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  1. Hello all We have been living in Sydney since November last year and want to ship my grandparents bureau desk over here. We've discovered it is ridiculously expensive to ship single pieces of furniture, even by sea, so are looking for alternatives. Is anyone planning a furniture shipment in the next year which could include our desk? We would pay and my parents-in-law can transport it to your house, they live in the Scottish Borders but are happy to travel a fair distance. We would pick up promptly at the other end too. We would be so grateful if anyone could help us out. And for anyone still undecided or feeling nervous, moving to Sydney was the best decision our family has ever made Take care, Natalie
  2. kellynat

    Can anyone help?

    We moved to Mount Colah in Sydney last November and have recently inherited a small (18 cubic feet) antique desk but it's in England (Droitwich). We have tried to get quotes to ship it but are getting responses in excess of £650! It's only worth about £250 anyway! Does anyone know of a cheaper option or is anyone planning to ship in the near-ish future and willing to add our desk to their shipment? We would pay of course and my parents could deliver the desk. I'd be very grateful for any ideas or offers. Natalie
  3. Hi there My parents are coming to Oz for the first time in April this year. We live in Mount Colah (North Sydney) and I am trying to get together a list of things we could do with them. I'm looking for a mix of touristy, city, historic, nature, cuisine, beaches etc. All suggestions very gratefully received. Ta
  4. kellynat

    Where to live ??

    We live in Mount Colah, near Hornsby, very lovely and peaceful up here with a fair few families around. We also have friends in Kellyville and they say the Hills area is really good for families, I think you get more house for your money and there maybe more groups for little ones etc. I still say Hornsby-Shire but I am definitely biased.
  5. kellynat


    Hi guys, Welcome to Poms in Oz :smile: We (me, hubby + 2 daughters) moved to Sydney in November on a 457. Where are you thinking of coming to and which visas are you applying for?
  6. Hi All We moved to Sydney in November and when we first arrived we bought some basic kitchen bits, most of which we don't now need as our furniture has arrived, so I thought I would see whether they could be passed on to reduce that initial expense for someone else. I've got dinner plates, small plates, bowls and mugs - 4 of each all white. Some sturdy plastic cutlery, a small pan and a large pan with lids, 3 plastic chopping boards (thin), some utensils and could probably find a few other bits if anyone was interested. We also have a double blow up mattress that could be borrowed, as long as we get it back by beginning of april. Give me a shout if you're interested, I'm quite happy to bring them around if it's not too far. We're in Mount Colah. Natalie
  7. kellynat

    Cost of living in Sydney?

    My pleasure. Like I said, anything I can do just ask. Keep in touch and I'll pencil that coffee in for July.
  8. kellynat

    Cost of living in Sydney?

    I found Poms in Oz really helpful whilst preparing to come over here so I'd like to be able to repay the favour. Any other questions - fire away. Mount Colah is lovely, surrounded by big deep bush covered valleys and hills. We are very much on the edge of Sydney with a national park 5 minutes away and the central coast beaches 45 minutes (can send you pics if you like). We came here purely because we were desperately looking for a house and this one came up but I am very glad. Our younger daughter will be going to a small school (18 in her class) with a really nice feel too. It is very quiet so it depends what you like but there is plenty to do in Hornsby and a great shopping centre. It doesn't have as many new houses as you get in the Hills area so you might pay a bit more for rental here but still within your budget. My daughter goes to college in Ryde which takes her just over an hour door to door. Hmmm I've just read what I've written and remember I may be a little biased..... I have some friends who have a house in Kellyville which is lovely too. If you fancy a coffee and chat when you arrive give me a shout too. x
  9. kellynat

    Cost of living in Sydney?

    I know one family where it took three months to get PR, another who applied 8 weeks ago and are still waiting. Hopefully the education department will be helpful, I have found that common sense seems to prevail here with less jobsworth inflexibility. Good luck with everything.
  10. kellynat

    Cost of living in Sydney?

    Hi Melanie We moved to Mount Colah, just outside Hornsby in November. We are me, hubby and two daughters (5 and 17). My husband earns $95000 not inc super and I would say your calculations are about right apart from not having to pay water bills. You can also save by using the public health system (Medicare) and only paying for extras like dental. We are on a 457 and pay tax as residents. We also get LAFHA, it makes a big difference and is worth suggesting to your employer as it doesn't cost them anything, it basically means you get living expenses (and possibly education costs) tax free. One thing you should be aware of is that education fees have to be paid upfront for the year (you can appeal to pay bi-annually). The Commonwealth Bank, if you go to the one in the centre of Sydney, has a worker who deals with temp residents and they can provide loans for school fees if necessary. Any other info you want just ask, when are you due to arrive? Take care Natalie PS It's definitely worth it.
  11. kellynat

    Moving to Sydney for New Year

    How's about Friday? Just realised Maddie has her assessment on Wednesday and doesn't start properly until Thursday! Or maybe the week after if that's easier. You never know I might have my furniture by then......
  12. We might be interested in the tv unit or coffee table (to put our telly on once it arrives). What sort of price were you thinking of?
  13. kellynat

    Moving to Sydney for New Year

    Hi Karen Glad you made it It'd be nice to meet up, my two start school and college next week, you'd be very welcome to come over (or meet up) for a coffee. Ev - maybe the three of us? Not good news on the apartment.
  14. I've recently arrived in Sydney on my husbands 457 visa. I'm a newly qualified social worker and am starting to think about part time work. Is it easy to get work in this sector, either stat or vol? I'd like to hear about any info, opportunities or experiences you've got to share.
  15. kellynat

    Moving to Sydney for New Year

    Hello all It's great to hear so many people are going to be coming over in the next few months. It'll be good to meet and share experiences. Myself, husband and two daughters (17 and 5) arrived in November on a 457 and are living in Mount Colah. Good luck with visas, medicals, shipping etc - it'll be worth it Nat x