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  1. Hi I recently arrived in the Gold Coast on a 457 visa. Since arriving I have had a worrying situation arise regarding my old business which I was responsible for. The problem is I do not know where to start. Do I contact a lawyer here in the Gold Coast to deal with or someone back in the UK? Any advive would be much appreciated Jasper
  2. Jasper Buchanan

    Business Networking

    Having just arrived in The Gold Coast, was wondering if there was any ex pats attending any Networking events? If so what ones would you reccomend? Jason
  3. Jasper Buchanan

    Job in Southport - where to stay?

    Our family are moving to Oz on a 457 visa through a company based in Southport. I will be arriving first and will be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment for 2-3 months. My family will then join me and we will be looking to rent a nice furnished 4-5 bedroom house. Any suggestions of areas in and around Southport? Any websites to look at not including real estate. Many Thanks
  4. Jasper Buchanan

    Job in Southport - where to stay?

    Brilliant cheers
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    Job in Southport - where to stay?

    Many Thanks for that. We stayed in Runaway bay whilst on holiday and liked that area. Also heard good things about Pacific Pines. Cheers
  6. Jasper Buchanan

    Can we go whilst awaiting 457 visa?

    That will be that then! Thanks for your help though.
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    Can we go whilst awaiting 457 visa?

    We are hoping to move on a 457 visa if we can secure a sponsorship for my wife(pediatric nurse). Through an agent we have started the visa process whilst we await a confirmed job/sponsor offer. We would be keen to get to Oz ASAP so are looking at going on a longterm holiday until we get sponsorship and visa through. I know we would have to leave the country to submit the visa. Is this idea possible?? Many Thanks
  8. Jasper Buchanan

    Can we go whilst awaiting 457 visa?

    Yes I know what you are saying is correct but we are sooooo impatient lol
  9. Hi we visited North Lakes in August and never heard of any bad areas so I'll be interested to hear if there is any negative replies. Funnily enough we are hoping to move to Redcliffe when we arrive in July/August. Good luck
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    Holiday home in surfers or nearby?

    Before we look at emigrating we are looking to visit oz for 3 weeks next year. We would like to rent a holiday home on or around surfers paradise. Can anyone help with names of specialist companys who deal with this? Alsomy friend suggested maybe just outside surfers may be best- any ideas where? We are a family of 5 ( 3/14/17). Many thanks
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    Where can I find a Sponsor ?

    We are looking to emigrate to Oz,hopefully Brisbane area although we are flexible. Originally we our plans were to go through skilled visa as my wife was a nurse however because her registration lapsed it is now going to take us too long on this one. Over to me - I currently have my own business and have been in sales for 12 years. Does anyone know where I could investigate a sponsor for me??? We are desperate to move but it's not looking good at this moment. Your help would be greatly appreciated.:smile:
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    Son with Learning Disabilities

    Our dream is in tatters after a conversation with an agent on Friday! We have a son(18) who has had medical difficulties such as very mild cerabal palsy, incontinence and again very mild epilepsy. Medically he is now in good health. He is on a trial free of epilepsy medication as the docs think he may now be free of this. His bowels have improved greatly with natural remedies. As far as cerabal palsy goes Jordan can walk,talk, run just like any other teenager apart from having slight balance issues. We don't beleve he w I'll need any medication going forward if his epilepsy has disappeared. However Jordan also has learning disabilities which prevent him from making day to day decisions.Currently as parents we have guardianship to make any life decisions on behalf of our son. Jordan is now at mainstream college learning life & independent skills such as cooking, communication & finance. How much he learns and takes in at this stage we just need to wait and see. On the above information an agent we spoke to has said that we would be wasting our time in applying for a visa destroying our dream! Can anyone offer advice - please???????
  13. Jasper Buchanan

    Transfer my business/ Sponsorship?

    Having just returned from holiday I we are now looking to start the process of moving to Oz. We have an option of a skilled visa through my wife but this could take us up to 2 years as she is returning to nursing next Febuary and has to be doing this for at least a year! I currently run my own business(1 year) and was wondering if this opens up opportunities in terms of transferring it to Oz? If not I may look at contacting prospective employers re sponsorship - does this really work?
  14. Jasper Buchanan

    Holiday home in surfers or nearby?

    Many thanks guys