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  1. Haha we had ours done at Knightsbridge too! The X-ray machine was hilarious and those weird X-ray vest thing u have to wear, definitely from a museum somewhere! My husband also had his crown jewels felt, not quite sure what they were feeling for!! It is expensive but served its purpose, we are now in Oz and have been here a month. We really love it :-) good luck with ur move!
  2. Hi everyone, has a meet been set up at all? I'd like to come along with my little boy who is 2 if thats ok? we live in Carramar and have been in Perth for about a month. We have finally got a rental and got ourselves back to normal (sort of) it me 25 and my partner Adam 38. We have a couple of friends in Perth already but they are SOR and we haven't really had the time to join any clubs or meet anyone yet, I work part time so would be great to meet with some other mums/dads with kiddies to have a chat and let the kids play!! My little boy LOVES babies and other little ones so he will be happy to make some friends too :-) let me know, Laura xx
  3. laurab1987

    What documents needed for rental?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if they actually check the references? We arrive in Perth next week and are currently in Bali and all our stuff has been shipped! We will need to apply for a rental before all our documents arrive (stupidly we didn't think about this) we owned a house in the UK but maybe we could make up some references for a rental? We have passports and driving licence and a substantial amount of money already in Oz just dont have our mortgage statement! I know this isn't the done thing but we will need a house ASAP as got a 2yr old to get settled. Any advice appreciated :-)
  4. laurab1987

    House Full of furniture for sale

    Hi, I can't see any of the pics, maybe coz I'm looking on my iPhone? We will be arriving in Perth in 2 weeks and will be looking for a rental property ASAP so will need some things around mid-late June. Would be interested in seeing the sofa, bed, table & chairs & chest of drawers?? I can pm you my email address if it's easier? Thanks, Laura
  5. Thats brilliant, thank you for the advice I will check out both those options. Does your company offer this sort of insurance? Thanks :-)
  6. laurab1987

    360 sq ft from UK to Perth, how much?

    Hi, we have had a quote with John Mason. London - Perth - 267cuft is going to cost us £1,100. We are going to haggle them a bit on the price though hopefully when they have actually picked up our stuff as we think we might have less than that. £1,180 for 359 is a good price!
  7. Hi, Hopefully someone will have a solution for us! We are emigrating to Perth on 9th March 12, however, we are going travelling around Asia for 3/4 months prior to arriving in Perth. We will be backpacking with just our rucksacks and I have an engagement ring, bracelet, watch & my partner has some watches and in total the value comes to about £6,000. Obviously we don't want to wear these items or take them in our backpacks incase they get lost so we were planning to leave them with family here and get them to send it all over to us once we are in Perth. I have looked into sending with Fed Ex etc and they only seem to insured up to a value of £1,000. Does anyone have experience of doing this or know a company that we could send with? All advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance : )
  8. laurab1987

    Mullaloo??? Or Duncraig

    Hi Nic, Me and my partner and 2yr old son will be arriving in Perth in June. We went out last year for a reccie and had also decided on Duncraig but then went to Mullalo and really loved it, the beach is beautiful! Plus we found it was cheaper and closer to the beach! That is where we are going to try and find a long term let before we buy! Our flights are booked for 28th March as we are going to travel Asia before we head to Perth. We are so excited and can't believe it's finally happening! We should keep in touch as we might be neighbours one day :-) how many of u are there going? Its me Laura 25, Adam 38 & Zachary 20months. Laura x
  9. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Thank you! We hadn't planned to go until about this time next year but the visa says we have to validate by 27th June 2012 so it's going to be all hands on deck! Need to sell the house and business!! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting, I'm sure you will hear soon :-) xx
  10. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Hey everyone, just to let you know we have our Visa!!!!! The email was sitting there when we woke up this morning. Can't actually believe were going, I'm a bit scared but very excited! Looks like I will have to tell the family properly now........ Good luck to everyone else, hopefully you will hear soon! X
  11. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Oh maybe we will be waiting longer than we think then! Who knows, only time will tell! When did you submit your application? Also where about in Oz are you headed? X
  12. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Hi everyone, big congratulations to those of you who have now got your visas!!!! Just to update you on our situation, we have been in touch with our CO and she has said all she is waiting for before its finalised is our birth certificates (which we had to order replacements for) they should hopefully arrive tomo! And the only other thing is my blood test for the medical, I have already done it once but the stupid doctors forgot to label it and it got lost so I have to go back up to London on Monday to re do it, which is a real pain in the bum!!! I reckon we might have good news soon tho once those bits are done :-) fingers x'd, hopefully we will be as lucky as all the others who have theirs now!!
  13. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Congrats everyone who is progressing a bit further! We now have a CO as of this morning : D hooray!!! We needed to supply a few more bits of evidence and weve got our meds booked for 29th and then hopefully we are done. Then we just need to wait!!!! Can't believe the first of the gang have had their visa's granted already, that was so quick!!! huge congrats to them : D
  14. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Well done that's great :-) sounds like you got a good price for the meds! We submitted 13th June so exactly a month ago, not got a CO yet but have received an email saying we have been moved to a higher priority group which is quite exciting :-) So is the validation period 12 months from when you submit the visa or when it's granted or neither? We have got to sell our house too and are half way through doing a loft conversion at the mo! Lots going on in our household :-)
  15. laurab1987

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Cool, we have booked ours for the 29th July. Knightsbridge is really easy to get to for us so not really worth the stress of the M25 to travel Maidenhead and plus once you've allowed for petrol costs it's probably no cheaper. Good luck with yours :-) I can't wait for them to be done and then hopefully that's everything submitted for us !! Still no CO but we've been assured we will have one soon so when we get one we should be decision ready! When we submitted we were given a time frame of 12-24 months but people on here seem to be flying through. Are those time frames not valid anymore? It feels like it's all happening so quickly !!!! It's great but a little scary too. We don't really want to have to do 2 trips so if it comes back in the next few months we might just bite the bullet and go within the 6 months. For validating the visa does anyone know if it is the main visa applicant who has to validate or can the dependent do it instead? Thanks :-)