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  1. carlito235

    Goalkeeper required....

    A bit sad bumping my own thread :-) Still looking for a goalkeeper, if anyone's interested... Thanks guys!
  2. carlito235

    Goalkeeper required....

    I've PM'd you mate!
  3. carlito235

    Partner Visa 820 Onshore.. Good Sign?

    Hi mate, My police check for the 820 took just over two weeks. There are some wildly differing timeframes on this site for the 820 visa, but you could choose to interpret them getting in touch so soon as a good sign! It's always good to be positive! Do you think that your application was decision-ready? (apart from the police check obviously!) Good luck. Martin
  4. carlito235

    Goalkeeper required....

    I'll do that. Cheers :-)
  5. carlito235

    Commuting from Mornington to the CBD / Fitzroy?!

    Thanks for that Justin, I'll try to avoid the Macca's intersection then :-) Yeah, I take your point Starlight. We were originally just going to buy straight out, but we're now going to rent and consider it a trial run! Cheers guys!
  6. carlito235

    Goalkeeper required....

    Hey guys. I play in a 5-a-side team in South Yarra on Monday nights. We're not a bad team and finished halfway up the table (Div 2) in our first season, but we have a big problem - we need a goalkeeper. We're currently rotating, and it shows! We're all crap haha, and it's taken its toll over the course of the season. Be really interested to hear from anyone who wants to play in goal and can do a half-decent job :-) Like I say, it's in SY on Monday nights, game times between 6.30 and 9.30 (depending on scheduling). 5-a-side's obviously a bit of fun, but it's always nice to win too. It's $75 per team, per game so usually between 12-15 each, depending on how many we have on a particular week. PM me if you're interested. We're 2 guys from Manchester, 1 from London, a German and a couple of Aussies! Cheers Martin
  7. carlito235

    Commuting from Mornington to the CBD / Fitzroy?!

    Thanks everyone! I think we're going to do it!! Won't be for a couple of months or so, until our current lease expires. If the commute does become too much after a while, and we really want to stay down there, then I can always find another job. It's good to take chances and follow your heart in life, I think. Thanks again, Martin
  8. carlito235

    Commuting from Mornington to the CBD / Fitzroy?!

    Hey guys - thanks for your input. We've been renting in Hawthorn for a couple of years and really love it here, but couldn't hope to buy anything even remotely near here! I realise that the commute wouldn't be the best thing in the world, but think maybe I'd be prepared to give it a go for a while. I occasionally get the train and tram to work in Fitzroy (from Hawthorn) and that can take 50-55 minutes door to door. It's obviously much quicker when I drive, though! I'll have to give it some serious thought over the next couple of months. Justin, how do you find Mornington - are you happy to do the commute to wake up there on weekends? I was getting good vibes whilst I was there. I imagine it to be awesome in summer! Cheers, Martin
  9. Hi guys, I'm Martin, 30, from Manchester. Not currently looking to join a team, but just to let you know that my team play on Monday nights at South Yarra. We're in the 2nd division, but steadily climbing the table :-) Like I say, it's on Mondays, KO times between 6.30 and 9.00pm - floodlit, outdoor, not a bad standard. Do a Google search for Soccer Melbourne, it's run by them. Think there's two more weeks of the season, then I guess new teams can join! Peace, Martin
  10. Hey guys, I know that this has been covered on other threads, but they're quite old and I wanted to get an idea of how the situation stands at the moment. After visiting Mornington for the first time a few months ago, we fell in love with the place. We've done several reccies since, and decided that we definitely want to live there. We've just had twin boys, and think it'd be a lovely place to raise them, as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city. Does anyone currently do the commute? Do you drive or take the train from Frankston? Does the new Peninsula Link make a difference? I'd be more than willing to change jobs but probably wouldn't be able to do it for six months or so. Would the commute be bearable for that long? We've decided to get a short term rental initially, then buy if everything works out. Be interested to hear your views, guys! Thanks, Martin
  11. Hey guys. After reading various comments, I think it really does depend on who you get as a case officer, which is a bit crap really as it should be totally standardised (where they have everything they need, of course). I lodged at Melbourne on the 1st of May 2012, and within 2 weeks had been allocated a case officer who kept in touch throughout the whole process, advising me of what was happening. I got told that my case was decision ready and that as soon as I sent my AFP check in, it would be granted. When the AFP check arrived, I sent it in. Two days later, I had the visa, which was exactly 2 months to the day after putting the application in. Read some horror stories on here, and really hope people who are still waiting get some closure soon. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask - I'll help if I can. Cheers, Martin
  12. carlito235

    5-a-side anyone? (Melbourne)

    I'll check it out, thanks.
  13. Hey peeps. I'm Martin, 29, from Manchester. Just been back home for a visit, played some 5-a-side and realised how much I missed it. As such, I thought I'd see if there's any interest in getting a team together. I'd like to start playing regularly again. I live in Hawthorn and I know that there's a league starting in South Yarra in a couple of weeks (evenings, weeknights), but obviously be willing to compromise / travel further afield if there's enough interest. I know that there's a few 5-a-side places dotted about, so as long as it's not too far away, I'd be up for it. Let me know your thoughts. Peace!
  14. carlito235

    Bridging Visa / Travel

    Hey, appreciate your input. But, would the fact that I have lodged a visa application (which requires me to be onshore when granted), mean that they would let me back in and then give me a bridging visa A? They have taken my $3000 after all. Hope there's a way round this!! Thanks for your help.