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  1. <p>Baileygirl1. Sent you a PM, di you not get it? We are staying in Huntington Estate in Warner. Those dates sound fine, I don't start work until 12th Sept so time is ours really? Will advise you of mobile numbers etc once we get into the country....fly 10th August!! yehaaa, speak soon Nigel and Catherine</p>


    <p>have PM'ed you my e-mail</p>

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    <p>be great to meet up! We have got 23 nights in temp accomodtion on Huntington Estate. Land 12th August, 3 nights at Scarborough Holiday Village then move to the house on 15th in Warner. Bored of looking at websites now, especially real estate, just want to leave work here, get the removals in and get on the plane! All good things come to those who blah blah blah. </p>

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    <p>Make a note in diary and we will aim to meet you guys? Look forward to it</p>