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  1. Thanks for your post LKC. I'm trying to decide which company to use at the moment and have narrowed it down to three. Would you mind private messaging me which company you had your experience with? Many thanks!
  2. NikkiNoo

    References for renting Perth

    Thanks for this Big Steve!
  3. NikkiNoo

    References for renting Perth

    Thanks for that info - that's really helpful! :biggrin:
  4. NikkiNoo

    References for renting Perth

    Hey guys! We're heading out to Perth at the end of May and initially we'll be staying with friends but are keen to get a rental property sorted asap, don't want to out stay our welcome. I've seen that the rental companies want references, sometimes a number of different ones. What are they looking for and from whom do they accept references. We've owned our property for 7 years so it's been quite sometime since we had a land lord. Cheers for you help, Nikki
  5. NikkiNoo

    medical handover files

    Thanks guys, I've found this info really helpful too as we're currently undergoing the same issue at the moment!
  6. Brilliant Si! Thanks very much-it's really useful!
  7. NikkiNoo

    Live chat with industry experts 04/07 @8pm

    This online chat was really helpful and answered some questions I've been pondering! Thanks Poms In Oz!:biggrin:
  8. NikkiNoo

    looking for a agent?

    We're currently using Go Matilda - they've been really helpful so far, Marina Towner is our aligned agent. We're in the early stages of having our skills assessed and my partner has just completed his IELTS test, nervously awaiting results! Some people said it's straight forward enough to apply without an agent but others say it's much better - guess its entirely down to your circumstances and how you feel about completing the paper work. Let me know if you need any futher information, Nikki:biggrin:
  9. Hi All My o/h and I are currently in the process of applying for our visas to emigrate to WA. My partner is an Architectural Technologist here in the UK and on the Oz jobs list the closest thing to this role is a Draftsperson. We're keen to hear from those of you who have emigrated and are doing this role. How do you find the role compared to the UK, what line of architecture are you in etc? Also any tips or advice on how you landed the job and any other useful information you think we'll benefit from, would be gratefully received. Can't wait to hear from you!
  10. NikkiNoo

    New TV Show - Poms In Paradise ITV

    Relocation down under is better still! But its all good research no matter how good or bad the program was! :wink:
  11. NikkiNoo

    New TV Show - Poms In Paradise ITV

    Not a brilliant representation of a Poms life in Oz and not very informative. I did cringe at some of the things she said but the guy from Wales showed us how it's done! Like you guys not sure I'll bother tuning in for the next one!
  12. Hi Jay! We did a reccie in February this year in Perth and we absolutely loved it! We were really impressed with the cleanliness of the place, the realxed feel, the lifestyle, the city itself and the beaches. We stayed with friends in an area called Bentley which was close to the city but still quiet with nearby parks as well as hiring a camper van and travelling north. We really liked Quinn's Rock, Yanchep and Fremantle as well as Perth it's self but it really depends on what you're after and jobs etc as you've already mentioned. We also visited some friends who lived right in the city centre as well as friends who lived out in the Swan Valley - so got to see fairly different lifestyles. You'll see LJ Hooker Estate Agents everywhere and it'll give you an idea what's out there. We're just in the process on having our skills assessed but hope that this time next year we'll be on our way to sunny Perth. I hope you have an amazing time in April - let us know how you get on and what you find out! Nikki :jiggy:
  13. NikkiNoo

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    We're in the same position too with the points changing on 1/7 -eeekkkk!!!! Fingers crossed for us all :eek:
  14. NikkiNoo

    I want to be a Pom, get me over there!

    Cheers srp! Hope to get some replies from people who've tried both methods and for them to share their experience!
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site but my partner and I are wanting to emigrate to Oz asap. We've been to a few Migration events and have spoken to some of the migration agents for visa applications however, we're confused as to whether to use one or not so wanted to see what your thoughts/experiences are. We'd be looking to get a SMP visa but just want to know if the agents are worth the money. Cheers :err: