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  1. Hi, I am just asking for some advice. i came over to australia as a icu nurse on a employer nominated scheme in January 2011. im thinking of changing employers and want to know if there is a minimum amount of years that I have to work for my employer before I move on. I tried to ask immigration but after nearly 30 mins waiting to speak to someone I gave up. TIA
  2. cs259cr

    Nursing in Perth.

    Hi, there are nursing jobs in perth and next 18 months two new hospitals will be opening. I've been here for 2 1/2 yrs and love it, C
  3. With the employer sponsored visa does anyone know how long you have to work for that employer? For example, if I work for the employer that sponsored my permanent visa for 2 years and then I wish to transfer to another company due to promotion possibilities etc can I do that? Also my job is on the skills shortage list if that makes any difference. Thanks, C
  4. cs259cr

    At last. A good Indian restaurant!!!!

    Lots of nice places to eat in Perth. I live SOR and found a great Indian restaurant innVic Park called Cinammon on the Park. Reasonably priced, place is smallish but good flow of customers. Would defo recommend it. Good luck on your move here, it's daunting but the best thing we ever did! Been here for almost 2 years and can't see ourselves going back to live. Cx
  5. cs259cr

    NHS Pension

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice. I worked for the NHS for just over 5 years and have emigrated to Australia and cant see myself ever going back to live in the UK. I am thinking of transferring this pension to my Australia fund but I am unsure. i rang my pension provider here, HESTA, and the telephonist said she wouldn't send. Form but it would take approx 4 months, oh and she said it will take this long as no one is totally sure how to do it!?! She didn't mention any fees etc. if I had a pension less than 2 years I could have taken a lump sum, it's a shame that I can't just receive a lump sum :sad: would appreciate any advice, thanks, Cx
  6. cs259cr

    NHS Pension

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your responses I was just seeing what peoples experiences/ opinions are before I sought out professional advice. All very informative. I love the way the Poms in Oz family help ach other out :-) Cx
  7. cs259cr

    waiting for take off

    Good luck, you will love it x
  8. Hi, I am a nurse working in Perth.Try st John of god website- they have hospitals in subiaco and Murdoch, Ramsey health- one of their hospitals is undergoing a big expansion. Or try the public hospitals, royal Perth, Fremantle, sir Charles Gardner and rockingham. Good luck x
  9. cs259cr

    Nursing opportunities

    Hello, I was in exactly the same position as you just over two years ago. I have been in Australia 18 months today! I am also a nurse working in a icu in Perth and live in the suburb next to canning vale. If you need any advice then feel free to ask. you will need to get confirmation from the NMC re your registration status. This took a while for me to receive. Also try and apply to the AHPRA as soon as you are able as that can take a little while. Good luck x
  10. cs259cr

    Thornlie, Perth, WA

    Hi, I have just bought a house in thornlie and really like it here. Good transport links, big growth potential. Thornlie is a big suburb and some parts are nicer than others. Forest lakes estate is prob one of the nicest areas. Good luck with the move , C
  11. Hi I was wondering if anyone else was missing going out with the girls for lunch etc since they moved to Perth. I am married, no kids yet, and have been in Perth for two months. We have finally moved to a long term rental south of the river so feel like we r getting settled now. I work as a nurse so do shift work. Would love to meet some new faces so if anyone fancies it then please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you
  12. I am so sorry for everything u have been through, I wish you all the love and luck possible for the future xxx
  13. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    I can't make Monday unfortunately, going for lunch on friday if anyone is interested though x
  14. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    Looking forward to the next one already x
  15. We have been here for about ten weeks! It's great. Good luck to everyone moving over here x
  16. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    All three look like good places to go to. What about the moon and sixpence as it looks as if it is quite big and that we should be able to get a seat there. I honestly don't mind tho because they all look good. What time shall we meet? 5ish? Cx
  17. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    As I have only been here for a couple of months I havent got a clue where we can go so if someone could suggest somewhere and a time. Nic of course you can come. Im really looking forward to friday ;-D
  18. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    Hi, I don't mind if it's lunch or for a drink on fri. Hi Debbie, nice to hear from you - will arrange another meet up in the future as well but will give u more notice, Cx
  19. cs259cr

    Royal wedding

    Hi, with the royal wedding not far away I was wondering if anyone knew if it is going to be shown live anywhere or some events held for it. I just think it might be fun to attend something like that, Cx
  20. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    Hi, how about lunch or a coffee in the city on Friday, any suggestions on where to go? Cx
  21. cs259cr

    Anyone else missing girly catch ups?

    Yes let me know when ur both available. Maybe meet somewhere in the city for coffee? Cx:jiggy:
  22. just a little update We arrived on 27/1 and at first i was thinking did i do the right thing etc....i think it was just because we had a few emotional goodbyes at the airport but now that its settling down we are really enjoying it. We are staying with family at the moment and starting to look for places to rent. the public transport system is great.. trains are on time and spotlessly clean! I start my new job as a nurse on monday and im a bit nervous but they seem really nice. My in laws have arrived for a visit so its been nice spending time with them. I have found everyone to be friendly and have started Zumba classes which are a lot of fun, i prob wouldnt have done that at home. I couldnt make the last meet up but will hopefully be available for the next one. Someone sent me an email but i somehow deleted it before i read it so sorry to whoever sent it. Anyway i will stop waffling......take care, Cx
  23. cs259cr

    Official nurses thread!

    hi everyone, dont lose hope on the jobs front. I rang all the public hospitals and was told there was no jobs....then i applied to a private chain called St John of God, the private healthcare is nothing like the one in the uk. I have secured a job in ITU which is the area that i wanted and start on 21/2, going for a meet and greet on tuesday (we landed jan 27th) so please dont stop trying, hope this helps xx
  24. Hi Emma, we fly out 25th jan so let me know if u want to meet up x
  25. cs259cr

    Flight/ Baggage Question!

    I have a feeling that BM will say no. I was going to fly with Cathay pacific but they told me that the extra luggage was with CP only, sorry x