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    We were approved on 18th June but so far have heard nothing for a ceremony (Randwick NSW). Have been told the wait is 3-6 months but a phone call to DIBP today indicated that were were not on the November listing and unlikely that we'll be on the December one either. So that will blow their 6 months. But then they're not bound by that. Even though they'll then say you have to do it within 12 months - but they are restricting you to a smaller window. We wanted to take a trip home in December and the wife wants to take extended time there for a few months as she's on maternity so it's a bit frustrating. Quite why these government departments don't have service levels I'm not sure.
  2. steen1976

    How good is Oz TV

    Not at all. Far from it. It really is dire here. Oh for the Beeb!!!
  3. steen1976

    Eastern suburbs and surrounds?

    Randwick and Coogee are fantastic. Maroubra is good choice though too. But you will have to thoroughly check out the street if you find somewhere as there are some crap areas. The beach is amazing though doesn't have the cafes etc that Coogee and Bondi have. Maroubra juntion is good for shopping too - though there are a few wackos hanging around.
  4. steen1976

    Moving to Sydney, Rental help please!

    I just google 'serviced apartments sydney' and various options came up. But the cheapest I could find in the city that didn't look like a ****hole worked out to be $750 a week. It was called Napoleon on Kent and while it was basic it was very clean and did the job it was for. You would be very lucky find anything decent for less that $600. I booked for a month but ended up there for six weeks as it wasn't easy finding somewhere long term either and that time of the year could be difficult too - well for the short term lets anyway.
  5. steen1976

    Job Expo?

  6. steen1976

    Is contraception free in Australia?

    Such a shame that post has been deleted as it's possibly the thickest I've ever read on a forum.
  7. steen1976

    look for a job in Sydney

    Bloody expensive. Unless you are willing to live in a share apartment?
  8. steen1976

    100 reasons why not to move to Australia

    If I trip over my doormat I land on Coogee beach so shouldn't have the problem. But yeah imagine how much you would pay if London had a beach?
  9. steen1976

    100 reasons why not to move to Australia

    Aye - the $8.80 keeps the scruffs away from our beaches :wink:
  10. steen1976

    100 reasons why not to move to Australia

    This is what I love about forums. Everyone has an opinion - and in this case even someone who doesn't live in Australia :biglaugh::biglaugh: Hey kids this is why every post should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  11. steen1976

    Buying a Car

    I've just bought a car here myself (in sydney). I was looking at Hondas and Subarus. They work out to be roughly twice the price of the same model in the UK based on current exchange rates. So yeah pretty expensive. Fully comp insurance was around the same price - though I previously had a 2 year old Honda in the UK and an 8 year old one here. In NSW you also have to pay stamp duty on your purchase. No idea about Vic. I reckon for that budget the best value would probably be a Ford or Holden.
  12. steen1976

    getting pregnant on 457

    While it's right to draw attention to the implications of losing a job on a 457 here I think some posters are going a little OTT. Weigh it up like you do with every decision in life and do what's right for you. We're waiting before going for a permanent visa as the LAFHA is too good. Might be a mistake but we've calculated the risk and don't think it's a big one. Same as we will if kids are on the horizon.
  13. steen1976

    Down Under Live

    Went to a similar thing a few years ago in Leeds. It was about as useful as a dose of syphilis. Each to their own but I would recommend anyone who may be spending money on this (ticket, travel etc) to seriously think about it. The info you get can very easily be found for free on the Internet, on here or from a free initial consulation with a migration agent.
  14. steen1976

    My wife is pulling her hair out!!

    Is she red and white or does she support the dark forces of Tyneside? Help only forthcoming once answered correctly.... :wink: Nah mate happy to help if we can in any way. From the NE myself but my wife is Irish.
  15. steen1976

    Cost of living - rent especially

    Must say that would be a very low wage to live on in Sydney. I think you will be coming out with roughly $800 a week. If you take a look on domain.com.au you will be able to see what you can afford. I think you would look to spend no more than a third of your wage on accommodation? Perhaps a share would be better than a one bed place? Cars are unfortunately just a stupidly expensive here too. Second hand anyway. I'm buying one on thursday and it's more than three times more expensive as the same in the UK. And it's one of the cheapest of that model for sale around here.