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  1. Nice post. Mateship works, specially when finding a job.
  2. tikbalang

    WA Recce report and a beer for you Mate

    Will upload some later on. By the way, that's one more thing to remember, an online connection cost a fortune here.:arghh: Buy 4G of data for 49$ AUD of snail connection.
  3. Been a month now here in WA. Took a short term lease at Rockingham and will be moving in shortly for a longer lease at Perth. Got the medical & Tax number sorted out as well as opening a bank account. The only thing remaining now is getting my WA driving license and getting a job, the hard part, but I will come back to that. A few notes that might be of use to some: 1. Got myself a maxivan from Perth airport to Rockingham. It’s no easy task. Now, this is one good reason why it might be better to stay at perth initially then work your way out further north or south. With a lot of baggage in tow, getting from point A to B is quite a feat. (Didn’t rent a car right away as I’m used to driving in the right lane). 2. Get all your documents ready for your house hunting. It ain’t easy and references (jobs, personal refs) do come in handy. Took me a full month to get mine sorted out, lots of viewing and all. 3. TFN, Medical and Opening a bank account’s easy. You need only the passport, visa and of course the money. Commonwealth Bank worked nicely for me as they didn’t require lots of cash to open one. 4. With a valid driving license, migrants can drive around for 3 months within which you need to have your own WA license. Mine is not from an accredited country so I have to take the exams. Still, I could drive around within the time span. 5. Now, in finding a job, I’m stumped. I am certified as Building Associate but could do Civil Engineering, Quality Control and Facilities Management. But unless you’re Professor X or Einstein, it’s very difficult to find one. No matter what they tell you, websites rarely work here. Been talking to some locals and neighbors, and was told jobs work by referral. Grab a beer, call a mate and get endorsement. Which brings me to my current predicament: I’ve got the beer ready. Just PM me Mate!:biggrin:
  4. tikbalang

    Visa in passport or just letter??

    Yes, the letter will do the job.
  5. tikbalang

    Straight to visa

    Brilliant. Now the fun begins. Congrats.
  6. tikbalang

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

  7. tikbalang

    Temporary accomadation

    Thanks Cazz. Appreciate the help. Finding a suitable house is a bit of a pain.
  8. tikbalang

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Thanks Ozzieland.
  9. tikbalang

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Thanks. I really am clueless. Checking thru DIAC and WA website and it's unclear.
  10. tikbalang

    Temporary accomadation

    Hi, Any agent you could recommend. We're coming to WA late April and still hasn't found a suitable accomodation. It's very costly when I check various websites. 400 to 500 a week is fine by me. but no joy yet. thanks.
  11. tikbalang

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hi ozzieland, Other than informing the state of the visa grant, do we inform them as well when we are moving to oz before we arrive? I haven't informed WA of anything yet.
  12. tikbalang

    Visa grant!! -even with arthritis

  13. Hi All, Appreciate any help from others who came before me. Stated as an obligation on the visa:keep the State or Territory government informed of changes in address details before and after arrival I reckon it involves informing them as well when I intend to go downunder. Who do I notify in WA before arriving there? and after? Shall I inform my CO as well of my ETA and whereabout I'll be? Thanks.:arghh:
  14. tikbalang

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Congrats Claire.
  15. tikbalang

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Thanks vickyMel, Just spoke to one of the airlines here. They'd asked me to send them the Visa Grant (buy the tickets of course) and they'll arrange the visa stamping at the airport. That's one less problem for me to deal with.