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  1. Thank You!! Yours will be any day now for sure! We fly out October 26th! Can't wait!!
  2. Got my visa today too!!! Subclass 100!!! So excited!!!! YAAAAY!!!
  3. NickiB

    Feeling entirely consumed by Australia

    Hey! I was in the same position as you 5 years ago. My boyfriend and I have been planning on moving to Australia for years. In that time we have both finished our university undergraduate degrees are about to complete our postgraduate degrees this September, then we are off to Australia in October! Those 5 years flew by and it will for you too. But enjoy university and don't wish it away, it's an amazing time of your life and, although you will probably always have Australia in your mind, university will make the waiting a lot easier! Throw yourself into university and making new friends and before you know it you'll be graduating and planning your move down under! :-) Nicki x
  4. Yay!! Congrats! I sent my application off 5 days after you and also have WP! Fingers crossed mine is just around the corner!
  5. NickiB

    August & September 2010 Applicant

    They are coming through in different times, you could get yours tomorrow or it could be another 4 months. Like Susie said yesterday what you need to do is contact one of the numbers she gave you to get help with your situation. You should not hold out in the hope your visa comes through quickly as it may be months before it does. Nicki x
  6. Looking at other posts the timeline seems to be anything up to 8 months although some peoples come through a lot quicker. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell you how long yours will take. You only option is to phone up the DIAC and ask for an estimated date but it is unlikely that will give you anything more specific than the general time frame of up to 8 months.
  7. NickiB

    Spouse Visa- Case Officers

    Hey All, It seems quite a few spouse visas have been granted in around 4 months recently, most of them by case officer DP. I have WP and have yet to see a visa being granted by her early :sad: Do you think it matters which case officer you have? Are they all working to the same time frame at the same speed, or is there a difference between case officers where some work slower and stick to the quoted 5-6 months? If there are differences which ones seem to be faster? Nicki
  8. So happy for you! My application was received a few weeks after yours, so fingers crossed my visa grant isn't too far away. Although I have WP as a case officer and I don't know if she is as fast as yours was :-( Congratulations and good luck with your move!!
  9. You'll know they have your application when you get an email from a case officer either asking you for further information or telling you they have everything they need. This can take up to 10 days but normally in around 4-5 days. Until you get the email they only thing you can do is track the postage of your application (assuming you sent it special delivery) and at least then you can relax knowing it's been delivered!
  10. NickiB

    Further Medical Results Referred

    Hi Samk6, the email I received was from my case officer. However, I am applying for a spouse visa which has processing times of 5-6 months, the 475 visas do not work to the same time frame. I am not sure of the application process for a 475 visa so I couldn't even guess how long it's likely to take for your application to be finalised. Sorry Nicola
  11. NickiB

    Further Medical Results Referred

    'This is inform you that I have just received your medical results and they were clear. At this time, there is nothing further required for the application. Our current processing time is 5-6 months from the lodgement date (29 March 2011) so the application will be finalised anytime between 29 August to 29 September 2011. We will try to finalise the application earlier than the given timeframe but could not make any guarantees at this point.' Yay!!!! Medicals referred 19th May, finalised 23rd June! :spinny: Roll on visa grant!!