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  1. rodaz21

    help regarding defacto visa

    yes im aware of the increase prob will do offshore, can we register our relationship even tho im only going to be staying in Victoria for 3 months due to the visa I will be on, I believe you can register your relationship in Victoria but im not to sure of the process. also so how easy is the Visitor visa (subclass 600) to get for a defacto couple so I could possible stay for 6 months to help the shared commitment in our relationship?
  2. rodaz21

    help regarding defacto visa

    hi everyone! hope everyone is having a good start to the new year! I was wondering if anyone could help me and my partner. I have been in a relationship with my fiancé since 21st april 2009, I came to Australia for 2 weeks after we started an online relationship( im from the uk) following that 2 week stay I then came on a 1 year WHV to begin a new life and relationship, during the first few months of being on the WHV my partner had some family problems resulting in my partner having to take care of her 2 week old nephew, as you can imagine this was a testing time to a new relationship but we got through it, obviously our plans had to change due to the arrival of her nephew, we lived together at her mothers house for 12 months up to my WHV expiring. I returned to the uk to find work to save up to return back to my partner and her nephew. my partner still had the care of her nephew when I left to come back to the uk so she couldn't come back with me, so for the past 5 years I have been coming back and forth on evisitor visas due to my partner not being able to leave oz due to her still having her nephew in her care. my partner got full custody of her nephew in October 2013 but due to issues is still unable to leave to come to England. we have been planning on applying for a partner visa but due to me having to come back and forth and stuff with her family im worried about a few parts for the application, the 12 month relationship proof? due to me having to come back and forth do we pass the 12 month relationship even tho we have lived together for longer but after time of separation due to her not being able to leave? im really stressing about it im heading back out to oz in 4 weeks with hope of finally applying for the visa now we have our finances sorted, any help as to what chance we have of getting the visa due to our circumstances. thanks to anyone who can help holly
  3. rodaz21

    Defacto Visa onshore help

    thanks for the resonse! all your info has helped! me and my parnter cant wait to get it all sent off! =D
  4. rodaz21

    Defacto Visa onshore help

    thanks for the reply Srp =D . youve answerd my question perfectly! just one more question, when applying in person do you have to make an appointment prior to lodging your application or do you just turn up with your application? thanks
  5. rodaz21

    Defacto Visa onshore help

    hey everyone! i was wondering if anyone could help me out, me and my partner are planning to apply for our partner visa onshore in Oz in feb/march next year. im a bit confuzzled to when we have to do the medical and apply for police checks? do i need to get police checks from both the UK and Oz done before the application and the medical to or do i need to wait for a CO to say when i need to get them? any help would really be appriciated =D
  6. rodaz21

    onshore partner visa

    thanks =] it helps lots!:v_SPIN:
  7. rodaz21

    onshore partner visa

    hey everyone! wonder if anyone could help me and my partner out, wer looking in to applying for the onshore partner visa and we wer just wondering how much all up does it cost on average with all the medicals and police checks and getting the paper work checked out? im having to come back to england every 3 months at the moment, which isnt ideal! where trying to figure a time frame how long it will take for us to save up enough to apply for everything. hope someone can give us some rough idea so we can put a stop to the long distance and endless trips back and forth! =]
  8. hi everyone! this is my first post since becoming a member hope someone can help me and my partner out! me and my partner are preparing to put everything together to apply for the onshore partner visa, im english and she is australian, im currently in the uk after bein in oz on a working holiday for 12months and living with my partner for the full 12 months. when i come back il be coming back on a ETA visa in 4 weeks then we will applying for the onshore partner visa, we are a bit unsure of how much the visa will cost us? is it the $2575 or will it be $300? i hope someone can help us out! thanks holly :biggrin: