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  1. Nickster

    Catch up in/around North NSW (Pottsville area)

    Hey there, We have lived in Pottsville for nearly a year now and also loving it. My husband is working away in the mines 3 weeks out if 4 but be great to catch up with you at some stage. Always great to meet new people and see how you are getting on! We have two boys at Pottsville school age 10 and 7. Nicky
  2. Nickster

    What's your thoughts on POTTSVILLE?

    Our boys are at Pottsville school and they love it. It is a great school and I haven't met anyone that has anything bad to say about it, it's all good so that's a great sign. They are going to build a new catholic primary in Pottsville, this year I think so that will help with the amount of children that seem to be enrolling into the school. Pottsville is growing with the new 'Seabreeze' estate there are many plots for sale so it will expand quite a bit. It's a lovely area to bring up children and its so central to everything it's great. 20 minutes from Byron Bay and 25 minutes to Gold Coast! I remember those last weeks before we moved, it manic eh! You sound like you are very organised...Good luck with it all and let me know if you do need anymore info! ​
  3. Nickster

    What's your thoughts on POTTSVILLE?

    I love in Pottsville with hubby and two boys age 10 and 7....We are very happy with our decision, it's a quiet area but with everything on your doorstep if you want it i.e busy Gold Coast! Beaches here are just awesome and lifestyle is very laid back....if you want anymore info just yell!
  4. Myself,hubby and two boys age 10 and 7 are living in Pottsville....sooooo happy with our decision, beautiful area with everything on your doorstep. Very safe area for kids and beaches are just awesome... Bit of a nightmare commute to Brissy though I would say!! ​
  5. Hi There Everyone We (family of four, 2 boys age 9 and 7) have just relocated to Pottsville in NSW and would love to hear from any others in the area interested in maybe meeting up for a BBQ and maybe a beer or two!! Our two boys will be starting at Pottsville Public School at the beginning of term, husband is working on the highway and I will be looking for work once the kids are settled. We would love to hear from you...if there is anyone out there????? Cheers x:elvis:
  6. Nickster

    Pottsville/ Kingscliff Primary Schools????

    Nobody out there in that area or who know about that area???? :wink:
  7. We are moving from Coffs Harbour upto the Kingscliff/Pottsville area and need some advice on primary schools in the areas for our two boys age 6 and 9! Would love to hear what you think of living in this area for families? Also is there much of a social scene ? Bit confused which of the two suburbs would be better?? Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :biggrin:
  8. Just wondering how you are getting on with finding a rental and school etc? I do like the look of Mudgeeraba school from looking at their wedsite, but you mentioned that it wasn't well recommended, why was that?
  9. We lived in Mountain Creek which is quite near to Buderim. It was a nice area but not much work for my husband (he works in construction) and the school was huge with around 1300 pupils!! It was a big shock for our 2 boys who had just arrived from England and had been going to a lovely small village school with around 150 pupils!! We are the same as you when it comes to not living too near the madness of the Gold Coast but would like to be near enough if you wanted it. It's far too quiet down where we are at the moment, beautiful beaches but that's about it. We shall check out the areas you mentioned when we go up for a look around. Are you going to check out some schools? Let us know how you get on and what you thought?!:biggrin:
  10. We moved over from Kent in August 2011 and originally went to the sunshine coast, however my husband couldn't get work locally and was working away down in Coffs Harbour, NSW and only coming back at weekends....We all had enough of this after about 5 months and decided to move down. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get work down this way and am finding it a little quiet o we have decided to move back up to the Gold Coast area....Hoping to find a school that isn't too big as our boys are currently at a lovely rural school with around 300 children.! Oh so maybe not Mudgeeraba then eh? It's so confusing, we are going up for a look around soon so will be interesting to get a feel for the different areas. Let us know how you get on as it's great to get other people's opinion!x :biggrin:
  11. We are moving up that way in next few months and have been looking at Mudgeeraba School for our two boys, age 9 and 6. Haven't actually managed to get up there to look around the school so would be very interested as to what you think of it. Was there many rentals in the area??
  12. Nickster

    Gold Coast Primary schools and family suburbs

    :biggrin:Thanks for the info....We are living near Coffs Harbour at the moment with 3 more months before our rental is up, so we will be moving up mid October. Our boys are 9 and 6, they love it down here and currently go to a lovely school but it's too quiet for me down here and not enough work. It sounds much more ideal in Coomera Waters, we will be driving up to have a look around in a few weeks time. Do you know if the school has a catchment area????:biggrin:
  13. Nickster

    Gold Coast Primary schools and family suburbs

    Thanks for your reply ...We have been looking at that area and school...quite smallish isn't ist?? It would be great to hear what's it like to live in the area for kids and also adults?? Whats are the rentals like? Thanks for your reply!
  14. Hi, We are a family of 4 currently living down Coffs Harbour area and looking to relocate upto the Gold Coast. Our 2 boys age 9 and 6 have settled really well into a smallish school down this way(around 400 pupils) and we would love to find a similar size school....Can anyone out there give us some advice on good smaller state primary schools and nice family suburbs?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as so many of the schools I have checked out seem huge, surely there must be some smaller nice schools on the coast? Thanks :biggrin:
  15. Nickster

    Coffs harbour and families

    Hi..We have moved to Coffs and have been here for about 2 months now..beautiful beaches and seems like a lovely area so far. We have 2 boys aged 9 and 6 who now go to Sandy Beach School and absolutely love it!! They settled really quick and never complain about going which is a great bonus! Couldn't enrol them until we had an address so does make it a little difficult!, When are you moving out?? :biggrin: