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  1. <p><p>Hi there, can u please explain a little bit more about getting health waiver and visa approved for the autistic kid . Thanks</p></p>

  2. We have had no problem getting a rental with our 2 dogs. A big part is the fact that ours are 'fluffy breeds' I think if they were staffies, Alsatians or any other similar type it'd be a different matter sadly, very stereo typing I know... I also did a printout to give in with any application we did, which had information on our dogs, their names, age, picture, also detailing their good behaviour. I also offered references. We applied for 3 properties to increase our chances of finding a house, and were approved on all 3 - I hope this helps
  3. foy465

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Super stressful Melbkitty...but thankfully now over
  4. foy465

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Timeline... Nomination lodged 27/5/13 Nomination approved 14/6/13 Visa lodged 17/6/13 Son failed medical due to autism 4/9/13 Applied for a health waiver, as all criteria was met. Visa and health waiver approved 9/1/14
  5. foy465

    Emigrating with autism

    I have messaged you Vinnie Ang :wink:
  6. foy465

    Medical query (referred)

    Does anyone have any idea?
  7. foy465

    Medical query (referred)

    Advice needed please guys. Our sons medical was referred back in February, we knew it would be so we went with lots of reports, and well prepared. He is diagnosed with mild high functioning autism, we have had a full assessment carried out to show he has no intellectual impairment etc, and included school reports (he is in a mainstream school and doing great), and information from his speech therapist and paediatrician too. I gave copies of these reports to be included with his medical assessment. We also have had a report prepared to estimate his cost to the Australian government in his first 5 years (organised by our MA). I also took information on his medication, he was great on the day and even the medical officer on the day made notes on how cooperative he was. Anyway my query is, we received the paper copies of our medicals in the post, we haven't received our sons. I called Medibank and was told there was a backlog so I mentioned that we were not lodging our visa yet so not to worry. I called again yesterday (we have now lodged DR) and was told that his medical results were filed and that our case officer needs to email and request them, then his results would be quickly looked at again then released, and we won't receive a paper copy...is this normal practice? It seems a little odd to me that they were filed and if finalised then why do they need to be looked at again?
  8. Yes...It just seems like a massive amount of money to be missing :-$ There is also $11k missing on his previous end of year payslip (we were only here part of that year)
  9. Ok here we have a bit of a mystery and I was wondering if anyone financial could shed some light please? We do get LAFHA which i guess can confuse it a little? Gross earnings $132,000 Tax witheld $7800 YTD deductions $45,000 TAKE HOME PAY was $78,000 We do pay a private health ins of around $6000 pa... We do not understand where this $45k in deductions has gone?! His tax cert says Gross earnings $45,000 Tax paid $7800 Allowances of $1180 Can anyone advise us on this? We have messaged his payroll department but haven't heard back yet...
  10. foy465

    What to do with medicines!

    we came over 7 months ago, and both the wife and our son are on prescribed medication, you are only allowed to brings a 3 month supply and you also require a letter from your GP stating what the medication is for and who it belongs to. We gained this advice direct from the Austrailian Immigration and Customs
  11. foy465

    Commute from Bribie?

    what time would you be travelling inbound ? when we first arrived we lived on Bribie for approx 6 weeks, I work at Albion and the drive in used to take approx 75 minutes at 6.00 am, the drive outbound in the afternoon is just as bad.
  12. foy465

    LAFHA - 457 - PR? confusion

    Thanks Turners gang
  13. foy465

    LAFHA - 457 - PR? confusion

    We have to go for PR now, even though we have 3 yrs left on a 457...this is why we need to know when it actually stops. There must be a definite answer..:confused:
  14. foy465

    LAFHA - 457 - PR? confusion

    Thanks Cal, but yes what I want to know is exactly when? I already know that is does stop...
  15. foy465

    LAFHA - 457 - PR? confusion