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  1. Jonleahy


    Hi after citizenship ceremony what does everyone do with their immi account? How long do you keep it for? Will it be required for anything else? Thanks Jonathan
  2. Jonleahy


    Are you talking about the invitation to the interview/test? I was contacted by phone and asked if I could attend the following week, I can't remember if I received a letter by mail as well, but the invitation was on my immi account the following evening after the phone call.
  3. Jonleahy


    Hi folks, received my invite to the pledge ceremony today 9th Feb 2022. Applied June 2021 Test / Interview Aug 2021 Invite to Ceremony 9th Feb 2022 (by email) also copy on Immi account. Ceremony date 21st Feb 2022 South Australia Onkaparinga council, Adelaide.
  4. Jonleahy

    Citizenship Ceremonies in South Australia

    Onkaparinga council are returning to physical presentations for the pledge. I passed my test / interview August 2021 and received my invite to the pledge ceremony today (9th Feb 2022) for Feb 21st, at Hopgood theatre.
  5. Jonleahy


    Hi everyone. Done my test and interview today in Adelaide. So I passed my test and the official showed that my account is 'Approved', so just waiting for the letter of invitation now and my process will be complete. Eligible for Citizenship 9th May 2021 (4years on permanent spouse visa 100) Submitted Citizenship application online though my Immi account 30th June 2021 Test and interview notification (by phone) 20th August 2021 Test and interview completed 26th August 2021 Citizenship ceremony (Onkaparinga) ??? Jonathan
  6. Jonleahy


    Hi guys I applied for my citizenship at the end of June, Will my immi account show any updates as well as an email being sent, ie. a request for further information or invitation to the test etc.? Just wondering in case I miss the email Thanks Jonathan
  7. Jonleahy


    Hi I submitted my application today here in Adelaide, just beat the price hike. I became eligible back in May and had filled in most of the form back then, must admit found the form quite repetitive and a bit soul destroying. I only found out the government were increasing the price this week. I had to go and double check my deceased parents date of birth, hmmm, I'm sure it's important to someone. so $285 (plus surcharge) later and the form is submitted I'll keep you informed on progress I attached scans of; Passports SA Drivers licence Bank statement UK Birth Cert. Identity declaration form 1195 Passport photo endorsed front and back. Jonathan
  8. Jonleahy


    Hi folks been a while since I commented on the site. I have been looking in from time to time. Anyway unbelievably it has been nearly 4 years since I moved to Adelaide. PR activated 9th May 2017. I logged on to my Immi account the other day, and thought I might as well fill in the application for citizenship. I knew I wouldn't be able to submit it yet but I thought I might at least be able fill in most of it. I only got to page 6 or 7 of 34, I think, and it wouldn't let me go any further. I have two questions, what is in the rest of the form? Am I not able to finish it until 9th of May? Thanks Jonathan
  9. Hi we were in a similar situation a number of years back my wife was over here on an ancestry visa just before it expired we applied for an extension but as far as I remember we also looked for her visa to be changed over to a partners visa. Before the visa was granted we had complications and my wife had to return to Australia. Long story short our local MP office had to get involved and my wife was granted with a 4 year extension / partner visa. As has been said the UK visa process is worse and ends up being more expensive than the Australian process.
  10. It is certainly something you have to be sure of and committed to, or even the smallest setback will appear to be insurmountable. A lot will depend on what part of Australia you are going to and what trade, qualifications and experience you have that is recognizable to employers over here.
  11. Hi all I apologize my information was incorrect, As a an Australian citizen you are now allowed to hold dual citizenship, I believe the information I was referring to was a previous permanent resident in Australia requires a returning resident visa and not required for a citizen. Dual citizenship in Australia as far as I can see has been allowed since 2002. Nemesis I should have referenced MSG34 and not you sorry again. I do sincerely apologize for any offense caused I did not intend to mislead anyone. As for gaining UK citizenship that depends on type of visa or residency you have been living in UK under and with all of them there are qualifying terms and conditions that are required, If you held "Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)) for example you have to be able to prove you have been in the UK as a permanent resident for at least two years with a no more than 90 days (I believe) in the last year outside the UK. and then you have to sit a citizenship test. Good luck and a Happy Christmas to everyone.
  12. Just read through this thread, be aware Nemesis that if your wife does get UK Citizenship, it may also complicate things when she tries to enter Australia as she will then technically require a returning resident visa, and may be required to wait the 100 week residents period before being eligible for some benefits from Centerlink.
  13. When you up load all your other documents Form 80 will either be "Required" or "recommended" our visa was granted with out uploading any form 80's but if you can easily get them filled out it can do no harm. We didn't upload any as on first reading it said it had to be filled out by Australian citizens but when I inquired about the form 80 just before my visa was granted the adviser on the telephone said they could be filled out by anyone who know you as a couple
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    What do you think of this woman?

    Don't know her. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Benefits available to Permanent Residents

    Hi from digging around and asking around the rules were changed from the 1st January although people in Centerlink and a few other places were not too sure I arrived at the beginning of May and the "help" pages that Centerlink sent you to to check then still had the old statement in around about legal way that a subclass 100 visa holder was exempt from the 2 year sorry 104 week waiting period they then updated their web pages on 31st May