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  1. ScottishMatilda

    What to bring...such a conundrum!

    Those kitchen sets are a great idea!
  2. ScottishMatilda

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Love this message of positivity and all the emigration stories. Hoping one day to post our story here!
  3. ScottishMatilda

    What's your dream house

    Oh how I love the Brissie Queenslanders. Stayed in my Aunt and Uncle's many years ago and fell in love with it. Love period properties in the UK too..first home was built 1910. However, where we are looking in Melbourne it is all modern and new which my hubby loves...
  4. ScottishMatilda

    On our way.....

    No advice as we are still in the process of trying to secure our visa but good luck. We thought about Perth and loved Mandurah from our online research. In the end it was Melbourne for us due to work opportunities for me. Good luck with the move...very exciting!
  5. ScottishMatilda

    IELTS books for free...

    Hi, have pm'd you...
  6. ScottishMatilda

    Occupation ceilings...???

    I really don't understand this...perhaps someone can explain? If you submit your EOI and the occupation ceiling is already at its maximum...what happens? I feel (probably unduly) worried about this and just wanted to check it out...
  7. ScottishMatilda

    IELTS books for free...

    Hi, I saw a few days ago that someone had posted saying they would send on their used test books. I also have some that are now going spare...(newest version with CD's) if anyone is interested. Let me know if you missed out the other day.
  8. ScottishMatilda

    Telling the family...

    Great post and thanks for the positivity! Even if its not forever, I believe we will have taught our three children something about bravery, stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing life and the wonderful opportunities it presents...
  9. ScottishMatilda

    Telling the family...

    I do so look forward to your positive responses to my posts Quoll. I don't think I actually said that I expected my parents to visit, though I would hope that they themselves would want to visit their child and grandchildren and of course enjoy the time they can spend with us. Of course that would be reciprocated from our side when we come and visit them. I would think the majority of families making the move would hope for this? Perhaps that's just me. The impact of our decision on them is not lost on me...
  10. ScottishMatilda

    Telling the family...

    https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jun/30/life-about-loss-letting-go-especially-with-our-children?CMP=fb_gu. Just came across this timely article....
  11. ScottishMatilda

    Telling the family...

    So nice to hear these stories of it all coming good in the end. I knew this would be the way of it. We must do what we feel suits our family and hope for a shift in attitudes...
  12. ScottishMatilda

    Telling the family...

    So we told my parents about our intended move. It went...not well, but as expected. My mums reaction was to instantly say we wouldn't be able to see them anymore as they would noy fly long haul again. Wish this was easier to deal with but I am hoping she comes round in time.
  13. ScottishMatilda

    Any UK Clinical Psychologists out there?!

    How is everyone is getting on? I have now lodged my skills assessment paperwork with the APS. Not sure about timescales for processing but things are moving forward. Has anyone had any recent experience and therefore has an idea how long it could take?
  14. ScottishMatilda

    A few steps forward...

    Plan is to head to Melbourne and have been looking at some of the newer Western suburbs. Thanks for the AHPRA info. The solicitor I used was a notary. It said on the stamp she used 'notary public' I think? Is this sufficient?
  15. ScottishMatilda

    A few steps forward...

    Just checking in after a productive week! Documents assessed and certified for my skills assessment by a local solicitor (took just 50 minutes but cost me £120!) And, got the necessary scores in my ielts (L-9, R-9, W-8, S-9 with an overall 9) ? Chuffed and ready for the next stage! Happy Friday all ?