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  1. Pommy Jimbo

    what are you doing right now?

    Dear oh dear. Beaten 5-1 by ten men. Not funny. :biglaugh:
  2. Pommy Jimbo

    what are you doing right now?

    Sipping Cointreau on ice. Niiice!
  3. Pommy Jimbo

    Learning to drive

    Good luck to your son Jem44! Remember the best drivers always pass second time around! :cool:
  4. Intellectuals usually more interesting than shock jocks like Jones, Hanson and Latham. I guess Germaine was a bit of both... maybe.
  5. Pommy Jimbo

    That sense of belonging - sums it up, really

    Well I was brought up on Marmite but I'm learning to like Vegemite. Still prefer Marmite though if I'm honest.
  6. Pommy Jimbo

    Global warming does not exist

    Cape Grim! http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/global-warming-milestone-about-to-be-passed-and-theres-no-going-back-20160509-goqcm0.html
  7. Pommy Jimbo

    First Time Poster:Lots Of Questions!

    Good luck Thylacine! Sounds like a tricky one. Keep us posted.
  8. Pommy Jimbo

    Getaway in the Blue Mountains?

    It's another case of AirBnB!
  9. Pommy Jimbo

    Simple question.... Is living in Oz better?

    Think Perth's come down in price a bit since the mining bust.
  10. Pommy Jimbo

    what are you doing right now?

    Chuckle. That would be funny if Arsenal pip them to third place.
  11. Pommy Jimbo

    Legalities on schooling?

    They are starting to get much more strict about taking holidays during term time... but if you're migrating I would think that's a pretty good reason to miss a bit of school.
  12. Pommy Jimbo

    maths in england v maths in aus

    A teacher was telling me the same thing here. Focus on NAPLAN means that subjects like science don't get much of a look in anymore.
  13. Pommy Jimbo

    Moving To Australia

    Good luck Lorri. Hope it all goes well.
  14. Pommy Jimbo

    Pool heating

    We have a heat pump. Supposed to be cheaper to heat than gas but also slower to heat. We rarely use it as you have to leave it on for 36-48 hours to get the heat up. We don't have a blanket though which would stop the overnight heat loss. But the getting in and out bit is hard when it's off season. Heard that solar can ruin your roof tiles and can get damaged by birds. Good luck with your decision.
  15. Pommy Jimbo

    Mobile contracts - Lots of data

    Data consumption is going through the roof so the telcos have to keep upping their limits.