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  1. Hi Alicia, I have "met" your other half on here :biggrin: Fancy coming to live the other side of the world and finding another Midlander just down the road (by Aussie standards hehe)?! I am definately keen to catch up with you guys for a beer! There does seem to be a few pommes in our "south of Coffs" area so maybe we could try and organise an open to all bbq too? now that the weather is finally behaving (hope I havent just jinxed us there!!) Hope to see ya soon, Selina
  2. misssmileyselina

    Mid North Coast NSW

    Hi there, Im living in Valla and work in Macksville! Beautiful spot eh, although whats going on with the weather lately?! Almost forgot i emigrated :wink:
  3. Hi Soph, You must now be here! Welcome to the beuatiful Nambucca Valley! I live in Valla and work in Macksville. How are you getting on? Would be great to catch up if youre settled and feel like a chat over a drink at the Star or a coffee down River Street. Hope youre getting on okay, the move went well and to hear from you soon :-) Selina
  4. misssmileyselina

    I propose a Sydney City Meet

    The meet up Thursday is at the Cargo bar in the City. Saturday arvo is good with me :biggrin: I am going to Paddos Markets in the morning but anytime after that. I will PM you my email and mobile. Hopefully we will have some more people to join us, even if we dont get replies from here, we may meet others on Thursday night!
  5. misssmileyselina

    I propose a Sydney City Meet

    Hey Suzie? What its like in Caringbah? Bit of a treck into the City for you? But if youre keen thats awesome! What suits you better afternoon coffee or evening drinks? Theres also an ex-pats meet up on the Thursday evening, its not just pommes but all ex pat nationalities n might be good to meet people :-)
  6. Hi guys I live regional NSW but am down in Sydney for the weekend 19/21 August so i am trying to organise a meet up for other young girls - maybe an afternoon coffee/lunch or dinner and drinks - whatever people prefer! Is anyone keen? :yes: Hope so!
  7. Hi guys I live regional NSW but am down in Sydney for the weekend 19/21 August so i am trying to organise a meet up for other young girls - maybe an afternoon coffee/lunch or dinner and drinks - whatever people prefer! Is anyone keen? :yes:
  8. misssmileyselina

    New to Brisvegas!

    Hi there, I am down the coast in nsw but travel to Brissy at least once a month and would be keen as to join an ex pat meet-up! When do you arrive? We should pencil in date and post it?
  9. Any Foo Fighter fan ex pats out there who are in Brisbane or would travel there to see this great event? I have one going as my friend has let me down. Be great to find an ex pat for it to go to! I am also looking for some fans to enjoy the gig with so is anyone going or can you put me in-touch with anyone who is? Thanks guys
  10. misssmileyselina

    Coffs Coast

    Hi Maria, Thanks for the reply. How exciting that you are getting ready for the big move! I can imagine how much you have to organise, I came over on my own so it was slightly easier. I will give you any advice I can, I have gotten to know the area pretty well and my Aunt has lived here for 30+ years now so theres not much she doesnt know! Although I dont have children yet, I work with plenty of people who do, so I get to hear about school and the various kids activites that go on. I know a few good places for coffee so would be great to catch up when you get here. You will be arriving at a great time of year weather wise :biggrin: Thanks again for the message and let me know if I can help with anything/you have any questions about Coffs Selina :0)
  11. Hi guys :hug: Nice to hear other some other young single pommey girls plans and expereinces! I am 27, been in Australia for 3 years now and after spening most of my time in the NT, I am now up the East Coast from sydney in Coffs Harbour, which is a beautiful spot but I have found it really hard to make friends here so am thinking of moving back to a City and am thinking of Sydney. I currently work a 9 day fortnight so could easily come down for a weekend if we arrange an ex-pat meet up for all the posters on this thread? Seems like there will be a few of us and maybe a group meet will be eaiser? (Ive never done anything like meet ups before but it sounds fun!) :biggrin: Selina
  12. misssmileyselina

    Coffs Coast

    Just seeing if there are any fellow ex-pats in the Coffs Coast area who are keen to meet up for coffee/bbq and chats about settling into Aussie life and th area :biggrin:
  13. misssmileyselina

    Selina's Aussie Advernture

    A few of me since arriving in Oz