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    quick off the mark Kev!! nice one, just been past yours actually, picked up TV. Didn't stop in as your place was shrouded on darkness! Saw couple of other seats on gumtree, will send message to this lady now though ;-)
  2. Hi guys, long shot but anyone got any car seats for sale that they no longer use? North of Brisbane but will travel to collect. Cheers PM me or reply to thread :biggrin::wideeyed:
  3. fluxsta

    Shipping Quote

    (bump) Doree Bonner
  4. fluxsta

    Shipping Quote

    shop around, freight rates change all the time and are out of the control of all shipping companies. We found that we were open and honest with them and made them compete for our business....... good luck. our company were seamless in their packing, still waiting for stuff mind you, only got here last week!
  5. Hello mate, siamsusie and itcouldbeworse have been sooooo helpful. What an awesome family Kev has. We are well interested in fridge, sofas and outside table! Only problem is collecting it from you? let us know what you think? look forward to your reply my friend :biggrin::biggrin: you would be a lifesaver!
  6. fluxsta

    If your son told you he was gay.

    There is no need for your abrupt and frankly rude responses. Indeed many of your responses on various threads appear to over intellectualise things and clearly you infer that I am a simpleton. I would take a guess and say that you are a internet troll, not intent on helping or asking for help, merely prompting debates and sharing your opinions in a forceful way. 'Keep it simple' means that I take a more relaxed approach to life and am not a 'simpleton', which is what I believe you are inferring. Intellectual debate and over protection of ones arguments raises questions about your real motives for responding in such a brash way. :mad:
  7. fluxsta

    If your son told you he was gay.

    Ermmmmm.....ok. Not sure how my liberal four words enabled such a detailed description to emerge or indeed where any inferences come from? Merely stating that each to their own and that we should all let others live their lives how they wish to, free of judgement from others, including family....who cares which side of the fence people are on, let alone posting about someone else's business....Live and let live, keep it simple
  8. Hi PIO gang, We are in Brisbane, north of city. New arrivals, we need just household stuff really! Anyone having a clearout or has fridge freezer or coffee table etc etc or ANYTHING really we will gladly take it off your hands! We are in Warner area but travel isn't a problem, will collect and ready to barter for stuff! Hope to hear from some people....... Many thanks :biggrin::eek:
  9. fluxsta

    If your son told you he was gay.

    Well playing devils advocate here, our modern world moves so fast that for reasons of political correctness it is potentially 'assumed' that we have to accept more things these days. Many people are schooled in old ways of thinking and it is hard to change. Never thought my dad was homophobic until he found out my friend I stayed in Madison, Wisconsin for 3 weeks with was gay, and he hit the roof!!! I had to explain that it didn't mean that his son was gay..........
  10. fluxsta

    If your son told you he was gay.

    Maybe dad needs a bit of time to let off some steam eh? ;-) Maybe he wanted a daughter in law or was looking forward to grandchildren?
  11. fluxsta

    Why did you go to Oz?

    Just arrived last Friday and are experiencing why we decided to move. Head fried at moment to list all the reasons why we feel that it is the best thing we have ever done.....just awesome and settling in well. Cannot explain why we wanted to move....a deep spiritual void within us that needed change. Not that there is anything wrong with country of birth. We just didn't want what we currently had and opted for change
  12. fluxsta

    If your son told you he was gay.

    Live and let live.....
  13. fluxsta

    Short term rentals for a family??

    Hiya!! It is amazing! We are now in property number 2 and looking at 2 places tomorrow for longer term rent. Excited for you guys!! PM me and we can stay in touch that way? 5 weeks will fly by............... ;:biggrin:
  14. Ok, ridiculous idea. I worked closely with the homeless and this 'eviction' is a knee jerk reaction. How can these people rent from the private sector?? They have lived a life of crime and many won't have worked or have a CV to show in what is a very cut throat market at the moment. Throwing them out of subsidised council places won't help! Even if they secure a private sector rental, they will pay for it with Housing Benefit, which they will be entitled to! And probably at a higher rate based on private sector housing as opposed to the lower Housing benefit they were getting BEFORE they were evicted!! The strain on the public purse will be huge. I agree penalties must be paid for looting and criminal activity, but to satisfy the politically correct brigade why don't we hang them all from trees AFTER we have evicted them, rather than looking into the root causes of this type of immoral behaviour..... rant over, jeez Louise
  15. fluxsta

    Londons burning

    Why they keep talking about the Olympics I don't know? Forget Britains 'image'.....deal with all of this! Well, at least David Cameron is coming home from his holiday in Tuscany. That will make me sleep more soundly in my bed tonight! This stuff has been brewing for a while. Watching BBC footage and i have never mindless looting like this, insane! Sick of people blaming the parents, many of them don't care where their children are or don't know where they are.....or are involved themselves!! Utter madness, my wife is watching an area of Croydon she has known from childhood go up in flames! Ashamed I am. Last day in UK tomorrow and we fly Brisbane Wednesday 18:30.......glad to leave now. Cameron's term so far has not been a productive one
  16. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    see you posted on this thread as well: Google is your friend!! http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Internationally-Qualified-Nurses-and-Midwives.aspx good luck :biggrin:
  17. Google is your friend!!! http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Internationally-Qualified-Nurses-and-Midwives.aspx :biggrin:
  18. yes, yes and yes. Call AHPRA about IELTS as they change goalposts, but might as well cover all avenues and do it anyway. I needed it for AHPRA, and sent info from my seondary school, gcse's etc. get it info from horses mouth!! This forum is awesome but anything official go through the right channels.....
  19. fluxsta

    missing asda and tesco

    Woah there cowboy....slow down!! Who took the jam out of your doughnut? I made a light hearted stab at Tesco and a comment about snobbery in the UK! Not sure what your driving at with the use of words such as 'protective' and 'insecure'? ......Quite why this thread has so many people riled I don't know.....chill :jiggy: p.s. Dylan, if you read I was totally in agreement with you!!........ before you withdrew your sword?
  20. fluxsta

    missing asda and tesco

    Pounds shops are a godsend in the UK. However, not for food. Kitchen roll and cleaning products and cheap batteries...and £1 packets of Cadbury biscuits that cost three times as much elsewhere! if you want to give three times more money to Tesco for the same item then go ahead. For me it is basic economics: opportunity vs cost......no brainer What I am looking forward to in Oz, the distinct lack of an overt class system. EG. where you do most of your shopping, M+S vs Waitrose vs Tesco. i never understand why people in UK hold supermarkets so dear and are so protective of them. And there is totally marketing ploys, but you have to be savvy to it and keep your eyes open. EG. Tesco were pulled up recently for selling sausages at £1 a pack and then on same shelf had them on offer 2 for £3....hahahahah
  21. fluxsta

    missing asda and tesco

    No offence but you clearly do not read others posts, as there are many men who are the full time house 'person' or homemaker. I stated that comments about men are sexist and for some reason more accepted. If I started a thread saying that 'women were rubbish at DIY' there would be uproar! And I take offence to suggestions that men are in some way ignorant to the 'plight' of the modern mum. It is a cheap dig. I have never experienced bullying on here, and the same as sexist comments------they are against forum rules.... :arghh:
  22. fluxsta

    Short term rentals

    which first? we used Roos Rentals in Adelaide, Judi is lovely and the property was great... good luck
  23. fluxsta

    missing asda and tesco

    I am male and do most of the cooking, and it is also a stereotype to say that only the women do the shopping and unfair to suggest that. An assumption also to think that they were all men posting?? Another busy parent DOES understand (18 month old twins and a 4 year old--all girls). I have no choice but to pull my weight in all areas. Whilst this thread turned out well and it seems that you have had good advice I don't feel anyone was sniping or being horrible. The nature of forums is free expression, people's opinions and not taking things personally. Like myself, I took your post to be another 'oh I don't like it here, its not like the UK' type post. It clearly wasn't like this, but I am not sure you got your feelings across and that is why people were quick to be a little sarcastic. It reminds me of a similar post on here along the lines of 'I miss UK TV'!! Well, this poster was promptly told that it was Australia and NOT the UK......so I believe that your post was misread in this way. Moving to a new culture is about embracing everything, but it is only natural to compare. Anyway back to culinary matter......with our brood we cook up large portions of spag bol etc and freeze in tupperware for later. Also, writing a very stringent meal planner every week and sticking to it helps us. My kids do eat processed stuff, but in small amounts and diets change with little uns' week by week. happy cooking
  24. fluxsta

    Ok , i'm up for a slagging

    Also, do not make assumptions that 'i do not feel the same love'.....that is speaking for another person
  25. fluxsta

    Ok , i'm up for a slagging

    Sorry if you took offence, probably wrong choice of words to say 'gag'. I agree with your post, and I believe that other European nations have family at the heart of things which is certainly something that may well be missing from UK family life. I am a nurse and have looked after the old patients whose family have dumped them there. Sometimes families struggle with ongoing care such as those who have Alzheimers and a decision to 'place' them, not 'dump' them may have to be made. Sure as hell the UK government doens't invest in our old people and it is disgusting I agree. As far as family being too close, if you revert to my original point I made at the bottom of the post i have seen families place soooo much importance on their nearest and dearest that it has made them ill and ended up in a psych ward with anxiety, so also place unrealistic expectations on them because they are 'family'........I wasn't speaking for another person, merely giving my opinion which is also my right. P.S. I haven't seen the UK heatlthcare system learn anything from Italy and Spain....i see them slashing budgets!