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    457 visa

    Yes, if you google 'diac' (first thing that comes up on Google) you will see the 'check progress of application' link. Click there, enter your TRN number and away you go! Cheers
  2. fluxsta

    where to start?

    AHPRA first for registration. Start to get documents together and get registration as a priority. http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Internationally-Qualified-Nurses-and-Midwives.aspx http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Forms.aspx You need to look at form AGOS-04 One of the threads on here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/30382-official-nurses-thread.html Good luck! i find this site awesome and people are really helpful :biggrin:
  3. fluxsta


    Sorry Mr Billy Connoly for quoting you but here goes: Differences between men and women: Men fart, women don't. Men can keep a secret, women can't. Best way to get a woman to keep a secret?.........whisper it up her a**e. Sorry, I liked it :rolleyes::laugh::shocked:
  4. Used agency in UK and they have been fantastic from day one and answered any query with speed and efficiency and are a right bloomin nice bunch. Approached people direct on our reccie in Adelaide with limited success, but the market for work fluctuates. WA government were awesome and lined me up with interviews pretty much staright away, but secured work in Brisbane through other agency.....
  5. fluxsta

    You Have Been Warned

    Airplane peanuts: OPEN, ENJOY NUTS seemed pretty simple to me, although I was grateful for the guidance
  6. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Not necessarily true.............. Double...triple....quadruple check with AHPRA before making that assumption. I submitted my paperwork in Adelaide office and was advised that I didn't need IELTS, but had done it anyway. Flew back to UK, two weeks later AHPRA released an official statement saying that you did need it. They keep changing the goalposts all the time re: IELTS. Call them or e-mail to double check and get the info from the horses mouth or the organ grinder, not the monkey. Worth covering every avenue, and IELTS is needed at some point for PR---period, so it can be unhelpful for people who are following this route. Sorry if i keep ranting about this.....
  7. fluxsta

    Watching football, golf, rugby on tv

    Doh!! Drat! Hadn't thought of that!! ha ha....the tech geek in me wants to work out how to do that now :chatterbox:
  8. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    THE IELTS TEST------- there is so much opposing information as AHPRA has seemed (or not) to change the goalposts about the IELTS. Contact them directly to ask!! For those waiting to go, get it from the horses mouth!!! A good IELTS score also helps increase points under the new scheme from 1st July. I keep whining about this, but we didn't want anything to hold up the process and we contacted the official bodies for guidance, and as much as PIO has been helpful, chinese whispers and hearsay are not........... Rant over
  9. fluxsta

    Applying for a 457 with a criminal conviction

    Every adult for immigration purposes has to have a police check done.....period
  10. fluxsta

    Applying for a 457 with a criminal conviction

    Agreed. My ACPO police check shows up stuff from over 10 years ago. They use a step down model based on seriousness of offence. ACPO is the only body that can do police checks for immigration. Standard UK Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) ae not sufficient, and even as a nurse my Enhanced CRB will ALWAYS show up everything for the rest of my life. Talk about a second chance in the UK eh!!?! LOL!! Stuff in the UK is not wiped after 5 years, that is false. Depends on CRB, enhanced or usual or whether the police ACPO database has a trace of any offence, in which case it will say 'trace' on the form or list the offence if it comes within their step down model. I know, cos mine says 'trace' and also 'drink driving' and that was back in 1998. Not serious enough to warrant that I be denied a 457................
  11. fluxsta

    Applying for a 457 with a criminal conviction

    Ditto the above poster.................I had minor stuff and 457 was just fine.....don't sweat :happy_face_outlaw_s
  12. fluxsta

    Suburbs of Brisbane

    I put 'Brisbane suburbs' into the search function on this site and came up with loadas of helpful threads. Here is one: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/queensland/25912-brisbane-suburbs.html Don't mean to sound patronising! x :eek::goofy:
  13. Great post guys! Thanks, we fly 10th August and i will be working in Strathpine. Good news about the train service. We have seen that you get more for your money in Caboolture so will be looking into property there. Temp accommodation is in Warner. We have 3 little ones, all girls, 18 month old twins and 4 year old. We be good to meet up and get togther once we are there? Nice to know it is great place for families.......removals come 1st August! Let us know if you wann hook up at some point? Cheers Nigel and Catherine (and Bella and Rosie and Amelie) :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. fluxsta

    457 visa being finalised!!!!

    Ahhhh....my bad (as the kids say) I see 'Steve' at the top. Think you may have got our posts mixed up
  15. fluxsta

    457 visa being finalised!!!!

    PM me for details about agent, if your mail was directed at me? Thought it was at mine as only one that says 10th August thanks :biggrin:
  16. fluxsta

    Watching football, golf, rugby on tv

    Search Google for internet sites that stream live sport. There are many, some good some bad.....we are gonna look into Foxtel when we get to Oz but I have always watched premiership in Uk on streaming sites, but depends on strength of internet signal
  17. fluxsta

    Mental health nurses

    There are plenty of recruitment agencies who will find employers willing to engage in sponsorship if you wish to go on 457. You can also look at individual states sponsorship list to go on 176 permanent visas if you apply direct to the state government. I am with an agency who have been fantastic, I won't broadcast them or name drop here, but please PM me if you want further info. They have been amazing in sourcing me work. Thanks
  18. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    It can be daunting but like others said, get the documents together asap and send off form, it can take some time for them to process your registration. Look at these twon links and spend some time reading what is required: http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Internationally-Qualified-Nurses-and-Midwives.aspx http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Forms.aspx The form you need is AGOS-04 (second one on the list) Read very carefully what they need and follow it to the letter. First things first, book IELTS test, you can find information about your nearest test centre in the UK by doing google search. I found lots of helpful info on these forum pages, but also I was aware that if I needed an answer and wasn't sure I e-mailed AHPRA persoanlly and got the info from the horses mouth rather than listening to hearsay. This isn't a slag off of any one who posts, merely my experience that any info needed for official channels is best gained from the official bodies that deal with matters. I.E. AHPRA and DIAC. Good luck!! Start getting documents now! :chatterbox:
  19. fluxsta

    457 processing times

    Congrats all on visa!! Cool, one summer leads nicely into another one. P.S. the 1st July 'thing' is just that they have changed the legislation re: points system and it has no bearing on anything to do with 457 visas.
  20. fluxsta

    Anyone else unhappy living in Oz?

    Follow the heart. Currently in UK, but am self aware enough to know that if some apsect of my life troubles me, its quite simple.......I change it, life is too short. If we don't enjoy Oz then I will know that the Moving Back to the UK thread is very helpful. Trust me! We aren't even in Oz yet but I read people's experiences. the rich tapestry of human experience is invaluable. Hope you make the right choice for you and all involved. :pirateface_yes_sm_c
  21. fluxsta

    a leaving checlist required

    Hi, Look at this thread that I started and also got some extremely helpful hints and tips. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/welcome/114537-do-list-upon-arrival.html
  22. fluxsta

    Visa Granted

  23. fluxsta

    457 processing times

    Agents sap finances, nothing wrong with them but the process is simple enough for anyone to complete themselves
  24. fluxsta

    457 Visa Help Needed!!!

    It is all good Helen, you seem to be on the ball like we were. Be glad when you get it sorted....see ya on the F'Book ;-) It will all fall into place, we were informed that patience be would needed and it continues to be something that we need and so desperately lack, but do the right things....the right things happen
  25. fluxsta

    457 Visa

    Phone the company and find out if the insurance is good enough to fulfill the 457 visa requirement. If you Google the health insurance companies they usually say, like IMAN 'this insurance fulfils DIAC's 457 requirement'. best off speaking with your company? or e-mail DIAC.....get it from the horses mouth not Chinese whispers..... :jimlad: