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    Electricians In Australia

    Hi, just need sum advice. Peeped off isn't the word. Came over in June, applied to Energysafety board, told need skills assessed by TRA again, but couldn't apply as Electrician Special Class but now as Electrical Mechanic. Sent off all the stuff beginning of August. Heard back today after sending e-mail to them on Tues to chase up applic, that I'm unsuccessful, as cant show any projects, start and end dates, nothing mentioned about tools used and nothing certified. What a load of C**P. I've worked in industry for 20 years as Electrician/Maintenance, installing big machines for huge companys, sent pictures, work sheet, statements from employers backing up info, papers of tools used and computer programs, sent copy of employment contracts and P45 as well as payslips and had the whole lot certified by Australian Post Manager which they stated you could on their website! Luckily working a moment, but boss keeps asking when my licence is coming through. Any ideas to what to do, as feel like driving over their and pulling them over the desks!!
  2. sunnysun

    Perth reccie

    Try Mindarie Car Hire, found them very reasonable and great cars.
  3. At hillarys. Just moved here 2 months ago. How will i know you?
  4. Any room for another coffee drinker to join you on wed 22nd?
  5. sunnysun

    Is Sydney any cheaper than Perth ?

    Hi, we're a family of 5, who arrived in perth 2 months ago. Yes in the beginning I was very shocked at the price of food compared to the UK. First few shops over $300 per week as buying toiletries, cleaning and stocking up cupboards of essentials. Now about $150 to $200 per week, discovered the markets for all fresh fuit n veg, saves a fortune. We're paying $650/wk rent for a decent house in decent area. Stick it out it will get better.
  6. We were in the same position as you when we came over in June. No job but money in the bank. We secured a 9 month rental by showing bank statement with money in, copy of mortgage statement showing that each month we paid on time, no arrears. Copy of visa's. Be prepared to be quick at looking at houses, as rentals go really fast and 20 families turn up at one viewing. Another place to look for a rental is gumtree, we got ours from there and a lot of private landlords use this as then the real estate agents don't take a cut. We only paid 2 weeks rent up front and 4 weeks bond. This seems the norm. Contact me if you need anything else.
  7. sunnysun

    Handy household starter kit for newbies in Perth

    Hi Andrea, We're interested in the Pool, if you still have it. What part of Perth you living in? Alex x
  8. sunnysun

    dental treatment abroad (kids and adults)

    Why not save the monthly payments to Bupa, as its expensive, stick in a savings account then you could pay when braces are needed. Many be an option.
  9. sunnysun

    school uniforms??

    Enrolled kids in primary school in WA last week. They started on Monday. Was able to buy second hand uniform for $2 per item to get them started from school, ordered uniform from school which arrived in 4 days. Not worth bring stuff from uk, as need logo's on shirts, kids wear shorts all year. Schools want you to order from them, no other options. Trainers for school, but any do, no latest trends pressure.
  10. sunnysun

    when to apply for family assistance

    Thanks for your help.
  11. sunnysun

    when to apply for family assistance

    Thanks, going to get it sorted asap. xx
  12. sunnysun

    misleading exchange rates

    Mention Poms in Oz and the transfers are free even next day. Any saving helps. xx
  13. sunnysun

    misleading exchange rates

    I no rate is rubbish a moment. We are using Moneycorp but didn't want to mention it, just can't get head round why two rates.
  14. Hi, just arrived in Oz. Been told by friends that we can apply for Family Assistance as have 3 kids, but they say I can't apply until after July 1 and I must complete a tax return form, even though only been in Oz 2 weeks. Is this true? Thanks
  15. sunnysun

    misleading exchange rates

    Anyone else having this problem? Moving money from uk to Oz using a leading money transferring company, yet when I go on their website home page they display an exchange rate of 1.5479, yet when i try to book this deal I'm only offered 1.5205. Not paying for money to be transferred, could this be the problem? Many thanks