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    Back in the UK - Hate it

    What children learn at school is only backed up by how good parents are at home and the reinforcement that comes when rearing the little mites! This over generalisation and snobbish comparison over schools between the two countries serves no purpose. School for me in the UK taught me facts and figures that have been of no use in my adult life. I have intelligence and now have a Post Graduate education level, but because I chose to do it on MY terms then life worked for me. I did spend from 16-25 years old wondering why I had 'failed' as I hadn't followed the unstated, subconscious definitive path laid out for me by the schooling system. Schools are only helpful for my children's development if the teachers can use the subject matter to strengthen and home in on their individual talents. To make sweeping comments like 'the UK has better education' are pointless and judgemental. Finances, mortgages, career expectations, emotional development, job hunting, interest rates etc etc.......all essentials that my schooling failed to provide any information on, so when I left at 16 I was left scratching my head about what life was all about and how to function in society? Let me tell you how the Blair administration failed me..... Remember his first speech? 'EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION' he proudly exclaimed. Well, as a mature student in that era they broke numerous promises on the university front, as well as continuing with the Tory philosophy of Grant Maintained schooling and leaving budgets up to local councils. This has divided UK schools and made the gap wider between rich and poor, not to mention the 'National Curriculum'.....red tape and nonsense. I don't care where my children are schooled or in what country, so long as the staff show an interest in my child and their development. So, I leave now and will go and recount all the useful facts I eagerly digested in relation to the chronology of 1066 and the enthralling Battle of Hastings, and work out how best to incorporate that into todays activities as it has always proved to help me no end in my day to day life......... :jimlad::army-mad:
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    Is 100K enough for a couple in Sydney?

    Working in the field of addictions I constantly see the casualties from alcoholism, so apologies if the price of wine and alchohol isn't high on my list of priorities when thinking about a budget for moving! Couple that with the fact that I don't drink myself, and i too spent time at A+E seeing the danger of over indulging
  3. Hi, Sorry to be so blunt, but the AHPRA letter is pretty clear as to the information that they require? Good luck
  4. fluxsta

    Skype 'contact/call/chat' history

    or this? https://extras.skype.com/2204/view I presume that you just reverse the procedure outlined in the first link I posted? If you can transfer 'in' you must be able to transfer 'out'
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    Skype 'contact/call/chat' history

    Google is your friend!!!!! Click this link I found: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=166801 Hope it helps
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    Only gone and bloody done it !!!!!

    Awesome! Congrats! We leave 10th August....at least you can have Xmas in UK and then roll straight into summer....nice:wink: Not sure if MCFC are gonna win anything though!! Sorry, couldn't resist........:jimlad:
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    Alcoholics/Social Drinkers Thread

    I work as an addictions nurse. It isn't about amounts, frequency etc or stereotypes you can think of. Only YOU will know, but if your questioning it then you obviously have concerns. As a guide follow these questions outlined on the AA site they are very useful as a tool, be honest with yourself and see if anything rings true: http://www.aa.org.au/new-to-aa/is-aa-for-you.php
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    Is 100K enough for a couple in Sydney?

    http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/6302.0/ Outlines the average wage that Australians survive on. So $110,000 seems like more than enough to me!! Sorry to sound harsh, but sounds like it isn't for you and you are comparing to UK, and it just isn't. Frankly I think you are looking in the wrong places? $400 for saucepan? $110,000!!! We are family of 5 and around $65,000 will do us just fine......Sorry it is not working out for you, but teeth need to be seen to. :chatterbox:
  9. fluxsta

    Is 100K enough for a couple in Sydney?

    Without sabotaging this thread I am constantly amazed about the high expectations that people have!! First poster who was on $100,000 and STILL whining about how expensive things are. Jeeez, sort it out. Drop your expectations, do some research, try Aldi you may just find a bargain?! So what if bananas aren't cheap, try a different fruit!! Gosh, whingeing poms unite..... and I quote: 'if we had known it was this expensive, we never would of come'.....well it wasn't for you then. Live and let live, and also as far as bars go....you can shove UK pubs...(well fill in the gaps). All UK pubs serve to do is fuel more TV programmes about the shambolic nature of UK drinking culture........all town centres are full of vomit, girls falling about and young lads 'trying' to look 'ard. RANT OVER :mad:
  10. fluxsta

    Rip amy winehouse

    I work in addiction and it is this that killed her. Unfortunately the demons are sometimes bigger, although cause of death is, as of yet still to be confirmed. She joins the '27 club' along with other talents that tragically lost or took their lives at 27: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Brian Jones.... Hugs not drugs........RIP to the talented
  11. They just mean that if you are registred as a nurse in the UK then they can help. What I did was send all documents to AHPRA,contact NMC and ask them to send confirmation of my registration, you give them the AHPRA office address in whichever Australian office you have sent documents, and voila! You have now given AHPRA proof that you are UK registered, simple as. Think NMC charge a fee, not much though. When I called them there was a specific department that they transferred me to and they sent out the form, only short and one sided. Pay fee, enter AHPRA address, takes a few days and they post direct. Hope that helps, don't be confused by it all! :biggrin:
  12. fluxsta

    Negatives about living in oz

    Hi, was wondering if there are any ants anywhere? LOL!! :biglaugh::notworthy:
  13. fluxsta

    Moving August 2011!!! Contacts welcome?

    10th August approaches!!
  14. fluxsta

    Moving August 2011!!! Contacts welcome?

    Hey guys, we opted for Scarborough Holiday Village so maybe they can accomodate you for the days that Brisbane Hol Village can't? Mind you, we are only doing three days there now good luck!
  15. fluxsta

    Holy cow batman!

    Thanks Hoff, very kind. We are going to Brisbane, in or around Bracken Ridge or surrounding, depending on finding property. Getting so exciting now!! Cheers Nigel
  16. fluxsta

    Holy cow batman!

    Above is a holy cow, but HOLY COW we are moving to Brisbane!!! Sorry forum, I have just had a lightbulb moment sitting at work on the night shift and it has finally hit me. We are only moving to Brisbane!! I spend much of my night doing work........that is a lie. I spend 'much' of my night looking at this forum. We are ready to roll people, awaiting removals, awaiting work to finish, awaiting goodbyes to family, awaiting 10 days camping at home with no furniture before flying, awaiting lots of things really. However, the main thing we await is the awesome adventure that is ahead and the challenge it presents. Armed with research in hand, 100 points of ID we venture into the great unknown with 3 children, 4 suitcases and a whole heap of money....again, I am lying, not much money but a lot of excitement!!! This forum continues to be fantastic, informative, helpful and also a blooming good laugh. It feels like it has been a long journey to get to where we are today. All the information gathering, all the processing time, all the documents, the IELTS exam, the nursing board, the reccie, the removal quotes, and finally the goodbyes to family........all good things come to those who wait, scrap that.....those who bloody work for them!!! Mixed emotions, excitement, anxiety, fear, anticipation....all good, all natural and above all to be expected. To those on this journey, thank you for reading my drivel and to those planning, get on with the research and make it happen! Cheers forum, see some of ya'all real soon........peace, out :jiggy::notworthy::biglaugh::chatterbox:
  17. Nikki, I saw your post on the other forum, agree...... ;-) Sure we will keep using both though! The 21st sounds great.....nice one
  18. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Google is your friend, look at this link: http://www.health.qld.gov.au/hrpolicies/wage_rates/nursing.asp Hope this helps
  19. fluxsta

    Hello! We have a dilemma :-)

    One way a family member told us to look at it was: 'if the option was taken away from you tomorrow to move to chosen location, then what would your reaction be'? Just a thought
  20. fluxsta

    The Death Of The 'Book'.

    My wife loves her Kindle, but still all the books will be shipped to Oz. Even at the tender age of 35 I STILL only buy vinyl records, and will (at a push) buy a CD if it is something that I really want. Can't beat a good weathered old book. Vinyl is much the same for me, and the sound simply cannot be reproduced digitally. What can be beaten however are those people who say 'oh yes, vinyls'.............there is NO PLURAL PEOPLE!!! It is VINYL. Sorry, a pet hate.....Have yet to prise the Kindle from my adoring wife :jimlad:
  21. fluxsta

    You Have Been Warned

    Will the REAL Peter Stringfellow please stand up?
  22. fluxsta


    Getting heavy on this thread now....ha ha. My wife is awesome and I am sure she would say that we are a team. I still say that she is 'the boss'. However, I always have the last word, it is 'yes dear' 'Why do men whistle when they're sitting on the toilet? Because it helps them remember which end they need to wipe' AHEM! I am the words of wisdom in our house...........
  23. There is still employment law, they cannot just get rid of you without good reason. I suppose if there was issues of performance or negligence then that is different, but under employment law we still have the same rights as Australians in the workplace and they can't just decide one day to tell you to go.
  24. Hi, see Kev's quote above. It is risky due to the finances. We are risking the 457 but I made sure I knew of salary before I signed on the dotted line. I appear to have been lucky as they are paying me better than base nurse wage, which was a touch. PR gives stability, but we were not eligible under the points system. We will have the 5 extra points once I have 1 year's experience in Oz. Just make sure that you feel able to survive on whatever salary you are on if you go 457 route. We are hoping that after 12 months I will have the relevant 3 years experience to be able to apply for PR once there. Good luck