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    Anyone ever owned property in Italy?

    A friend of mine inherited a house in Italy, selling it was an absolute nightmare. And it sold for about 80000 euros less than her relative paid for it- think €110000 selling for €30000. There were so many expensive and ridiculous hoops to jump through, she only managed it because she was friendly with locals who helped her along with it. Also took a year to go through.
  2. kate24

    Car hire in WA

    I usually hire from from Bayswater, it's $35 a day (for a corolla automatic) and I paid the excess waiver of $8 a day which reduces the excess to nothing. Which was handy because someone did damage the car in a car park. I'm even sure that the excess waiver was added to the duration of the hire, it may have been a max payment of $80
  3. kate24

    Dubai stop-over, travelling with a baby

    Be careful with the snacks though, I happily fed my apparently ravenous daughter and she chundered like the exorcist all over her nana about 3 hours into flight- aircrew were nowhere to be seen for a help with cleaning it up btw. Nana stank of baby chuck for the next 20 hours- bleugh!! (We had several changes of clothes for baby, none for us!!)
  4. kate24

    Dubai stop-over, travelling with a baby

    I did the same flight at Christmas with my 6 year old, plenty of time to get to the gate for connection. Last time i was in Dubai airport was 2009/10 and it was very different then. There are buggies at the gate for families but I did notice that they were a bit low on availability (was comparing to my previous trip when they were easily available and thanking the Lord my child could walk now!) As for the flight, I did it myself when my daughter was 11 months, we got a seat with a bassinet- they aren't very big, fine if your child is a good sleeper but my daughter wasn't so I couldn't relax in case she woke up, sat up and leaned over/fell out. On the way back I had her much better trained and she slept happily in the bassinet and it was very relaxing. Take a bag with lots of snacks and buy some new toys for the flight.
  5. kate24

    Oz wages - general question

    Yeah, but multiply the uk average by 2.5 and you get almost $67k which tallies nicely with the popular notion that you need to earn about 2.5x uk wages to maintain a similar standing. I always find it amusing when watching wanted down under and they sell a job earning $60k as well earning (and the poor family involved think its £40k), no mention that back in 2001 the exchange rate would've meant $60 was about £22k so to ignore the vagaries of money markets.
  6. Come on guys, stop falling for it!! Jack is such a wind up merchant, let's just leave him be and stop entertaining him!!
  7. kate24

    I must have been insane?

    Jase, you need to move on. Your life 'before' may now seem like a dream life but obviously it wasn't as you and your family relocated. And it quite patently wasn't a dream,even now, for your wife as she has remained in the uk. Its very easy to look back and think things were great if you're now looking from a disadvantaged position but it obviously wasn't the heaven you thought it was for everyone or you'd all be together. From the information you've given, both your wife and you are very entrenched and opposed as to what to do next and that in itself is quite telling. You can't go back in time (oh that I wish we could as I have my own we were so happy story too) so you need to make some positive moves to the future. Maybe you need to go to couple counselling -you can go alone, and recommend that your wife does too and maybe it will give you both some insight into how to move forward together, whether that be together or apart in uk/aus. But staring at your navel wishing it all back is just going to make you feel rubbish. and most importantly your kids need to know what is going on and to get some plans in place for visits etc.
  8. kate24

    I must have been insane?

    Horrible situation to be in, we all have 20/20 hindsight and it would be much easier if we could see what was coming but the truth is you can't let regret and what ifs eat you up. You can't go back in time and you have to deal with the current situation. I would guess there are thousands of couples where one partner isn't happy with where they live but the relationship trumps the geography for them, this obviously isn't your situation. Rehashing the past isn't helping though and for the sake of everyone involved you all need to make some firm if very difficult decisions. Good luck.
  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa. Seriously, grow up. You've had lots of very good advice from some very patient members on this site. We get it, you love oz and life isn't worth living til you get there. Get a degree in something useful- medicine, nursing, engineering NOT drama and don't entertain using some poor girl for a visa, you may not deserve better but she certainly does
  10. kate24

    Hotel in Perth for New Year

    Think it depends when and how long you stay. You can look it up, it's called the good life bed and breakfast and its in lesmurdie, near kalamunda. Its in trip finder too.
  11. kate24


    I read that sir David Attenborough is of the opinion humanity is no longer evolving and I have to say I agree. Don't know if I really want to get into it in any depth on a public forum as there are many different (conflicting) views, but I think at the very least our medical advances are eliminating an element of survival of the fittest, that's to say nothing of the social support that is available in most developed countries. Humanity will always strive to find new technology and gain new knowledge I think that's the human condition and there are still many intelligent people out there doing the research but whether humans shall evolve further? Have to admit that when I walk down my local high st devolution is the word that springs to mind . . .
  12. kate24

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    Surelyif they aren't a genuine poster then it should be closed? Weird set up. Will unsubscribe and you lot can enjoy playing like a bunch of three year olds x
  13. kate24

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    Holey moley! What happened to 'discuss the post not the person'? This is just a total bun fight and is cluttering my e mail account. Somebody get it closed now - please! Moving to Melbourne stop getting sucked in and get it closed. Please!
  14. kate24

    Hotel in Perth for New Year

    We stayed in the Fremantle esplanade one new year, it was nice and you can bring in the new year at little creatures. Another year we were staying at the Novotel which was fine and we gate crashed some new year do in the duxton which was fun. Really depends on your budget tho cause they are really pricey my uncle has a b&b in the hills which is really nice.
  15. kate24

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    Please make it stop. Somebody. I don't know how to but now I've posted I keep getting e mail alerts and I'm being sucked in!!! Help
  16. kate24

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    Why is this thread still open?????????? is it just for sport? Because I can't see any other point.
  17. kate24

    Optical Dispenser jobs?

    A pio members (LKC? ) husband is a DO, they came over with Specsavers as a jvp, I'm sure she could give some advice
  18. kate24

    Optical Dispenser jobs?

    To state the obvious (if you're in optics) have to been to Specsavers? They may be the easiest way to get there (and you can always jump ship once there if that's not your scene) i do know of someone who went over on a whv who ended up staying there and now works for opsm (think she wanted to work with horses ideally but had experience in optics) But if I was you I'd speak to Specsavers first ( they will probably try to talk you into jvp tho) and then try luxottica as they own a lot of the optical practices.
  19. Was going to post a similar thread! Glad I'm not the only single mum thinking of taking the plunge. Have family in Perth which will definitely help but the massive increase in housing and cost of living has been scaring me. Even tho I could earn twice what I do here (using the 2.2 calculation) I'm still concerned about making ends meet.
  20. kate24

    Scary Films

    Oh, has to be 'the descent', turns out I'm fantastically claustrophobic and have a morbid fear of being buried alive- neither of which I was really aware of prior to watching this terrifying film. It's schlock but it's really scary
  21. kate24

    Skilled Visas - Ranking of applications under the EoI

    I'm an optometrist, we have written exams that can be done in London but the practicals are done in Australia, usually Melbourne. I don't function well under stress so it's proving the stumbling block for me as its about 8k down the drain if I fail- not that that's a very good attitude but as a single mum it's a lot of money. A certain British company is making significant attempts to make the process easier and they also do a conversion support course but that's expensive too (monetary and for other reasons!!!)
  22. kate24

    Skilled Visas - Ranking of applications under the EoI

    I need to travel to aus for part of my skills assessment also, very expensive exercise and there is only a 50% pass rate too which has managed to put me off so far as I can only afford the flights/accommodation and exam fees once.
  23. kate24

    Car Hire Recommendation

    Bayswater are usually the cheapest- $35 a day or thereabouts. They are 'no birds', the tag line references the fact they used to use birds (not the flying type) to advertise or so I am led to believe
  24. kate24

    Nightmare property management (UK)

    Agent is meant to be working for you! Can sympathise as I had rubbish tenants too although mine were relatively easy to evict but property was a mess and our agent utterly useless too and didn't even manage to produce an inventory at any stage. Good luck and make sure you get good advice cause law is tipped towards tenants.