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  1. GavCar

    SOR v NOR Football Players Wanted......

    Hi Tony, My husband Gavin would be interested but we're not moving out til end of Oct so we'll see if you need people once we arrive. We'll be living in SOR - Mandurah - whereabouts are you? Cara :wubclub:
  2. Hi, We wont be in Oz til the end of the year but my husband will definitely like to know the answer to this as he loves Cheltenham! We will alo be living in South Perth - Mandurah. Cara
  3. GavCar

    moving to perth in 2012..is anyone else?

    Hi everyone, We got our 176 visa's last June, did a reccie Sept 2011 and Loved it! We are aiming to move to Mandurah Oct 2012, we are very lucky as we have friends to stay with when we arrive. We cant wait to go but need to save up for flights, shipping, shipping our dog, money for when we arrive, deposit on rental, buying a car...... We have wanted to do this for years but actually started the process about 18months ago. Just cant wait to start our new lives! :-) Would definitely love to make friends and would be great if there were some meet ups arranged. Love the idea they're planning on building a Disney Land 20mind from Mandurah! How exciting! Cara x
  4. GavCar

    Dog flying

    Hi guys, We are also taking our dog Tia, she's a lab x dalmation. We also treat her like our baby lol so have the same worries about how she'll cope with the flying & quarantine. I have found out the quarantine is about 1/2 an hour from where we'll be living and there are about 3/4 visting slots per week so will visit her as much as poss - but we'll play it by ear as it may upset her more? I have heard that dogs dont have any concept of time, dont know if thats true. The most important thing is she sees us the other side so she knows we are there. But the way we see it, it is a much better option than leaving her here without us which would be unbearable and she really does know us as her mum and dad. And she will have a much better life out there. Here we live in a ground floor flat, albeit very large but we dont have a garden just a patio. We will be outside a lot more so therefore she will be outside a lot more with us. We noticed on our reccie trip that people take their dogs a lot more places than they seem to in the UK even if it is on a lead for a lot of the time at least they have the opportunity to be with you more. We often saw utes driving past with dogs standing in the back seemingly loving the ride and also in peoples cars going places. We're definitely doing the right thing but wont stop me crying my eyes out when we send her off lol Cara x
  5. GavCar

    Adelaide City

    Glad you liked them:biggrin: I did filter them, didn't subject PIO people to 450 odd lol Loved Victor harbour & seeing the dolphin and seal close by the Jetty! Wow!
  6. Hi, Im really sorry but I cant help as although I did our visa's my husband was a plasterer so I have no experience in your field. Also we did our visa's a year ago and the rules have changed so Im not sure exactly how it works now tbh. I wold recommend you get some advice from the migration agent Go Matilda, they help us with part of the via process and they know their stuff. They are reasonably priced too. I hope you work it al out OK, this is a great forum, you should re-post a new thread ans see if someone can help. Good Luck Cara
  7. GavCar

    Visa Granted! Woo Hoo!

    Thanks for all the lovely posts :smile: Great feeling but also still can't quite comprehend it either! lol xx
  8. <p>Nah honestly mrs,i'd never felt such a weight being lifted off me shoulders,the relief was massive!!</p>

  9. I posted without reading the rest of the posts which I now have lol I do think that nurses, doctors, firemen etc also do an amazing job & we wouldn't be anywhere without them but service men do (albeit sometimes) put their lives in iminent danger and are often away from their families for along time. Now general good wages/priviledges should be available to all service people who keep our country going BUT I just meant that is them getting free tickets that big a deal?? I mean I have seen so many times people compaining that someone has more than them & then what happens - they dont get it as well - no-one gets it! It gets taken away totally! I just think we should be fighting for good things for people not moaning that someone has got more than us. Cara
  10. I think they do an AMAZING job and more to the point I think it really emphasises how low and pathetic people can get! Have people got nothing better to do than be bitter about soomething so trivial! Why don't they just concentrate on their own lives, I'm sure there's some work to do there! Cara
  11. <p>:laugh:Mad feeling innit! i was stunned for a fortnight!,june we got ours so sat in the sun in the garden for a fortnight speechless!:yes:and getting drunk because of the sheer relief!</p>

  12. GavCar

    Visa Granted! Woo Hoo!

    No worries, I think you used ot call me Gav before & I didn't have the heart to correct you :biglaugh: But lets try to start on a fresh foot :biglaugh: We're going to validate the visa's end Sept/Oct, hopefully booking the flights when I get paid next week :jiggy: Then we'll come back & finish our flat off, pay debts off & save. We will probably move out there in about 2 years, will play it by ear. Just sooo excited, can't believe the visa process is over! It's really wierd not to be waiting for something or checking the online tracker every day! Cara x
  13. GavCar

    Visa Granted! Woo Hoo!

    Thanks Tony, Although it's Cara - I set it up for both of us but Gav has never been on here :biglaugh: Will be great to come back & catch up with everyone. I've missed your 'interesting' posts... Cara x