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  1. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can provide any info on what its like to live in halls head. Is it a nice place for families? Thanks in Advance :-)
  2. leethesparks

    Essex to/in Perth ?

    Hi there, we are from rayleigh essex & have lived here two years in august. we have just bought in carramar not to far away. How long have you lived here?
  3. We are breaking our lease due to purchasing our own property we are in perth w.a house is rented through first western reality $500 per week with a rent review in october ava from 6th feb 2013 walk to currambine primary school great location, with christchurch park on your doorstep 4 bed 2 bath with double garage - big house if you are interested pm me thanks
  4. Hi there me & my family have been in perth since aug 2011 we came out for a holiday to mandurah a few years before and fell in love with it and started the process of emigrating as soon as we got home. when we first arrived we were all set to head sor to mandurah but then after visiting friends nor we felt maybe it was the place for us. now 10 months on we feel we made a mistake. we love where we are and have made some fab friends but something is just missing and now realiase what we need to do so.....we are heading to the place our dream originally started Mandurah :-) Timing is not perfect as hubby is soon to hit the mines but feel we need to do something. Really hope we find what is missing & hoping to meet some fab new friends. sorry if this means nothing to anyone just reaching out for a few words of surport really and to see if anyone else has felt or done the same..... :-) xx
  5. leethesparks

    Shopping in yanchep

    Thanks for the info :-)
  6. leethesparks

    Looking for friends ...

    Hi there, we are thinking of moving to yanchep, is there any good play groups there? Sorry for jumping on your thread
  7. leethesparks

    Tattooist in joondalup?

    Hi there Can anyone recommend a good tattooist in joondalup? Many thanks
  8. leethesparks

    Shopping in yanchep

    Hi there Was just wondering where the nearest Coles/woolworths was in yanchep, is it ocean keys? Also does anyone know what kind of reputation the district high school has Many thanks in advance.
  9. leethesparks

    Is it cheaper to live sor?

    Hi there Was just wondering if anyone had moved sor from nor & found it to be cheaper to live?
  10. leethesparks

    electrician help

    Hi there, my hubby actually finishes his 2 week tafe course today, we are in perth & it was all quite straight forward :-)
  11. Hi there, My husband works for komatsu and so far they have proved to be a good company to work for, & offered a great relocation package Hope this helps.
  12. leethesparks

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    Hi Guys Havent been on here in months really intresting to see how we have all progressed. We flew to perth on the 1st of August & are loving every minuite
  13. Hi there, My husband is due to start his ETLC (Electrical Trades Licensing Course) in a few weeks and been told he needs to get a book on wiring rules & jeffery hanson pack. Was just wondering if there was anyone in the joondalup area who had these for us to borrow or buy. Many Thanks Leanne.
  14. leethesparks

    Secret Harbour??

    Hi everyone my name is leanne & me & my family moved to perth on weds i have 3 girls aged 12 5 & 2 We have visited secret harbour today & also comet bay primary we was very impressed by it all, area seems lovely and school was great the principal spent alot of time with us showing us around. It has a lovely shopping center and great beach. Hope this helps :-)
  15. leethesparks

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! Such an amazing feeling, we are off to oz (perth) in early aug hubby has a job lined up! Good luck to all in the may gang, we applied on the 6th May & now have the golden ticket not long now for the rest of ya.......