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  1. Six it

    Forget Migrating to Australia .... Really?

    its slowing down.. it took me 6 months trying to get another project role before i fond one.. and that because i know the people on the new project.. Now i was still employed whilst looking, which took the stress off, but basically got nothing from all the jobs i applied for on seek etc.
  2. Six it

    Is the Australian job market still strong?

    its slowed down allot. In my sector "resources" the trend is down.. o matter what job.. still it not quite dead and buried..there are roles.. just not many of them. Ah well.. still not done with the project i am on.. so still a bit more time to find the next project, before i have to tap the warchest and do some bench time
  3. i arrived with about 2000 AUD and a months rent paid for by my company... (and all bills) so just food and transport... it was just enough to get me to the end of the month and my 1st pay cheque
  4. Six it

    Interview with BHP - Any tips??

    i second the bit about safety. "give an example of where you brought about a positive effect on safety".. Its almost to the point where .. if you dont say.. "i'm safety focused" then they assume that you are not and that further more you some sort of madman..! or that could be just me? good luck... personally, i hate interviews.. taking them or implementing them
  5. Six it

    International Debt Collectors

    not going to get involved in any moral debate.. there are legal rules.. thats what actually counts.. someone else's view on what you should do.. well.. opinions are like a**holes.. everyone has got one arm yourself with the facts.. take it from there http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?221573-UK-debt-being-Chased-in-Australia and if you cant be bothered to read the tons of pages.. here is a sneak peak of the summary http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?304615-It-is-now-apparent-that-it-will-be-practically-impossible-to-enforce-a-UK-debt-in-Oz
  6. Six it

    white card advice ??

    Never had a problem on any of the sites i have been to and it was just a tick box during the induction..."do you have one".."yes... here is a copy of the cert" but you may have had a different experience
  7. Six it

    white card advice ??

    did mine online with Narbil www.narbiltraining.edu.au when i was in WA and have also used it here in QLD
  8. Check out Gladstone, they are always looking for masters here.. 4 dredging projects, multiple barges, tugs not to mention all the construction traffic needed for the builds on curtis island... insane increase in boat traffic since it all kicked off
  9. Put this together.. lists all the major players in town. Hope it helps someone :biggrin: Web Sites Bechtel One of the major players in town right now. They are responsible for the over all construction of the gas plants on Curtis island http://www.bechtel.com/careers.html QCLNG (Queensland Curtis LNG) Engineering and construction LNG http://www.qgc.com.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=466 John Holland Engineering and construction http://www.johnholland.com.au/Documents.asp?ID=14011&Title=Working+At+John+Holland Worley Parsons Engineering and construction https://worleyparsons.hua.hrsmart.com/hrsmart/ats/JobSearch/index WICET (Wiggins Islands Coal Export Terminal) Consortium of companies who are building a massive coal terminal here in Gladstone. http://www.wicet.com.au/ Monadelphous Building the wharf for the WICET project http://www.jobswithus.com.au/ Hatch Engineering Management http://www.hatch.com.au/ Abigroup Construction http://www.abigroup.com.au/Careers/Positions-Vacant/ Thiess http://www.thiess.com.au/careers Recruitment Agencies Downing Teal Leonie Hills – Manager Gladstone Downing Teal Pty Ltd | 63 Goondoon Street, Gladstone QLD 4680 T: 61 7 49700800 | F: 61 7 49721651 | Warren Pennell Director CP Engineering (Brisbane) Pty Ltd trading as Connect Personnel Ground Floor, Sunsuper Building, 30 Little Cribb Street, (Coronation Drive Office Park) Milton Phone: 07 3229 4177 Fax: 07 3229 8177 Jon Riley Business Manager Personnel Concept Group Pty Ltd - Environmental Division Level 4, 30 Atchison St, St Leonards, NSW, Australia, 2065 P: +61 2 9467 6700 F: +61 2 9467 6789
  10. John Holland has several project in the gladstone area.. as do bechtel.. check them out for civil work. Monodelphous have CA positions in the area as well.. Origin Energy (GLNG) have a role going in brisbane as a CA..( good is money on $500/day)
  11. Six it

    LAFHA changes - in shock

    http://www.paycalculator.com.au/ this should tell you if you are getting the right amount or not
  12. Six it

    Gladstone, QLD - Anybody have any info?

    Its an industrial town. Lots of people working on the Gas builds on the island.. or on the coal terminal expansion at Wiggins. I live in Tanuum Sands and its a good little burb only 30mins travel in the morning Only real issue is that the town has not been able to keep up with the pop surge during all this work.. so there just isnt enough shops and service providers ( doctors are always full) so its not unusual for us to hop up to Rocky to do some shopping.. or visit a specialist doc in yeppon But..if you can get into the construction boom here.. the money is eye wateringly good.. and it seems like it has a few more yrs to run ( they are talking about a channel duplication - and another Gas company , Arrow Energy, is close to saying yes or no to going ahead with their Plant
  13. yup... thats basically the sort of money that people on these projects are pulling in.. i know of an environmental advisor on one of the pipeline projects .. bringing the gas to Gladstone.. who is new to the industry.. got that huge break.. of being let on site.. and that the hard part.. they are are on $80/hr.. they do a 12 hr day on site.. yup.. its not for the faint of heart.. they do 3/1.. so they get paid $20,000 every 4 weeks.. working on the usual 4 week hols.. thats $220K a year.. a bit less if you want to factor in sick time Before i got into this game.. i used to look at those $150K mining jobs and wonder.. wow.. how do i get into that... now.. i have seen what some sectors get.. and its almost... psssft... $150K i'm sure its all going to end at some point.. but intend to ride the boom all the way to the bust for as long as i can...:biggrin:
  14. I guess it depends on what industry you are in.. Construction O&G... yup.. $200K
  15. got to say.. $80K for a senior PM.. thats just silly as in bad.. money.. The PM's around here are on about $1800 - $2000 per DAY... now these are contractors..so no security etc.. no holidays... no sick pay etc.. but i would have thought that even as a permie.. you would be up at the $200K mark?