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  1. ausdreamer

    can we have some posts bigging up the UK please?

    Whats good about the UK is, it will always have my soul, it is my birth place and where your roots are. Life is what you make it and the uk has lots to offer. There is much doom and gloom going on world wide.... you know Riots, Famine, despots killing their subjects, Volcanoes erupting, Tidal Waves, Economy in turmoil. Is there actually anything good happening in the world at the moment, things like fluffy bunnies being born, people helping people etc. I love the Uk, happy memories. Life might be a struggle for some but don't think oz ain't a struggle either!
  2. <p><img src="http://www.compsppt.com/merry_christmas_animated.gif" alt="merry_christmas_animated.gif" /></p>

  3. ausdreamer

    Sun, Sea and Sorted....

    Thx susie, I will try and get on here more regularly. Getting sorted now. Hope you are keeping well? x
  4. ausdreamer

    Sun, Sea and Sorted....

    Arrived at Aunties house in Clontarf Beach and stayed for our first week, then moved accross the road to vacant Aunties house, where we are now staying for as long as we require. On day 2 of our arrival, we bought our 4 wheel drive and on day 11 we bought a house! Got a fantastic deal at a shotgun auction as bank owned the property. So Buderim here we come in 30 days to start our life on the sunshine coast :biggrin: Of course the only thing missing are the folks and friends back in the Uk. I miss them so much :sad: Everything seems to be very easy when sorting yourself out and where as cost of living is expensive, you save on other things like no TV licences, no MOT's on cars (unless you are selling it). You get help when buying a house and schooling. When you arrrive there is no immediate rush to get medicare as it normally takes 10 days for medicare to be advised that you have arrived in the country and if you need any medical help, you just pay, keep the receipts and claim it back. You can use your UK driving licences for up to 3 months, but do sort out your tax file numbers which you can do online. Our dongle for the computer works a treat until you get set up permanently on a network. So that's it folks..... Off to the beach now :wink:
  5. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    You are doing the very best for your girls and for the family. Hopefully, things will all come together for you all. Good luck with your plans or now and the future x
  6. ausdreamer

    I've ordered 6 bottles

    rubbing down me surf board or more likely, ironing on me ironing board....lol!
  7. ausdreamer

    The Oz adventure begins...

    Hello, we are heading for Queensland and will arrive on 2nd May....We have a few family connections around Redcliffe and Brisbance City but we love the climate. Good luck with your journey, it is a heck of a one!
  8. ausdreamer

    I've ordered 6 bottles

    hysterical..... I will just give you a pat on the back then if I ever meet you lol! Mind you, where have my hands been!
  9. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    Hey Louise, two boys ay, they must keep you busy? Mini me is 4 and a little girl, now having just one keeps me busy....:eek:....I did knock her out at 40 tho! Good luck with your visa, won't be long, how exciting. Well now you know me so add one to the start of your list....:wink: As we are counting down the days now, my mind is spinning.....It is a roller coaster ride which I probably won't want to get on again!!!! Is Redcliffe where you might stay long term?
  10. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    How would I cope without me ole mucca giving me a good ole piece of life experience. Bless ya :wink: The pio'ers on this post including yourself, have helped me considerably with some encouraging words and one is never alone. How are things with you Tony? Regs, h
  11. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    Mr Hoff...always good to hear your words of wisdom. Let the battle commence, I can't change my mine now...not after cleaning nearly 30 pairs of shoes and I cried everytime I snipped a pine cone from my crimbo decs :no: Hoping life is treating you well :wink:
  12. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    Argh Pablo, you have gotta live in Aus as you will fit in sooooooooooooo fine. Your arl fellah has been through so much, it is great that he is behind you and the rest of your fam.
  13. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    Hello u. Thx and I hope I am grabing those horns and will give it my best shot. I will certainly look you up when in Brisbane. How is life treating you and how long have you been in Brisbane now? Are you feeling settled? Take care x
  14. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    Great words of wisdom and advice I have to say. I really needed a boost and with all the replies to this post and including yours, it is working. Of course I can do this...I can, I can, I can..... I am going to look at it as a challenge and as my oh and I have been living in eachothers pockets for such a long time, it might be good for us. However, as long as it is not forever.....he cooks for me....:wink: By the way and if you don't mind me asking, will you join your oh in Aus or, are you staying put in UK?
  15. ausdreamer

    It will be tough, am I?

    Hi Penny, thx for kind words and sharing your experience also. It is a strange thing when a place gets a hold of you and the pull gets stronger and stronger. Even though the exchange rate has changed our plans and my oh has thrown his latest plans at me, I still seem determined!!! Life is short and now I have hit my 40's. It is getting even shorter...lol..... So hard to leave fam and friends, but life is for the taking and it is also not forever. I hope my oh finds a good job in Aus sooner rather than later. This was supposed to be a fresh start for us. It is the waiting game for you then, are you thinking about the move all the time? I can relate to the term 'roller coaster ride' which should hopefully, finish in Aus? Regs,