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    Moving August 2011!!! Contacts welcome?

    Thanks Melanie! Just looking it up now
  2. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Phone them is the best thing, once I got a job they started to speed it up after I had faxed the Ozzie contract. Running at 5 months processing time I am advised.... patience is a virtue with these things. AHPRA is processing over 100,000 registrations this year! thanks
  3. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    whoah whoah,....wheres our signature gone??
  4. fluxsta

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi forum, big thread this!! ha ha....just answering the original threads question. Moving soon, details below about us. Adelaide planned....No work! Brisbane or Geraldton, WA.....interviews two days time (gulps).............awaiting AHPRA communication (grrrr) and job offer and then here we come. Good luck all nurses
  5. fluxsta

    Started the process

    Hiya we have twins (11 months old) and a 4 year old. Recce to Adelaide next Feb2011. We read and understand that Adelaide is very family orientated and property appears to be quite cheap, if your interested on feedback PM me and I can fill you in on our return end of Feb.......excited we are P.S. Triplets!!! We thought we had it tough ;-) :wink:
  6. Hi, I have received much help on these forums. 1. Sit IELTS--result goes to AHPRA 2. Send off AHPRA documents 3. Contact NMC shortly after to get Statement of Service from them (they will know) 4. sort out job offer, get visa 5. Go!!! Cheers
  7. Dear all, I am an RMN just starting out on the process of IELTS and registration, recce out to Oz Feb 2011. There is so much confusion around this IELTS. Just wanted to put my point across. 1. NO QUESTIONS ASKED- UK nurses (unless Ozzy students) HAVE to do IELTS! repeat have to! 2. This is no biggy, I am sure if the same was asked of UK immigrants then all UK citizens would be in agreement?? 3. Remember people, we of the UK are going to be migrants ourselves. No one said ti would be easy, no one said we are owed anything special or a free ride. 4. Sometimes there are hoops, albeit pointless, nonsensical ones to jump through......but look at the state of the UK and the life that can be had in another country and what we can bring in the workplace. 5.JUMP THROUGH THE DARN HOOPS!!! Rant over.....sorry but it is clear that the whole process can be frustrating, but look at the end goal................ Good luck to all :notworthy: :biggrin: