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  1. Nathalie

    Which GPS?

    I use Tom Tom on my smartphone aswell as google maps ( which also has turn by turn navigation) google sometimes has it wrong but it's got nice features ( such as traffic) and is free. Tom Tom is good but doesn't look as fancy as maps. If you have a smartphone get a holder for in the car and maybe try out maps first?
  2. Nathalie

    All in one PCS anyone got any views ...

    Plenty of casual games available for mac, but still many popular games ( shooters, mmos) are only available on windows. You can install windows on your mac but many wont find that easy to do.
  3. Nathalie

    All in one PCS anyone got any views ...

    It depends on your most important criteria. If money is not one of them, the iMac is simply the best hardware wise and you get good service. If budget is important then manufacturer is all the same to me, might aswell go for one that looks good. If you're a gamer you may want to go for a random windows machine.
  4. Nathalie

    Mobile Phone Provider?

    Telstra has the best coverage everywhere. I'm on the payg cap+ plan and decide every month how much I want to put on the card. For $30 you get 400mb of data and $300 of calls, which can be international as well. It suits my needs. If I need more I can top up or go for a higher cap. Example: the $60 payg top up gives you 3gb of data and over$900 to spend on calls. In think that's an extremely good deal. Downside ( for some) is that you have to have your own phone ( it's an upside for me) which could mean you have to pay a couple of hundred up front to buy a handset.
  5. Nathalie

    Mobile Phone Contracts

    Just type in google micro sim cutter and you'll find lots if stores that sell them.
  6. Nathalie

    Mobile Phone Contracts

    In our case, the sim got cut to the right size (ie micro sim) by the guy in the telstra shop. We also got one of these " micro-sim card cutters" ourselves too, just in case we needed to do it ourselves. (the micro sim is simply a normal sim with just less plastic around the electronic bit)
  7. You need to take the negative feedback as a "reality check". That's what I did, it just gives you a good idea of the good and the bad. If you have the right attitude you believe this country is for you, you will make it. We have come here on £20.000, my OH got a job within 3 weeks (90k) and although we spent alot on setting ourselves up, we have money left over and we are even able to save some money each month from his salary alone. I will start working next week, and we will be MUCH better off then we were in the UK, not to mention our quality of life has improved enormously. Don't let the negativity scare you off, Australia has much to offer and sounds to me you have not got a lot to lose.
  8. Nathalie

    Ielts testing problems

    Tried thanking you multiple times Pumpkin, didn't work Back to the topic, I understand when people struggle for one reason or the other (nerves, not used to the format) but if non native speakers can pass relatively easily, then I don't see why it's extremely difficult or complex for native speakers.
  9. Nathalie

    Got Visa, what now ?

    We just made a list with things that needed to be done and then ranked them in order of time it takes to get it sorted and when it needs to be sorted by. You have plenty of time, we felt once we booked the flights we had a set date and worked from there. Just write down all the things you can come up with, add stuff later you forgot and then start ticking things off the list once you have done it. Maybe someone has a premade list for you hehe, but it's really common sense, write up and start doing I say I have no kids so that makes it a little more complicated I guess, but plenty of families on here who can give you tips
  10. Nathalie

    Got Visa, what now ?

    Bit of a broad question....you could "start planning the move"? It all depends on when you want to go, where you want to go, do you have commitments (house etc), dependents (schools etc). You may want to be a bit more specific in what you want to know.
  11. Nathalie

    UK phones in Oz

    iPhone definitely works In general if you have a contract phone it's locked to your carrier. You can ask them to unlock it if you tell them you are migrating and want to take the phone with you. If you buy a phone outright independent of carrier it's generally unlocked and you can stick in any sim.
  12. Nathalie

    Anyone emigrating from Yorkshire?

    I'm not from Yorkshire originally (I'm not even english!) but we've lived in York for the last 4 years until we moved to Brisbane 6 weeks ago. OH is a born and bred Yorkshire man (Rossington/Donny). After having lived in London for 5 years, Yorkshire was a breath of fresh air, definitely one of the best parts of the UK
  13. Nathalie

    Ielts testing problems

    I'd be interested in this myself, I'm not in your target group as I'm Dutch, but have lived in the UK for 9 years. I sat the test for a "just to be sure" reason and found it incredibly easy myself (overall 8.5 score) and very straightforward. My other half is born and bred English and although his grammar is worse then mine, he passed himself with the same score and the only part he found "hard" was the physical writing itself (as in writing with a pen rather then typing on a keyboard).
  14. Nathalie

    NBN Fibre Optic way to go

    Speed is very important for us, and when we went househunting, every address was checked to see how far it was from the exchange. We think we should have an acceptable speed, here's to hoping The NBN is a fantastic project and I hope it will be very successfull.
  15. Nathalie

    Decision done

    Good on you bhoz, go for it if you feel confident. It's an adventure and you may find what you are looking for. Although many people are negative there are as many who are positive and if you have the right attitude you will make it.