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  1. DingDangDoo

    186 ENS or 457 visa?

    Hi Guys, My employer has said they will sponsor me on a 457 and will begin the process soon, would it come across as cheeky to ask them to sponsor me for the 186 PR instead of the 457. I have just been with them a month. I have my skills assessment and 3 years work experience so i think i meet the criteria for the 186. There seems to be more benefits to the 186 also. I do intend staying there to work and obviously id be paying the costs involved with the 186 also. So do you think i should bring it up? Any opinions appreciated. Thanks
  2. DingDangDoo

    Bridging visa, whv to PR.

    Cool, when was this nicola? Thanks
  3. DingDangDoo

    Bridging visa, whv to PR.

    So can this definately be done?
  4. DingDangDoo

    Bridging visa, whv to PR.

    Hi, Im just wondering is it possible to get a bridging visa,going from whv to PR. My whv expires in march and i reckon i will be against the clock. I intend to have my PR app in before march. Could i get a bridging visa for this transition? Thanks
  5. How come Software Engineer has gone to low so quick? Last year it took months...
  6. DingDangDoo

    Skillselect and chances for invite

    Yes i meet the requirements for SA, infact i got SS in June but it expired because i was waiting for IELTS.
  7. DingDangDoo

    Skillselect and chances for invite

    Walkwater, So what am i up against for 190 visa? I currently have 55 points and will have 5 for state sponsorship. What are the challenges for me?
  8. DingDangDoo

    Skillselect and chances for invite

    Is the 190 SS visa ranked by points also? Someone said it wasnt but i cant get a definite on this. So if i apply for SA SS with 60 points i should get the state sponsorship right?
  9. DingDangDoo

    Is 190 visa ranked in terms of points?

    As above, would anyone have any evidence of this?
  10. DingDangDoo

    My visa dilemma for state sponsorship...

    Hi Lebourvellec, Would you be 100% sure on this? Some people seem to think it is ranked according to points. Hope you are right :-)
  11. DingDangDoo

    Submitting EOI without IELTS results...

    Unless its changed this year, i got SS earlier this year and did not submit any ielts. I reckon its still the same though.
  12. DingDangDoo

    Submitting EOI without IELTS results...

    No i dont need the points for SS just for DIAC, ireland are exempt as far as i know.
  13. DingDangDoo

    Submitting EOI without IELTS results...

    Ya true, i just done up my EOI and have it saved and ready to submit for when i get my ielts. I needed an EOI number to apply to SA for state sponsorship but i have that now so can apply to SA this week with my docs.
  14. Hello, What are the disadvantages to submitting without ielts,i will have skills assessment. Thanks:biggrin:
  15. Hi Guys, As the above suggests, which one do i do first? Do i apply for SS or submit EOI first? If granted the 190 visa can i work for any company? Thanks