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    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, I just need to ask a quick question, my partner is on my 457 as my defacto, my employer is now submitting the nomination forms for me for the 186, are they still able to include my partner on or does he have to go down his own route to get PR. I was hoping we could apply in the same format as the 457 ​any advice would be appreciated
  2. newtooz

    457 visa to PR - Direct Entry Stream questions

    Hi, I am just about to start the process. if you are doing direct entry and have a UK passport you dont need to do the IELTS my employer is submitting their nomination and I have already started collecting the police checks - booking in medicals etc so that I can place our application as soon as the employer nomination comes back approved. Fingers crossed it wont take too long ​
  3. newtooz

    Looking for people in melbourne...

    Hey blackcessa, I live in Altona too...have lived here for about a year now, if you fancy meeting up for a coffee at some point let me know. Would be nice to find some other PIOs in Altona or the near suburbs.. Anyone else live out this way?
  4. newtooz


    last year it got to 1.64 - do we think thats likely to happen again? today is the best rate in an age and I am tempted to transfer some money over.....
  5. newtooz

    Air China ?

    singapore airlines are the best and can be quite competitive on price if you can plan ahead. looking a xmas time flights you can get return flights for $2500 which is pretty reasonable.
  6. newtooz

    Start up costs?

    Also, Super a mart are brilliant for packages of furniture - we managed to get a 7 piece set for $800 which included a sofa and a table and chairs...really good value and probably better quality that you could get in Ikea,
  7. newtooz

    LAFHA announcement in the budget ?

    this was sent to me from my accountant yesterday afternoon Also announced in the budget last night was the timing of the changes. Anyone receiving LAFHA under an agreement enter into prior to 7.30pm (AEST) on 8 May 2012 will continue to access the current rules until 1 July 2014. From 1 July 2014 the new rules will apply. Anyone entering into an agreement to receive a LAFHA after 7.30pm (AEST) on 8 May 2012 will be subject to the new rules from 1 July 2012. As yet we still have not seen any draft legislation and thus can not provide any advice as to the actual details of the changes. Suffice to say that if you are currently receiving a LAFHA you can expect the benefit to be removed at 1 July 2014 I'm inclined to believe him until there is any formal announcement otherwise.
  8. newtooz

    Moving off a 457 visa onto pr

  9. newtooz

    Moving off a 457 visa onto pr

    Really? Possibly a slightly dumb question, but how do I know if I am eligible? Do I need to go to an immigration agency to investigate? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  10. newtooz

    Moving off a 457 visa onto pr

    Hi, I am currently in the same situation - I am 99% sure that you can only apply for PR once you have been here two years. I will start working on the application in a couple of months time, as it takes a few months to pull together all the paperwork necessary HTH Nic
  11. newtooz

    Meet up in Point Cook - coffee??

    Hi, I'm in Altona, happy to come along to Point Cook and meet up for coffee if you do meet up again? would be great to meet some new faces thanks Nics
  12. Hi, I am likely to be needing to change jobs soon, due to company being sold. I have been working for 12 months for my sponsor on a 457. Am I able to apply now for PR status (i know it takes a few months to come through) or do i have to wait two years before I can even apply? any help would be fab, thanks Newtooz
  13. Hi, can I apply for the GSM PR (SC175/6) if I have only been in Australia for a year on the sponsored 457. i think i will have to apply independantly as my organisation is in the process of a takeover. thanks
  14. Hey, fab to meet you all yesterday, hopefully catch up with you soon, I left a little early so if another meet up was planned could you let me know, Ps...no success with the car buying yesterday, but I am officially on a mission, first car, then puppy Speak soon Nicola x
  15. newtooz

    Melbourne get together

    Hi, I can do Saturday night, bar in town somewhere? Prob won't be able to make Sunday night as I live out in Altona so it's a bit of a trek with Sunday trains, but can always join another time Thanks Nicola