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  1. Thanks for all your comments. And just for the records the medical exam doesn't include any drug testing!!
  2. Thank you for the info Peach
  3. How sure are u sammy1?
  4. Ok I thought so too regarding HIV & diabetes. Thanku for the link.
  5. Oh & it's tomorrow, thankful of quick responses!
  6. Hi readers No judgement: Anyone know if theres a drug test (oops) in the medical examination ? thanks!!
  7. Hey Readers Does anyone know that once my current 457 visa ends & I go on a bridging visa until my defacto is granted, can I work anywhere including starting my own business or do I have to slog out the 457 employment until defacto is approved? thanks x:smile:
  8. AnnB

    declaring criminal record

    thank you so much for your info maggiemay. nope no children involved!
  9. AnnB

    declaring criminal record

    Hi. Please if anyone can shed some light on this situation: my friend is from UK and applying for defacto with aussie boyf. He had criminal convictions over 10 yrs ago involving drugs (Cannabis/MDMA) and driving offences in separate occasions; she has never been involved with the law. Does the defacto visa ask for this info regarding him & is it necessary for them to declare his convictions prior to lodgement? Thankful for your responses.. AnnB
  10. Hi there Its been a while since logging on to Poms in Oz... its good to be back:wink: have a question though regarding defacto visa.. please point me in the right direction as to where to post my query. many thanks annb
  11. Wow, where's my 457??????? Mine was lodged in October and I'm STILL waiting!!! not fair not fair!! lol Good luck all to those who had theirs granted.. think of me here in chilly UK as the snow begins to threaten & summer begins in Oz! x Well actually I'm flying out on an ETA Sunday but shhhhhh:)
  12. AnnB

    457 Visa Approved Today!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!!!!!:biggrin: I am still waiting for my 457, feels like ages! Going out on an ETA Sunday for a bit for some sun!!! Yay!! x
  13. AnnB

    Really worried about visa & travel

    Thank you! Good to hear that having a case officer is positive! Yeah I just said I was going to be on holiday, I have return flight booked also in case. But how long do these things usually take do you know? x
  14. Hey all I'm seriously worried: I'm in final stages of getting 457 but given the ok from my consultants who are doing my 457, I've booked my flights and applied for a tourist visa to be in Oz a bit earlier for various reasons and I leave THIS SUNDAY. Except I had an email from immigration asking what will I be doing on my tourist visa so they have yet to issue it? Obviously I won't be doing much but I don't know if they'll sort it in time before I travel on Sunday. I am stressing so badly as my arrangements create a domino effect to other people. Do you think I'll be linked to 2 visa applications and that's the hold up? I can't possibly be refused a tourist visa. And what does having a case officer mean? Anyone, please help settle my mind :eek: x
  15. AnnB

    457 timelines?

    Hey, yes my employer had approval prior to my application...they spent about 3 mths doing their paperwork before they looked at my bits and pieces; heading to Sydney:) x