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    Moving Back Visa Help!!!

    Hi all, We are moving back to the UK after 2 years here various reasons, but I need some advise hopefully I'am a British Citizen by Birth and hold a British Passport, my Wife is originally from Brazil, she gained British Citizenship in march 2010 and also holds a British Passport, we moved from the UK to Australia on a 457 visa on November 2010. We got married here in March 2012. She has a 13 year old child who was born prior to her getting citizenship, he used to live with his grandparents in Brazil until June this year when he came to Australia and joined us, he only holds a Brazilian Passport and is here in Australia on the 457 visa. The biological father is not known and is not mentioned on any of his official documents. Now what I need to know is the VAF4A the correct visa to apply for him, if so when i get to the Sponsor section is it me that is sponsoring him since I will have a full-time position when we return to the UK? If this is not the right visa does anyone know what other visa to get? I have been in contact with the embassy but get different information each time, if anyone has a similar experience then any help would be great. Thanks, Steven
  2. afclegend81

    What beer to drink?

    Coopers for me all day, always enjoy a nice pint in cheers while watching the football :biggrin:
  3. Hey guys me and the missus have been in Sydney now for 15 months both still finding it a bit tough to find new friends, i love football and any sports would love to meet up and have a good chat down the pub, we also both stay in Waterloo where in Waterloo are you Mrsbilly?
  4. I use this site http://www.tranzfers.com/ think they are the same as Ozforex, cost $15 for transfer first 1 is free and you get a free one for your birthday too Money transfers very quick and very good rartes
  5. afclegend81

    De Facto Statutory Declarations

    We ended up not needing to provide any declarations as for a 457 visa which we got we only needed to provide evidence for living together for past 6 months, plus i included airline receipts for us going on holidays plus hotel bills. good luck!!
  6. I got my visa last October after the immigration agent sent the completed application away the process for us took 3 weeks so very quick
  7. afclegend81

    tfn and abn

    My TFN took about 5 or 6 working days to come through which was just in time for payday for me so i did not need to go on an emergency tax code :biggrin:
  8. afclegend81

    Best broadband deals??

    I subscribed to TPG for phone and Broadband for about $59 this gives me unlimited data, took about 2 to 3 weeks to get it all setup which i must say i was kept informed of every stage brilliant service wouldn't get that in the UK for sure, and since then the service has been excellent really fast and i'm not really close to the phone exchange, highly recommend if it is available in your area.
  9. afclegend81

    De Facto Statutory Declarations

    Hi all 1st post, I'm just in the process of finishing off collecting all the evidence for me and my partners relationship. Just need some advise on providing a Detailed Statutory Declations of our relationship, my questions are: What information is required? Is the statements just from me and my partner? Do we need any witnesses to sign? Any info would be great Cheers