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  1. here is two sites http://www.lets-perth.com/search.aspx http://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/perth-metro-area/bedrooms.4/ hope this helps
  2. http://www.australiamagazine.co.uk/?p=1278 Thought some off you would be interested in this document
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    Hi Just thought i would introduce my self I am Ann from Scotland. I may be newly registered but have been following this site for 2 years now through my daughter Shona (shonz) been a member and she found it invaluable, when she was going through the process for SS and visa especially the support from other members, caretuckers thread really good for keeping members spirits up and info from Gill. She has now been in Perth a year come next week and the whole family are loveing it. We were out in May and met The Butlers when they were there to validate there visa what a lovely family. At the moment we are considering going for the contributory parent visa 173 applying after the new year and my son and family are going on 176 once WA gets there list out we no it is a long process but it will be worth it to have all the family in the one place :jiggy: Take Care Ann