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  1. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    ha ha ...... reading over this tonight and funny how things were at the beginning when we first met to where all our journeys have taken us... funny reading over old conversations.
  2. Anything is possible

    New friends hills district, sydney

    Hi we r living in the hills area... we have 8 yr and a 4 year old... I am up for meeting for coffee if you fancy it..... we r 36 & 39
  3. Anything is possible

    Saturday 19th May - like to join a gym for free?

    i'll be there, with bells on.... great cause .....as my name suggests "anything is possible"
  4. Anything is possible

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    Cant really comment on glenwood as i dont know to much about it but is fairly close to where i am.... 1. The public schools here work on catchment areas. My 8 year old son goes to Barnier Public School and it is fantastic... It is in Quakers Hill although i am in the ponds area (just the way the catchment area is)... The other public i know is good is Rouse Hill... 2. Not sure about travel to sydney but there are Tways and train station fairly close to the areas your looking and i know there is a bus service about every ten mins to the city... Driving i have no clue... 3. If your looking for shopping centres most are accessable by car and they tend to be in main suberbs... There are many cycle paths around the best ones seem to be in the newer areas, although the newer areas dont tend to have the major shopping centres, just a few shops... There are parks everywhere... Hope that helps some
  5. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    your the worse.....LOL
  6. Anything is possible

    Parramatta Advice

    Stanhope gardens is lovely, also the ponds, kellyville ridge, kellyville, rouse hill.... Cant really go wrong with any of them... In terms of travel... Train goes from quakers hill (not as bad as everyone says) and there is a TWay bus service close by to all these places. Most people drive to the bus or train station and leave cars there.... Hope this helps some...
  7. Anything is possible

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    No lesley your far better than me at organising.....
  8. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    Argh what a lovely thing to say... I too am so grateful for the wonderful bunch of friends i have made... You have all made our australian journey so much easier.... you all know who you are...... Now less of the soft stuff whens the next piss up.....???
  9. Anything is possible

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    Yes see you on the 10th
  10. Anything is possible

    Family of 4 moving to Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill areas

    Hi chick, Lesley You organising a get together (i'm up for that)..... I am living in the hills been here nearly 6 months although i feel i have lived here all our lives.... We love it... we have 2 kids 8 and 4.... we have made some amazing friends, son loves school and all the extra activities.... There is so much to do here. If anyone fancies meeting for coffee or advice i am up for that....
  11. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    gonna send you a PM
  12. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    Hi Lesley, Yer I am up for a meet.... Dont listen to Domestic Goddess I am not as mad as a brush...... Really :spinny:.....
  13. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    Theres loadsa ex pats living in rouse hill you will be fine, I have met a nice family there and the school is excellent..... Lovely place wish I was living there, I am 5 mins away if you fancy a meet up....
  14. Anything is possible

    Meet up

    sorry for the late response i didn't get notification. Are you back in oz now? Great about the hosue did you get rouse hill in the end?