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    Cleaning carpentry tools for import

    No problem, make sure you clean the boxes as well. I used jayes fluid then lubed up with some silicone lubricant with mine, that stops it rusting and gives it a 'as new' shine. I used jayes as when they open the box a good whiff of that is proof you have given it a good scrub. I brought a spindle moulder and surface planer amongst pretty much every bit of kit you can imagine and had no worries.
  2. meaks


    It varies immensely depending where you are and when, there are a lot of places you can camp for free, with toilets and even a shower, but if you stopped in a holiday resort style camp site over Christmas ( which is peak, peak season) on a powered site you could pay $50 a night. Normally you'd find a good place somewhere in the middle and when it is peak season the hostels are also expensive and full. We would camp in the free sites for 2 or 3 nights then stopped in a resort style for 1 so we could refill our water and enjoy the pools etc. we used a portable battery jump starter pack to power 12v lights and a little tv and found having a pop top was great as a lot of people with converted vans couldn't walk around or cook indoors on bad nights like we could. There are a lot of places where you can park next to the sea, wake up in the morning and enjoy the view on a deck chair with your feet in the sand. Priceless and free!
  3. meaks


    We used a camper an and it's definitely worth it. There are tons of free campsites and national parks that are amazing to see that you would miss without one, and the camping atmosphere is great here as most sites have great communal areas. I would not use a car as a lot of nights it may get dark quite early and its nice to be able to sit somewhere and hide from the mossies or rain. Good luck.
  4. Don't want to worry you but if they know when your in and out have you considered that they may have a camera in the house? !!!
  5. I would have liked a wrangler for a bit of off road fun but it costs nearly twice as much in fuel as my Holden combo van to run so maybe not yet.
  6. If you go to Frankston Mitsubishi's website they have a section where you can compare the fuel economy of any car, you select the brand, model and year and put it your mileage then you can compare several different cars and work out how much extra it will cost to run. I have found it very useful.
  7. meaks

    Australian health Insurance

    There are plenty of comparison websites ( go compare etc) but I went with GMHBA as they are non profit making.
  8. meaks

    capital Gains Tax on UK Property

    Hi Chris, Is your income taxed under Australian regs, ie permanent resident? If so Oz and the UK have an agreement that you only pay tax in the country from which your main income is earned. I rent some properties out in the UK and have to put any earnings into my Australian tax return. I don't know the in and out of it but you may be liable to Australian tax laws and fees not British ones. Will be interesting to see as I'm selling my workshop in the UK soon and I'm curious how and who will tax me first! ;(
  9. meaks

    white card advice ??

    I worked for an international recruitment agency on commercial shop fitting in Melbourne with a WA white card and was told that it was no problem.
  10. meaks

    Australian health Insurance

    My bad, Someone told me a pork pie it is 12 months as Ken said, But 10 dental check ups In a year, the odd filling, a trip to the physio once a month and the fact you get a quality doc in a quality hospital if you or the kids get injured with no waiting, its well worth it. You also get tax relief on it.
  11. meaks

    Australian health Insurance

    Ours is $180 a month silver hospital and silver extras
  12. meaks

    Australian health Insurance

    For every year after 30 that you take it out , 2% is added to your private insurance ie if you take insurance out at 40 it costs 20% more. If you take insurance out within 2 months of arriving in the country there is no loading. So over the years could save you a fortune. We are with GMHBA and took a basic cover when we arrived to stop the loading but now have extras cover that helps towards dentist appointments, physio, chiro etc. With 3 kids and myself doing a physical job it about pays for itself and if anything serious happened the kids would get the best care, (1 has a nut allergy and 1 an egg allergy). Best of luck what ever you choose. Mark.
  13. meaks

    Adelaide or Melbourne? Decisions, decisions....

    In your jobs you don't need to be in the city. We live near Mornington which is classed as an outer suburb of Melbourne. In reality it's about an hour away from the centre and I'd say more like a Cornish town than a city suburb. If your in jobs like yours I'd forget the city and look at suburbs with nice beaches and things to do. Check the website alljobs.com and the local paper(which is usually online) for the availability of work. Don't fret if you can't get work before you get here, they don't usually even consider you until you have an ozzy address.
  14. meaks

    Moving to melbourne in August!

    Good luck to you all, I live near Mornington on the peninsula and you'll all love it when you get here.
  15. meaks

    Where to live ?

    Perhaps ask them why they live there then!