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    Hyundai Ix35 on a 457 visa

    I test drove one of those a couple of months back. The petrol struggles for a car this size, but the diesel drives beautifully.
  2. TheRammo

    Biker Chick

    Depending on how long you've owned it, there are options. Search on here under 'transporting cars' as the rules are the same. Japanese bikes are relatively cheap out here if you buy new, but be aware they retain value very well, so don't expect a cheapy 2nd or 3rd hand. The great news is that there's no salt on the roads so Suzukis continue to look great after a winter on the roads! They are definitely more popular over here than in the UK, probably for that reason. Check out Oz biker forums - there are plenty of groups about.
  3. TheRammo

    Ielts testing problems

    Well, after getting my academic results this week (W 8.5, R 9, L 9, S 9), I can confirm that this test is all about practice. My PR visa needs it, so the pressure was high. I practiced once the Listening and Reading so I knew what to expect, then watched the You Tube example of the writing test so I knew the essay format that was expected. I speak English every day, so no practice needed! My top tip, then, is practice! The test is very easy for native speakers as long as you know the expected format.
  4. TheRammo

    Quick question about car seats

    I left a perfectly good car seat in the UK and bought a new one here. The top tether system here is not in the UK and is highly visible from behind - it's obvious that it's not fitted if you were being followed. Also, the police here stop cars for no reason all the time - on Sunday mornings and public holidays you are almost guaranteed to pass a police check and will eventually get stopped. The biggest issue is insurance. If your child was injured in an accident, you would get no financial help with any injuries etc. if you have a non-Australian car seat. Legally, you would have failed to protect your child properly and would be considered at fault. Same story with my motorbike helmets. Identical helmets in UK and Aus but the label is different = legally considered unsafe and any head injury in an accident would be considered my fault.
  5. TheRammo

    The 'Apple Mac Lovers' Thread

    You might need to download/install the Adobe Flash add on to Safari. Apple and Adobe aren't the best of friends so Flash readers aren't installed in the Safari software on purchase.
  6. TheRammo

    Ielts testing problems

    I've just sat the Academic exam in Sydney. I hope I've passed - will find out in 2 weeks. The two parts of the test that are academic specific are reading and writing. They are certainly harder than I would have expected for a test of English competence. They seem a to be a test of general academic ability too.
  7. TheRammo

    Securing a rental when not in oz yet??

    I'm sure there are people on here who have had success securing a rental before coming over, but very realistically: Sydney rental market is very competitive right now and if you're not here seeing the houses, you won't get a place. Also, many properties are not as nice as the photos, so just don't risk it! In fact, I'm not even sure in NSW you are allowed to rent somewhere you have actually seen - that may be wrong, but I was certainly told that by a real estate agent when I was looking. We stayed in a serviced apartment for a month before we moved into our place. Expensive, but the only practical way for us.
  8. TheRammo

    CPA Accountant Assesment

    Are you in Australia, by the way? If you are in the UK, you will have to go with a UK accounting body anyway and then get CPA to do the skills assessment.
  9. TheRammo

    CPA Accountant Assesment

    Australian accounting degrees go a long way to getting CPA but don't get you membership, just like in the UK where a good finance/business degree will exempt you from many of the exams for CIMA membership (CIMA and CPA are similar accounting institutes and formally recognise each other's qualifications). To become a member of CPA, I expect you'll have to sit a few exams, gain work experience as an accountant and get your experience assessed and approved for membership. It's worth it, by the way, but it isn't as easy as showing them your degree. The degree is just the first step to being a member of an accounting institute.
  10. It really is up to you. I'm heading back to the UK in 3 weeks to pick up my son. It's been a hard 2 months away from him, but it has been easier finding house and car etc. without that extra worry. His mum follows him out few weeks after he does, so I get to spend some quality time with him in return. Just go with whatever you're comfortable with.
  11. TheRammo

    Beer - is it all bad??

    Don't you believe it. You just need to know where to look. The Customs House in Sydney serves Coopers Ale and Pure Blonde in pints and it is wonderful!
  12. TheRammo

    Anyone else flippin' freezing?

    You should have seen the queue at Harvey Norman tonight buying electric blankets and heaters! Obviously I was in that queue. It dropped to 12c last night. I went to bed before 9 o'clock last night as the heater in the bedroom made it the only room that was comfortable to be in! Now sitting in my lounge, toasty warm!
  13. TheRammo

    IELTS - Academic or General Training

    Just to confirm, it depends on the skills assessor's needs. I'm an accountant over here on a 457 going through my PR application at the moment and I have to do my IELTS Academic in 2 weeks. Check the CPA website, but I doubt they'll take General, to be honest.
  14. TheRammo

    Sydney Rental Market - Success!

    Discount car rental in Bondi Junction. Great price for a large van. Worth giving them a call.
  15. TheRammo

    Sydney Rental Market - Success!

    Excellent news finnoodles! We move in to our place today. In fact, I'm on a bus heading to a van-rental place, as I type this, to pick up something big enough to move all our airfreight from our serviced apartment. Good luck with your move!