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  1. Without bursting the bubble and sounding cynical, the 'diverse skills' I also had can be parked at the airport, you won't need them. Mental health is a strange old game over here and different in many weird and wonderful ways from what UK'ers will be used to.....an open mind is needed :-)

  2. Yes. @manchester lass - that's the right order. Best thing to do is get straight in with IELTS - do plenty of practice papers, get a book on it and cram. That's what my wife @robley did. We get results soon. It's quite hard, but if you get it right 1st time you'll never have to it again. (A bit like a driving test!)


    IELTS? You don't need to do it if you can prove your secondary education was taught in English? Or have they changed the rules AGAIN?!! Hahaha

    listen, there ain't no such as thing as 'forensic' here, unless you ARE back in the 1920's. Learn Aussie terminology first as many nursing terms/concepts/processes will be alien to the UK nurse. Mental health is utterly medicalised here.......

  3. Hi All


    I am a Forensic Staff nurse hoping to move over to Oz by the end of this year. My Partner is getting sponsored by his company to work in Oz and will be placed where he is needed. So it is Kinda hard to look for Mental health nursing post at the moment. I would hope to stay in Forensic however am flexible and have a diverse skill range. Hoe is the job front for mental health. Kinda new to the whole forum chat so any hint tip advice would be greatly appreciated


    If you can expand a little then I am sure forum members can point you in the right direction . Australia is as big as Europe and things vary from state to state. Where will you be moving too? Have you got AHPRA registration? What visa? We are in queensland so I can share my experience nursing here but without sounding rude you will need to be more specific.

  4. People stop panicking and teasing words apart in the 'criteria'. If you were trained in UK and have UK registration then registering with AHPRA shouldn't be a problem. There is no recognition of mental health here anymore but this doesn't prevent UK nurses from getting AHPRA registration. It will all be cool. I remember fondly all the anxiety but jump the hoops and don't get bogged down with all te finer details. Pommy nurse = Aussie registration.

  5. Do your research, and then do some more research, and then do some MORE research. Winners make things happen, losers let things happen. Life is what you make it. Yes, we don't have palm trees flapping in our faces with a sea view, but then again it gets cold in the winter by the sea. Play the game........




    Research, more research, recce to Oz, 457, job, culture shock, fear,compare with England,get over culture shock and fear, compare some more,accept new environment, stopped comparing,more research,asked for help,made friends,lowered expectations,adapted to job,18 mths-got residency via employer,job sucked,made applications,changed jobs......moved house 4 times in 2 years,gained ACCEPTANCE.........


    Worked at it and made decisions based on 'playing the game' to get myself and my familys needs met.......

  6. Where are you mate? Rock Bottom? :biggrin: :wink:


    Nice to see you still around.................tell us though............(you owe us that much at least)..................lots of posts recently about mental health here being backward and 457 visas working out crap..........are you still lapping up those salmon vol eau vents that the 457 provided you with for morning breaks and is mental health care as bad as being posted by returnees to the UK?


    Hope it's all going well.


    ha ha! Have moved AGAIN mate....been around we have, Warner to Dayboro, to Samford and now in Griffin :-)


    Who cares if mental health is backwards, the diagnosed ones are backward as well, same as the nurses, me included. Management changed as did the vol au vents......in fact a lot changed so after residency was granted I jumped ship and am now up Sunshine Coast for work in new unit here. Haven't been on here foever so not sure what others have been saying but if they want to be 'returnees' to UK then good luck to them, obviously wasn't meant to be.

    Good luck getting a job in UK then, or indeed a pay rise! ha ha, i will stick with my earnings here thanks and sit tight in the knowledge that we made the right choice to stick it out here. Nothing over there mate......zip,nada,zilch...

    Won't spend time reading the whining about mental health as I can see myself becoming a little bit vocal on the subject :-)

    Whinging poms

  7. No offence but why the fascination with North Lakes? So many people on this forum loooove North Lakes, if you want to live in a rabbit hutch, enjoy.

    Sorry rant over.......

  8. Hi!!!!


    I wonder if anyone can help me please!!! I'm pretty much sorted with my ahpra application, I'm just confused whether I need to supply GCSE transcripts as well as certificates? (I have uni transcripts) I know some people have sent without and some with, of which both have been successful! So I just wanted some recent feedback?


    I'm posting to the Melbourne office if anyone has posted there recently.


    Also, I've been reading that some people had to provide proof of clinical/theory hours in uni? My transcript just details each module etc.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks :)



    I sent anything and everything I had, to air on the safe side. Worst that can happen? It's not needed and they shred it. Good luck :-)

  9. Ive done the same albeit only 2 of us, Ive budgeted for one month but factored buying a cheap car. Its nice to see the amount needed slowly going down!


    Believe me it isn't as daunting as it has to be. We followed most suggestions and are loving it here! One word of warning. There is no such thing as a cheap car here! I would budget for at least between $3000-7000 for anything with semi low km on the clock. Bear in mind cost of driving licences as well

  10. Hi Aeronc - I also have got through AHPRA offer, and now looking at ANMAC - it seems they want all the same information AHPRA asked for plus the Ielts - anyone know if I can send all the same stuff to ANMAC or can AHPRA send all the certified documents to ANMAC - seems daft to re do everything again??

    Have you made any progress?


    No ANMAC needed if coming on 457 visa just nurse reg with AHPRA

  11. It is fairly obvious that the whole of the Northside needs more than just 4 vacancies filling at any one time considering the amount of staff employed (Qld health I believe being the largest employer) The Qld health website isn't indicative of the job vacancies. The hospitals don't submit to the website externally if they think roles can be filled internally, or Expression of Interests are sufficient to fill the roles. Of course, it doesn't follow that the role will be filled internally if an external person hears of the role, places an expression of interest, and is suitable for the role. Obviously, a prospective migrant wouldn't be aware of the vacancies and may well think their chances are slim when receieving info such as posted here and at the website. Therefore, it pays to have someone on the "inside" with their "ear to the ground" for roles not advertised at the website but published internally at the individual hospitals. You will rarely find roles advertised for level 1 RN at the website (unless they are having difficulty filling that role...........mainly speciality.......community etc)........... most adverts are for clinical nurse and higher. The alternative is to "take a chance" and arrive without a job, but personally, I have known many who did just that and none of them were unemployed longer than a month. Taking a chance, beats a 457 visa hands down IMHO.



    Sausageman, you are indeed correct again. This moving lark takes effort and if i may direct people toward the bulletin that Queensland Health release then people will see that there are many more vacancies, but like you say, having those on the inside helps.......so about that chef job in the hospital? ;-)



    I didn't say I couldn't be arsed to read through 200+ posts, and I didn't for one minute expect someone else to do it for me! I just asked a simple question, like hundreds, if not more, of people before me hoping to get an answer from someone who was a bank nurse, as this is a nurses thread.

    Also, if you'd read my question properly before getting on your extremely high horse, you would have seen that I'm in the process of getting myself to Australia. How dare you tell me to rethink my commitment. I was pleased to have found this site, and have, up to now, found it very friendly and informative, I am however rethinking my first impressions as life is stressful enough without being attacked by a faceless troll. Maybe you should have have a rethink on your contribution to this site and if you can't be civil, be quiet!




    Trust me.....he is more help than you know, an no troll believe me.

  13. No you didn't. I answered your question and offered you advice. If you don't like that advice, then fair enough, but as an employer, I would question your commitment if you were given a "hand out" but rather than read it, you posed a question that was covered in the hand out.


    This is a "sticky" thread containing heaps of information pertaining to nursing, and the visa process. Read "as a whole" it would have answered your question and many more that you will likely have in the future as I have outlined the Qld Iversiion of "bank nursing' on a couple of occasions and my wife has even found jobs for some nurses interested in "bank" which here, is known as "pool". If those nurses hadn't availed themselves of all the info contained in these nigh on 300 pages, they likely would not have made contact with the folk who could help them.


    When you see the same questions posed, time and time again, then it can get rather tiresome. On reflection, my post was abrupt and reads rather rude. It was late, I was tired, and brevity in posting doesn't become me, so my apologies



    I love you John Doe! Can u have my babies? LOL!

  14. Hi all,

    im a qualified nurse with over 8 years experience. I intend to live in WA. So I think my take home pay for first level nurse 1.8 may be around $70,000 (could be very wrong though)

    Does anyone know what the take home pay would be for this amount please.




    Check the WA nursing EBA, enterprise bargaining agreemen

    t and that will give you an idea of the pay scale, minus loading. Not sure about WA but here in QLD, I am level 1, or 1.4 and my basic without loading is $63,500. Hope this helps.


    So, I am on 32.65 an hour. With late shifts and loading from weekend, my take home a fortnight is around $2400-2500 a fortnight

  15. I'm interested to know why so many nurses choose to pursue a 457 route as opposed to a 175/6. Is it because the process is faster, you don't have enough points, job security, too old etc?????????


    There are so many pitfalls with a 457 and so much in benefits denied on your arrival here, that I just don't grasp why, when work is practically assured for a PR, that folk take this route? Not criticisng your choices, just curious as to why you make those choices as we have helped so many nurses in the past who desperately wanted to get out of their sponsorship by aiding them get a public hopital take over their sponsorship. Unfortunately that avenue is now closed which makes a 457 even more precarious IMHO




    Oi Sausage boy.....where's my PR? This 457 lark.... He he