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  1. ANNJackie

    Working Holiday Visa's

    There are some great opportunities for UK/Irish Registered Mental Health Nurses in Sydney - AHPRA help is available too. Would be pleased to tell you more if interested
  2. ANNJackie

    Midwife supervisory info 26/9

    Unfortunately, AHPRA are sadly lacking in elaborating on any information they give ... finding out information is a nightmare as no one seems to know
  3. ANNJackie

    Midwife supervisory info 26/9

    Here is a link from AHPRA website that will explain it better than I can .. http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Codes-Guidelines-Statements/FAQ/FAQ-IQNM-midwives.aspx
  4. AHPRA should make it clear on the AGOS-40 that if you were trained in XXXXXXX countries then you will not be offered full registration as your overseas training does not meet AHPRA requirements .The complete waste of time, and money for registration and assessment fees and notarised docs Cert of Good standing etc totally wasted ...
  5. ANNJackie

    Midwife supervisory info 26/9

    Hi It is definitely still the case, if you have not completed 20 continuity of care cases during training then you will be offered registration but will have to find and fund 12 months supervision placement in a teaching hospital ... the research that has been carried out by AHPRA show that UK trained nurses do not do this as part of their training and this is what they base their refusal of full registration on
  6. Hello ... I hope this helps .....this is to date my understanding of it all .... It would appear that the rule changes mean that APHRA want evidence of '20 continuity of care cases' - these must have been done in the applicant’s original midwifery training. Providing continuity of care cases isn't a requirement of registration in the UK / EU. So MOST universities will not have done it. If an applicant can't prove CoC cases, but meet all other international registration conditions AHPRA will allow you to register but you need to complete 12 months supervision. This has to be done at an Australian educational / teaching hospital, which you arrange and pay any costs yourself. After 12 months supervision you can register normally. Here's the catch - the part I think is unfair. APHRA say that as part of your 12 months supervision it's not a requirement to complete the 20 CoC cases anyway, and that if you don't they will allow you to register - but could only work in certain areas, for example delivery suite and wards - you couldn't work in a midwifery group practice role. I think it's very unfair because experience isn't taken into account... most midwives working in hospitals will rotate and work in all areas and therefore have no problem whatsoever in providing continuity of care to one woman in all aspects of midwifery. I don't understand why they don't make the 20 CoC cases a mandatory requirement in their supervision, because for most UK midwives this would be the only outstanding competency to meet to obtain full registration on Australia If its not a 'requirement' then why make people do it at all? Just allow registration with conditions of areas that can / cannot be worked it would be easier. So it would appear that UK trained midwives it mean's you'd get registration - but you'd have to do supervision. You couldn't do supervision with an agency, and you'd need a more permanent visa then a working holiday one. What employer will want to hire a midwife that needs 12 months supervision? I think this would be difficult to find. It pretty much rules out going anyone thinking of going on a WHV since you can only work for same employer for 6 months, and you can't do supervision via an agency. This is the latest FAQ from AHPRA http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov...-midwives.aspx
  7. ANNJackie

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi, does anyone understand the criteria 1-8 that RGN's and Midwives have to adhere to regarding obtaining registration. Criteria 6 is requesting that I or my UNi send A curriculum/syllabus /handbook,outlining the components of the course that you took to become a midwife along with evidence to meet criteria 2 and 8 - UNi's are loath to do this as they have to drag the template onto the desktop, complete it and then print onto headed paper and then post directly to AHPRA and as for posting them a hefty handbook this isn't going to happen, and who at AHPRA is going to read it to make sure that it meets with requirements! Does anyone know an easy way around these criteria's ... oh and criteria 3 is a nightmare too as NMC take over a month to respond
  8. ANNJackie

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi all - A nurses thread is an excellent idea - condenses everything up!! However, I think that the main problems faced by nurses and midwives is actually getting registration from AHRA who have made it rather ridiculous and are asking for some strange documentation to cover the 1-8 criteria ( page 4 of the AGOS-40) I would be happy to compare interpretation of what they want with anyone ..... as I feel there HAS to be an easier way of meeting criteria 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 ... I mean getting your University to send off a hand book or syllabus is a nightmare Ooooh I wont go on ...will await some response
  9. ANNJackie

    Ahpra timeline

    I am completely confused by the criteria 1-8 that has to be met .... is there anyone out there who has successfully met all these requirements. Criteria 2 and 8 have to be met by Uni and 3 by the NMC but can anyone tell me easiest way around the rest? Thanks in advance xx
  10. Probably a little late to respond to you, but might help someone else ... YOU are the one that has to sign your CV At the bottom of each page of your CV YOU MUST write “This Curriculum Vitae is true and correct as at (insert date)” and you MUST SIGN it. If you dont then AHPRA will send you an email!!!