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    New in australia

    Have you heard of couchsurfing? We used to regularly host 'surfers' for years and was an ambassador but due to work demands we decided to stop hosting - plus the scene has changed to most of them looking for a free accommodation (and use it for hookups!) instead of knowing their hosts.. But anyway, there are greats hosts out there still, do give it s go as it's a nice way of knowing people and other travellers
  2. Egrek, sorry to hear about that. What field are you in - you mentioned banks, assuming you're in IT? If yes, what are you skillset (sorry if too nosy!). I can refer you to some recruiters. An ex-colleague of mine was on a WHV then defacto 457 while working with us (bank), so it was a surprise that they wouldn't want to hire you on a 3-month contract.
  3. piglet1

    Medicare for PR (green or blue?)

    Okay, still no sign of my Medicare card so I decided to call them this morning. Looks like the guy on the phone has no idea what's going on as well, in their system, it says my expiry supposed to be 2018 for card #4. So he ordered card #5 for me. The expiry date on my physical card #4 apparently is the date i applied for medicare... Weird!
  4. piglet1

    Medicare for PR (green or blue?)

    That is possible, the one they sent me recently has a shorter expiry date. Checked online and it says my medicare is valid until 2018 (they dont align, lol). I will give them a week or two before calling them again :frown:
  5. piglet1

    Medicare for PR (green or blue?)

    I arrived in May 2011 (hehe) and was granted PR early this year. I thought their system is linked so was waiting for my permanent card to arrive... but few months ago they sent me yet another interim card. Called medicare and they said it's better for me to head to the nearest office with the grant letter - so I did.
  6. piglet1

    Medicare for PR (green or blue?)

    Hopefully, I was at medicare 2 weeks ago to submit the paperwork. *fingers crossed
  7. piglet1

    Medicare for PR (green or blue?)

    I'm freaking out here (haha i do that all the time), logged into medicare online and the expiry says Oct 2018 but for the same card number + issue number. Does your perm card has the same issue number (i'm up to #4 now..)?
  8. piglet1

    Medicare for PR (green or blue?)

    So, I got my PR (subclass 100) in March and recently went to Medicare to update my residency status. Showed them my PR grant letter and i told them I should be getting a permanent card instead of an interim blue one (apparently their system is not linked to DIAC). She said she will update my details and i submitted the enrollment form again and said my new card will arrive in the mail. Today, i got my new medicare card and it's still says interim?! Am I supposed to get a permanent card or interim? :confused: The expiry date is in May next year now (it was previously Nov). What?
  9. piglet1

    De facto visa

    I filed my defacto visa back in 2010 (now a PR), I recall we used the stat decs and at least 2 australian citizens/PR to do them for us. My dad just did a normal statement (not witnessed), just signed towards the end. In total we submitted about 6 stat decs and 1 statement (dad).
  10. piglet1

    Cute photos of our beloved pets

    This is my rat Bacon, she is a year old! [video=youtube;JRnC4-YVRdc]
  11. piglet1

    Candy Crush Anonymous

    167... I give up! Stopped playing for a month now, taking too much of my time at home lol
  12. Do you have any pictures of them?
  13. piglet1

    Proton jumbuck ute for sale perth

    I do agree with the aircond, all protons are like that!
  14. piglet1

    Pig t1ts and Parsley Sauce

    I think our groceries (2 of us) is about $60 or so. The other night we had bolognese, about $3 for regular mince, $2 for sauce, 50c for an onion and $1.50 for pasta - 2 meals for us! Yum!