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    Is there one year less at school in Australia - confused.

    Thanks so much for this, it clears things up for me. My son is going into year 9 mid year so hopefully should be ok. I think I was most worried that UK year 9 was Aussie year 8 and he would be in the wrong year, but he has now started and if anything is ahead of his new class mates. This has made him really happy and gives a bit of grace while he settles in. I seam to have confused everyone with my post as everyone thought we were moving an A level kid.
  2. I have been chasing this one around in my head for a while, and spoken to many schools, but still not sure of the answer. Can any of you clear it up? In the UK kids do a reception year then years 1-13. It would seem that in Aussie they do a year of prep the year 1-12. Both my kids will go into the same year as the one they left the UK in but only go onto year 12 Rather than year 13. Does this cause a problem, and does it mean that an Australian education would be ranked lower by UK universities. Miles think it great, but I'm not so sure.
  3. Ready to go

    Travel Insurance

    We are starting our move out to Australia at the end of March and treating ourselves to a holiday to start out new lives. However I am not sure what to do about insurance to cover us on the journey (stopping in Malaysia for 2 weeks) then traveling up the coast from Sydney (having picked up the dog from quarantine). I have travel insurance through my bank account, but don't know if this will cover my en-route or when we first arrive for medical bills etc. What does everyone else do? Thanks
  4. After spending 4years trying to get to Aus it looks like we are finally going to manage it. Business sold, house under offer, so should be out of UK end of Oct. We would like to spend about 2 month travelling from Cairns to a new life on the Sunshine Coast. We have 2 kids 11 and 13 and planning to buy a camper and do the trip in easy stages taking as much as pos en-route. Guess we will spend most of the time on the coast, but want to spend some time inland. Has anyone else done this route, do you have any good idea's about places to see. Would like to avoid costly sites so free places to camp would be good. Don't know if we are doing this at the best time of year, but it is the way the life is turning out so it's now or never. Any help would be great!!!!!
  5. Ready to go


    I spent a couple of weeks in Buderim last month on a reccie from the UK. I can honestly say that I have never been anywhere I would rather live. It's a great size with everything you need in town, but small enough not to be impersonal. Everyone I spoke to was super friendly. The beach is close enough to be easy to get to, but far enough away from the tourists in Summer. The area is just so beautiful I can't wait to move out and this time bring the family, just need to sell the house and we will be on our way. If you need to stay somewhere short term Hove To is a great B&B in Buderim, reasonable prices and the friendliest hosts you cold hope for -a mine of information.
  6. Ready to go

    What Trades To Do for Australia

    Yes we are hoping to make the move, if the bloody house ever sells. Not sure what we will do when we get there may make a complete change and we are heading to Queensland.
  7. Ready to go

    What Trades To Do for Australia

    My Hubbie is a gas engineer in the uk and it is a right pain transferring the qualification over to aus. Even if you do get qualified there is a requirement for some experience, and it really has to be a proper apprenticeship. Then when you move to aus you will only be partially recognised and will need to work alongside a licenced engineer for a year while doing gap training at night school (not cheap) before you can get your licence. So if I were you I would tran in aus if possible. You will be lucky to pass a gas engineer course in the uk in 2 years, unless you already have you nvq 2 in plumbing as that is a prerequisite. Hope this helps, and good luck. If you need any more info just let me know as I have been though it all.
  8. Ready to go

    Is year 9 in UK year 8 in Aus?

    I know this is a really common question, but I just want to check if I have got this right. We are moving to Queensland and I have been confused about the fact that year 12 is the last year in Australian schools where as in UK it's year 13. Reason I want to know is my Son is 13 at the end of April so need to know what year he would go into if we started him Jan 14. Also have a Daughter who is 11 at the end of May what year would she start in? I feel really daft not being able to work this so can someone help me move on.:nah:
  9. Hi everyone, I am coming out to the Sunshine Coast for an info gathering mission on 10 March, and will be based in Buderim so trying to get some info together before I go. Hubby, Son of 12, daughter of 10 and I are planning on moving out this year. We have visas just need to sell the house and we are on our way. So need to pin down where we want to be and look into houses, schools, jobs etc. The info I am looking for to start is: 1 What are the best options for towns in this area. Is Buderim as nice as it looks, Is Sippy Downs any good, or am I better on the coast? Is there a big difference in house prices, and is land available (we may self build). Do all the towns merge into one and is there public transport(so I don't need to be a full time taxi driver). 2 What school do I want my kids to go to. They are both at a private school in the UK, and although I am prepared to do that in Australia, if there are good state secondary schools in the area I would be happy to narrow down my house hunting to their catchment areas. 3 What are the best ways to meet new friends, we are outdoors types, in out 40's into walking and sailing etc? I will leave it there for now, don't want to push my luck by asking too many questions at once. However one other thing I must ask is if there is anyone in this area would like to meet up for a chat if you have some good inside info. Thanks for any info
  10. Ready to go

    Anyone else been in similar situation?

    Hi, we are in a very similar situation we are hoping to move to Sunshine Coast, I am heading out on my own to do a bit of research on 10 March. My Hubby is also a Gas Fitter, so some of the comments on here a a bit worring. We run our own business here so may end up doing something similar in Aus, or if no need for it may do something completely different. Would be good to know how you hp get on with your move, where are you heading for, I'm trying out Buderim for a start, but may end up changing depending on what I find when I get there.
  11. Ready to go

    Looking for accomodation for a reccie.

    Thanks for your reply calNgray, found a great looking B and B in Buderim - called Hove2, looks like just what I was looking for, and found it on Stayz, so good tip there. Plan on having a look around Caloundra, maroochydore as I don't think I can make a decision about where I will like just from the Internet. Not sure if they will be too touristy, but there wold be some advantages. Where do you live, do you have any thoughts about the various areas in this region.
  12. Ready to go

    Looking for accomodation for a reccie.

    Thanks ozellis, I don't think I will be in your area, but if I do I will let you know. Thanks for your reply its important for me to remember that if we don't like somewhere we can always move. What didn't you like about Townsville, I did think about there, but though it was maybe a bit remote. I have got booked in a really nice B and B took a bit of digging but now looking forward to getting over.
  13. I'm new to this part of poms in oz. My family have our visa and we are now deciding where we are going to base ourselves. Really like the look of Buderim and I am coming out to look at schools, houses, jobs etc on 11 March. I had being thinking of b&b type accomodation, so I will be able to get some inside info from people who live in the area and will not have to be on my own in an apartment. Does anyone have any suggestions, would like somewhere nice, but not too expensive. I would also love to meet up for a chat with people from the area. Hubby and I have two kids 10 and 12, so schools are important. Any info greatfully received.
  14. Just about to get our visa, so we really need to get our act together and choose a place to live. Have 2 kids 9 and 11 so good schools are a must. Don't fancy Gold Coast, and don't think Brisbane is for us. A real must is some great sailing on our doorstop, but also need somewhere with enough people to provide work for a PV, renewable and heating/plumbing business. So I guess I'm looking for idea's for good sized towns, with plenty of sailing destinations nearby. Oh it also must also be pretty, and not likely to flood. I know I'm fussy, but it's a big move and I want to get it right. :jimlad:
  15. Ready to go

    new VIC SMP - where are you now

    Thanksfor your best wishes, my OH is a plumber. I don't know how they can keep people waiting so long, it's just too unfair - anyway good luck you have to hear soon!!!!