment in Manly, near Little Manly Cove. There was only one other couple at the inspection and they didn't seem too interested in the place so we hope it all goes well.
  11. scimum

    Families in Manly?

    Hi there My husband and I have just come over to Sydney with our three boys and are looking for a place to rent. He will be working in the CBD a short walk from Circular Quay and really likes the idea of commuting on the ferry. We are definitely looking for places with a short commute and a walk from a good beach. We are prepared to pay a good whack of his salary towards this goal, rather than looking somewhere further out which costs less but where we won't see him so much and visiting the beach after work will become less achievable. Manly looks great and the boys definitely enjoyed our visit to the beach yesterday. But I've heard that it is a place better for singles than families and I would really like to hear from any families that live in the area or have lived there before, to hear what they think of it. Thanks Sam