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  1. Imapla

    Overseas Removals in Australia

    Hi We just came the other way using Grace Removals and Doree Bonner in UK - highly recommend - they provided an excellent service.
  2. I do not advise moving to the other side of the world from your kids - its different if they move from you and I think its good for them to be independent but not the other way round - I know cos I've done it . I did have a conversation with someone on here about house swapping - if you can get leave from work (if you work) and find someone who is in a similar situation in the UK - you never know it might be something you could do on an annual / bi annual basis. Also please come back during the winter - not the summer ! England is so lovely in the summer but I bet the winter is longer than you remember and the days are darker than you remember. Good luck with your decision - its not easy !
  3. Imapla

    Managing dog crates at Heathrow

    I left the crate at Heathrow as it was very large and I figured they would put it to better use than me (ie sitting in the garage).
  4. Imapla

    Bouncing back to Aus!

    Glad to hear your story - So looking forward to ponging back soon !! - I also love to visit the UK but can't wait to be back in the sunshine and the outdoors, beautiful sunsets and scenery, clean streets, wide roads, sitting outside have a beer after work - will still miss my family a lot but that's what holidays are for!
  5. Hi Its a long shot but you never know I am thinking a year or more ............. We are in Kent - soon to be in Brisbane so if anyone here is looking to return to the UK and doesn't want the hassle of renting their house out and then having to rent a house in Kent please pm me. Thanks for looking
  6. Imapla

    Pet timeline

    Thanks - that's very helpful
  7. Imapla

    Pet timeline

    Yes you have to wait 180 days after your rabies blood test result before they can leave - if you are talking UK to Aus ?
  8. Imapla

    "I couldn't live there"

    Ha ha mine are in the same situation and they also couldn't live here (UK)
  9. Hi Does anyone have experience of house sitting websites. Do you know which is a good one to use? Thanks if you can advise
  10. Imapla

    Pet vaccinations

    HI Bob when they get to melbourne - does the quarrantine kennel keep their crate for when they are subsequently shipped to Brisbane?
  11. Imapla

    We never really "belong" down there

    Hi You have been out of UK for 13 years - you will find lots of changes here . A lot of the things you mention may not be an Aussie problem - they may be a 2018 problem eg lack of professionalism in workplace, lack of support in schools. I also think as a migrant you will never really belong in either country - especially if you leave family behind in one. You will always be hoping for the best aspects of both countries and when thinking about the unrelenting heat (which lets face it is very pleasant most of the time - there are just a few months when humidity is uncomfortable) have you thought about the unrelenting cold ! I put my winter coat away in June last year and it was back out again in october - ditto with the heating. Its not the rain that is an issue to me as it really isn't that bad but its the cold and having to wear so many layers of clothes - and being stuck inside for so many months with windows closed. And the dark nights and dark mornings ........ You may even have the added emotion of guilt if your parents are aging. Have you thought about doing a long term stint over there - say six months/1 year (over the winter) and the do a rain check at the end of that ? I wish we had done that instead of fully pinging and now soon to be ponging !! or going back to Victoria Good luck with your decision - it is so hard to make.
  12. Imapla

    Long term car rental in Brisbane

    Probably 2-4 months - do you remember how much you paid a month for that and who it was with ?
  13. Hi Wondering if anyone has any experience of long term car rental on arrival in Brisbane? Thanks if you have any advice
  14. Imapla

    So how much do you think you spent shipping your dog over?

    Hi Did you go ? / choose a shipper ? I think I will go with Petair - I see Golden Arrow are having a sabatical as at Sept 2017 and Petair seems highly recommended on this forum
  15. Imapla

    Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    Bit confused as to how this post has gone from have we made a mistake returning to the UK to what TV we watch