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    Family Stream Processing Delays - Options?

    Meant to say, one of my sisters already has PR (obviously the other therefore cannot sponsor me on say a years temporary visa).
  2. Hi all! After years of lurking in the forums and getting tips and years of complex delays (family reasons), I finally lodged my De facto Partner (100/309) application on 19/02/2013 (having completed 5 versions of the 40SP/47SP over the years on various false starts!). Following the excellent advice on this forum, I submitted a comprehensive application proving 9 years de facto relationship with my Aussie partner, showing adequate funding, including owning an apartment in Melbourne. I more than qualify for progressing straight to the 100 visa and PR. I also already have family that have emigrated to Australia (2 sisters and husbands, their grown up families etc) so we both have extensive family support networks. But the processing time for partner migration is 8-9 months at least! We sold up and moved into rented nearly a year ago, so everything is in storage ready to go. Obviously, we can wait if we have to but I wonder what other options I have? Travel on a 3m visitors visa and try to get a bridging visa? Sponsored by one of my sisters, perhaps? Any advice on options to explore would be gratefully received! After years of waiting, I just want to get cracking!
  3. Hi Tony, thanks for that, bud! Looking forward to getting more active over the coming weeks/moths. Cheers Dean.
  4. And thanks, Munchkinella - being an ex-lurker, I have seen how helpful everyone is and what a great bunch of peeps you all are. Looking forward to getting to know folks in the coming months.
  5. Hey, thanks Playghirl! Shouldn't have much trouble with the visa, just with one of the ex's!
  6. Hi, my partner and I have been lurking in the shadows of PIO for what seems like years!!! She is an Aussie citizen, returning home, I'm coming in on the "I'm with her visa" (OK, the 309/100 sub-class). We have been planning this since 2006! The planets are aligning and at last we have been able to tell people - what a relief.......!! Living together for 8 years, so defacto visa no problem. Business interests in UK and Oz, so job not really a problem - though I may start on a contract job first to fill the coffers more! Location not firm yet, though will start in Rockingham, WA staying with family and use it as base-camp for road-trips (and air-trips!) to find the ideal piece of land. ETA in WA? Well....target August-October, visa and 'leave to remove' permitting..... Interested in hooking up with people that know the Rockingham area (we lived there for for almost a month, but only checked out the beach!). Info needed about schools (especially Rockingham Senior High - anyone got kids doing the maritime programme?), dentists, doctors etc. Woo-hoo!! We're on our way! And the GBP/AUD rate is FINALLY creeping in the right direction!